Thursday, 27 August 2009

Real Sociedad still waiting for Jeffren answer

Basque regional newspaper El Diario Vasco claims that Spanish second division club Real Sociedad is still waiting to get a final answer by Barcelona on the possible loan of Barcelona Atlètic wing attacker Jeffren Suárez (21).

Real Sociedad sports director Loren would be in daily contact with Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristian. While Begiristain would want Jeffren to join Real Sociedad on loan, the player and his father would prefer the offer of Spanish first division club Racing Santander, although Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola will make the decision on a possible exit.

Cantabria regional newspaper El Diario Montañés meanwhile claims that, despite a personal four-year deal with the player, Racing Santander has for now given up on Jeffren after Guardiola reportedly decided that the winger will at least stay with Barcelona until January. When the winter transfer window opens, Racing would again contact Barcelona.

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Patria Venezuelana said...

No!! what in the world is this?
Jeffren was the only reason i even made an effort to watch barca games.

Oh well, dumb pathetic excuse for a world class club " FC Barcelona" you will be sorry when Jeffren himself promotes Real Sociedad, joins My beautiful Madrid and rips Barca and all their imcopetent fans a new one.

Stay strong Jeffren man!

And Viva Venezuela!!

Anonymous said...

haha we have jeffren

barca4life said...

Jeffren is the reason you watch barca matches? So you watched 2 league games last year and the pre-season this year then?

Anonymous said...

Why does he want to join a 1 division club instead of a la liga club

Anonymous said...

We need to start focusing on getting a replacement for Henry, this will probobly be his last season for Barca. Ribery would be the ideal option but it seems unlikely, I think a guy like Dembele is going to be a superstar one day, but I am not sure if he is available.

Patria Venezuelana said...

Made an "effort" which means trying to find out if he's playing or not, then if he is watch the game; if hes not, then i won't watch.

You know how hard it is to watch pitiful Barcelona soccer? I guess not "Barca4life", you are happy with sub-par quality then go ahead.

I enjoy the greatest team in the world! I crave to watch Los Galacticos teach Barcelona a thing or two on who own La Liga.

HOSNI said...

i hope you liked when they teached them how to play tennis at bernabeu

tero said...

Yeah, I watched Barca matches only because of Santiago Ezquerro back was great comedy :D

HOSNI said...

you dont remember that tennis lesson in Bernabeu ..6-2

Iason said...

I know you love Real Madrid and hate Barca but cant you just accept we were great this year? I mean, we were the first Spanish team to win the treble this year, we beat you guys 6-2 in your own stadium and we did it all with playing some of the nicest football seen in the last 20 years.

And I am half Venezuelan but I wont kid myself by saying Jeffren is going to be the best just because he is from Venezuela too. Jeffren is the biggest talent from Venezuela since Arango he isn't even as good as players like Pedro, Higauin, Pato or any other promising player of the same age. Answer me this: Would you still consider Jeffren that amazing if he wasn't from your country?

Iason said...

your'e not venezuelan. I know how venezuelan people act when Jeffren is mentioned, they go crazy, they are happy just to have a player training with barca.

Iason said...

Why did someone write using my name? And I am half Venezuelan so shut up.

Iason said...

Ha! no you're not

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