Thursday, 27 August 2009

Video of the day: Chygrynskiy


Anonymous said...

25 mil euro?

Unknown said...

Not the most flattering video....

eddy said...

no offense but this is one of the worst football videos ive seen. shouldnt these kind of videos highlight the best moments the player had on the pitch? this video hardly does that..

Unknown said...

I think this guy has it all to succeed with Barcelona. He is the perfect CB that we need. He is adventurous and bold like Beckenbauer, calm and a leader like John Terry, with good passing like Marques and Pique. PLUS he is only 22 years old.
25 M euro as a price is ok with me, considering that summer transer window is closing, and the desperate need of FCB to sign a CB
I know why is Pep "in love" with this guy, i am sure you all guys will be.

Ba-Beka said...

Is Chygg better then Sergio Ramos from RM , they valued him around 25-30 M , so people i don't think we made best decision , anyway hope this dude prove this 25M or it's going to be shame .

The Video was catastrophic though ..

nbascom said...

Now that Robben and Sneijder are gone...and we have Dima...who is really deeper?

Bench Madrid = Marcelo, Metzelder, Garay, Gago, Diarra, Drenthe, Guti, Granero, Raul, Van Nistelrooy

Bench Barca = Dima, Maxwell, Marquez, Busquets, Keita, Bojan, Pedro

Plus Muniesa, Fontas, JDS, & Thiago from cantera.

Keano said...

I guess we need a marquez like defender with the latter nearing the end of his career. We have to remember the guy is 22 and has a lot to learn.Id like to see him bulk up to compete with a drogba style player. Does he look short of a yard of pace to anyone else?Caceres had it but can't pass.Just think we need a tall pacey centre back, someone like pepe(i hate the guys attitude thou)Perea is a bullet,Cordoba is fast too but both prob not barca quality.Sergio ramos comparisons are foolish.Ramos is a terrific athlete but a poor centre half.

Areign said...

if you drop 250 grand on players i hope your bench is deep

tero said...

It's weird though that Real didn't sell Drenthe...he was awful

Andréssibraviqué said...

I'm afraid I can't agree with you.
Real Madrid have Granero who's better than Sergio Busquets, at least for now; Gago who's definitely better than Keita; you missed Higuain who's alone better than Bojan & Pedro together, at least for now(I'm sorry I said this, but come on we got to accept Higuain is one hell of a player) & they have Raul. You might say Raul is not getting any younger, but we have same 32 years old Henry in our main line-up.
But in defense depth we are sure better. And one can say that we are still better than Real even on bench because of the poor team chemistry resulting from the ego clashes and all, but I contradict even that! Because our bench players know they are just squad players, except may be Marquez & Maxwell. But their bench players like Higuain, Granero, etc. would be on fire to prove their president wrong and show him they are starting-team talent, whenever they are given chance.

I'm not expecting great wonders from Real Madrid as a team, but there would be many individual sparks from Kaka, CR9 & especially the bench players Granero & Higuain. IMO that's what a bench should be like, containing a Henrik Larsson for both mid-field and attack capable of coming from bench and changing the game through their individual performances. And some players like our own Busquets to provide plan B whenever needed :)

But these are just my opinions, one can contradict rightfully without criticizing of course :P

Anonymous said...

Gago is no way better than Keita.

nbascom said...

You make great points in regards to chemistry and playing style. That will be the elephant in the room for Madrid all year.

I didn't include Higuain b/c I think he is going to end up starting...i think Madrid's best XI is Iker-Albiol-Pepe-Arbeloa-Ramos-Lass-Xabi-Ronaldo-Kaka-Higuian-Benzema.

That is why I have Raul on the bench.

Our bench strength will come down to how well Bojan plays and if Dima is actually a 25M center-back. If those two play as is obviously hoped by Pep/Txiki then Barca will be awesome. If they don't, then we may be short, especially up front.

On Gago - how great do RM think he is if in the last 8 months they spent 70M+ at his position between Lass and Xabi? We had confidence in Busquets to start a CL final. And he didn't hold us back a bit.

Granero is obviously talented but has yet to be forced to deliver on the big stage in big games.

We will soon see! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Just my opinion... he's really good and will not take long to show why.

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