Tuesday 25 August 2009

Transfer history: Cruyff was sold to Real Madrid

Speaking to the Spanish edition of monthly men's magazine Esquire, former Barcelona player and manager Johan Cruijff (62) explains that he was close to joining Real Madrid before he signed for Barcelona in the summer of 1973:

"Ajax had sold me to Real Madrid without me knowing about it and that's why I took another direction. I don't like things being arranged behind my back. I like to fight and it always has turned out well."

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FCB_fR3aK said...

haha , Pure legend. This guy bleeds Red n Blue.. !

MiDO H. said...

the story of de stefano is way better : i read somewhere that alfredo de stefano was signed by barcelona from boca juniors (or river plate) then the goverment (madrid) interfered and gave the contract to real
this was discrimination of catalunya
im not sure of this story but its worth reading =)

Sandvik said...

When the government involved, it was unclear where he would play, since di stefano had signed a deal with real after he signed for barca,
so if i get it rigth someone decided that he had to play one season for barca the next in madrid and the next for barca... but somehow he ended up in madrid after a year or two in barca

sashi said...


and about Stefano, it was supposed that he plays 2 seasons in Shitdrid and next 2 seasons in Barca. but bcoz of some commotion in Catalunya or Barca board (not sure which one), they decided that Stefano remains a Real player..

MohamedH said...

thnx pep... i didn't know how to contact you so i kind of spammed the place with this article...

brazo said...

good decision johan ;)

rockafella said...

cruyff > stefano
cruyff besides being the best player to ever play for barcelona is also the best coach ever..he gave us our philosophy.he has done countless things for the club.
cruyff is more than a LEGEND.

pep said...

I had already planned it, Mohamed. Thanks for messing up the publishing schedule... ;)

Eladir said...

LOL at saying Cruyff was better than Di Stefano. How can you judge without ever seen those two players ? Was he better just because he played for Barcelona and the other for Madrid ? Take off your blaugrana glasses and try being objective.

Jorgito_el_Griego said...

Eladir go to your place (if the Madridistas have a place) and please leave the Barca fans to believe what they want !!!

* Eladir is an AntiBarcelona fan...

Anurag said...

cant deny di stefano was good, but i really liked cruyff, both as a player and as a coach.

Areign said...

another factor with stefano was kubalas great playing convinced the board they didnt need the argentine so they said screw this and left him all for madrid.

rockafella said...

@ eladir
i already gave my reason in the post im not talking about them as players but as legends-
best player ever
best coach ever
di stefano= best player ever (for madrid)
best coach NO.
we are still playing the cruyff way..do madrid have a philosophy NO.cruyff had a considerable influence in the treble as well..we are still reaping the benefits of a record signing we did in the 70s.BTW guess who discovered guardiola :)

Eladir said...

Since you are not saying who was a better player, no problem.

Sure Cryuff has been involved in Barcelona matters for decades now but his influence has not been always positive. For example the last 2 years of Rijkaard on the bench.

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