Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Shakhtar coach opens door for Chygrynskiy

Asked about the renewed rumours linking Shakhtar Donetsk defender and Ukrainian international Dmytro Chygrynskiy (22) with a move to Barcelona (read more here), Shakhtar manager Mircea Lucescu has said in an interview with Catalan radio station RAC 1 that he thinks the player will join Barcelona in the coming week:

"It's a matter that is being dealt with by our president and Laporta, and I think that it will happen in the end. I played football until I was 36 and when a club like Barça is interested in a player, I have to give him the chance to go there.

It could depend a lot on the coach but I'm willing to let him go. We'll see what will happen, we will wait for two more days. It might be a big loss for Shakhtar and for myself but it is the wish of Guardiola. It's a great player and a player like him can play at Barcelona. I anyhow think that the normal thing is that he still plays the European super cup with us."

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liam said...

fantastic news, this man is a colossus at the back,great signing

MohamedH said...

offtopic: Hi my fellow barcelonistas... i noticed an interesting article on a dutch website about cruyff...

it says that ajax had agreed to transfer cruyff to real madrid back in the seventies. But this all happend behind Cruyff's back. And everybody knows how strong-willed Cruyff is. When he found out he rejected the move and signed for Arch-rivals Barcelona... And the rest is history...


Can anyone imagine what barca would have been like if Cruyff would have signed for Madrid....?

thnk God for Cruyff's stubburness... :)

PS: Sorry for posting it twice, but i think its interesting for all the cules...

tero said...

With 25 million,we must expect much from him...on the other hand,we expected much from Hleb and Caceres also...

FCBarcaaa said...

OK, Chygrynbauer is basically a done deal it seems. Quite strange to see they talk like it is already done even when he still is a Shakhtar player. LOL, he will probably cost a fortune, but hopefully they can buy him back for alot of money if it doesn't work out well. We can probably get 15-20m for him from Shakhtar, he is young and a favorite for the president who has splashed alot of cash on players from Brazil and other players, so that reduces the risk for us somewhat I think.

But we are talking about Chygrynbauer here, so he will be fantastic of course. We have to be optimistic. :)

Anonymous said...

MohammedH: Read about the transfer of Di Stefano to Real Madrid! That one is crazy.

Unknown said...

Sorry moahamed, had the article been in english, it might have been interesting to me. I just don't understand dutch or what ever the article is written in.

Angustos said...

please stop calling him chygrynbauer.

Anonymous said...



Yaya the Tank

Ibra the Tank
Iniesta the Magician

Anonymous said...

Angustos: No!

"The Ukrainian Beckenbauer"


Team of the Tournament U-21 Euro championships:

Centre-back: Dmytro Chygrynskiy (Ukraine)
"With his long hair and socks rolled halfway down his calves, Ukraine's No6 resembles a graduate from the 1970s school of hard knocks. Appearances, though, can be deceptive: the FC Shakhtar Donetsk centre-half is still only 19. There is silk to complement the colossal Chygrynskiy's steely looks, and it was a common sight to see him striding purposefully out of defence and, with an accurate pass, moving Ukraine's sphere of operations further upfield."

Belgian Barcafan said...

I really don't understand why they pay 25 million for that guy??? Is he really that good?

Anonymous said...

hmm, when it comes to buying defenders, Pep really has failed, I mean 2/3 have been a waste of money, let's hope this guy isn't

poetin said...

Basically, the article FCBarcaa refers to, says that Ajax wanted to sell Cruijf in 1973 to Real Madrid.
However, as this transfer was agreed on without JC knowing anything about it, he refused to sign a contract and decided to go to Barcelona.
He literally says: " Ajax sold me to Real Madrid without consulting me. That is why I did not sign for Real. I do not like it when people arrange things for me behind my back."
He also states that Guardiola should focus less on the details of the game. "Pep is a very intelligent and obsessive person but he will have to take some distance from the details otherwise he will become sick."


Dolce said...

Barca must buy at least one player this August, so signing Chygrynskiy is a risk worth taking, they are no other potentially great players on the market anymore(neither in next January) now that Cesc stays at Emirates. Barca still has too thin squad even if he joins the team, why are we loaning also Guddy without getting a (better) replacement for him?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Pep apparently is obsessed with details and it is football 24/7 for him. He can be burnt out if he doesn't take some rest sometimes. Hopefully he uses some of all this time to update himself on the transfer market and the players he wants.

Anonymous said...

Just forget about Guddy. With Chygrynbauer, we can play Piquenbauer and Marquez and Busquets as DMs so we have so many options in midfield with Yaya in a more offensive role where he can use his dribbling, shooting, technique, passing etc. Look at how he plays when giving more freedom offensively. He is a monster in attack. A superplayer.

Anonymous said...

And then there are Tiago and Dos Santos too, our two biggest youth talents in addition to Muniesa. So we should not be worried about midfield. Our squad now gives room for the three biggest talents, Tiago, Dos Santos and Muniesa (because Puyol is backup on RB, it leaves Muniesa as a 4th option in central defence).

The only problem now, is Pedro as our winger. He is not very bad, but I don't think he is great either. He is abit average only. But Iniesta will always be preferred on both wings over him, and Bojan too, so I guess it is OK. Perhaps Maxwell and Alves can play on the wings when necessary. Our squad is complete.

Unknown said...

Thanks Poetin. I do hope you can help Pep in translating articles relating to Barca like this first-hand interview with Cruijf.

As for the article, maybe this January transfer season we need to find a coach to back up Pep should he burnt out.

Just kidding...

koko=barca said...

Let's just hope he'll turn out really good. Although I can predict one thing. He won't be getting a lot of chances at start and everybody will start bashing Pep and Chiki.

Anonymous said...

You can guarentee that he won't get alot of chances from the start? I don't think so at all. The guy costs 25m euros. A huge amount, and he is the favorite of our coach. This guy will play alot. After all, he looks like he coming straight out of the 1970s. And which player was king at the back in the 1970s? That's right, it was Beckenbauer. So Chygrynbauer will play alot, and he will play with Puyol and Pique. Yaya will play much more as the CM together with Xavi. Players like Marquez, Busquets and Henry will sit more on the bench than Chygrynbauer I think.

Marquez, Busquets, Maxwell, Henry is a strong bench.

sho said...

He must be a Messi at his defensive duty. I have seen so many threads/topics on him I am getting tired of it.
I hope this doesnt put too much pressure/expectation on the guy.

Anonymous said...

Dears, I really have to admit that I don't have a good feeling concerning our signings. Have you ever seen an Ukrainian speak spanish? Chygrynbauer will have a lot of problems to adapt because of language and lifestyle problems. Also I think he is a lot overvalued. 25 mio for a 22 year-old defender of the Ukranian League. That is heavily too much.

Ibrahimovic is a good striker, no doubt. And I think that in the long term he will adapt very good. But is it worth 50 mio. (!) to replace a striker that has scored ca. 25-30 goals each season for another one who will probably reach a similar goal rate per season? I don't think so. So for me he is overvalued too.

In the end I hope Barca won't become famous for buying flops for big money...

koko=barca said...

@ Anony
I did not guarantee anything, read properly. Do you think his place in first 11 will be guaranteed? That means that either Puyol or Pique is going to the bench. Well I must disagree on that. Let's see what happens but it sems like Milito played his last minutes in barca.

FCBarcaaa said...

No it does not mean that Puyol or Pique is going to the bench. Read the bench again. It is Busquets, Maxwell, Henry, Marquez in our fully fit squad.

Piquenbauer and Marquez will play alot on the DM together with Busquets this season, and Yaya will be given a more offensive role. Like this:





With Chygrynbauer and Piquenbauer, we become more of a threat at set pieces (do you remember when we last scored on a corner?) and SuperYaya can unleash his distance cannon more frequently in a more offensive role.

This line-up is good for bus-breaking.

Loos said...

Milito will not play again for Barca!
Given the injury history for our center backs, especially Marquez, and taking the suspensions into account, I think we'll see Yaya playing as a CB rather than a CM in some Champions League games.
I'm hoping to see the official announcement of Chygrynskiy transfer asap.

Anonymous said...

@FCBarcaaa: good lineup but I prefer Maxwell over Abidal . I also don't think that Pique can play in midfield . His ball skills and passing are average at best !!

koko=barca said...

Well having Messi and Iniesta in the forward line does not seem like a buss-brakin line-up. Thy are midgets. You should remember one thing. Yaya plays that defensively because he has to. With Dani being on the opposition's side whole game, somebody have to stay back. So, having Pique as a DM does not make him a potential threat for the opponents. Plus, he is not a DM, who are we kidding. Yes he can cover, but playing the whole season there, no no no. Yaya is the best we can get for that position, why ruin it? I like him a lot,too but he should stay there and fixing everybody's mistakes(if there are any) and occasionally going forward

FCBarcaaa said...

Pique's passing is average? He isn't called Piquenbauer for no reason, you know? His passing is very good, and he played DM in La Liga when he played for Zaragoza. We also have Marquez who can do the DM job of course, and they can switch between them during the game, sometimes, Pique does the DM and then he switches back to CB and makes Marquez the DM, or Yaya, or Busquets. Lots of options. With this team, we look great.

And we improve two aspects of our game: long shots (Yaya in more offensive role) and set pieces (only 4 midgets in the team and Chygryn and Pique are great in the air).

FCBarcaaa said...

Koko: Pep has said himself that he likes Yaya in a more offensive role where he can use his offensive qualities.

Pique is a threat at set pieces. On corners and free kicks he will be a threat in the box just as Chygrynskiy. We get tons of corners against the bus-parking teams, but never score on them. This is an opportunity to score. And with other good headers like Puyol, Yaya, Abidal and Ibra also around, we can defend set pieces better.

koko=barca said...

I really hope we can improve the set-pieces and score some goals. Also the defending was not so bad last year. I remember in Rijkaard's era we sucked on the set-pieces. I was so scared of every one of them. We lost the semi-final against chelsea because of it, when terry scored. I will repeat again, I don't like Pique in the DM position. Don't get me wrong I looove Pique but at this moment he is not needed there. Busquets should get a lot of chances this year because of the ACN. Marquez also.

Humankind said...

We need another winger. Are we going to get him???????????????????????????????????????????

Humankind said...

This is a great signing for us. 25 million may sound a lot, but it is actually a very good deal. So for all the critics who slam our transfer policy regarding Chygrinskiy, here's some food for thought and the reasons why 25 million Euros is actually a very good deal:

a) Chygrynkiy will be 23 this year. He will be able to play top level football until 30 years of age, or 7 years. 25 million divided by 7 is ca. 3.5 million euros a season.
b) Dani Alves cost us 42 million euros including incentives. He is 26 and can deliver only 4 more years of top level football for a total of 5 years. That’s a little over 8 million euros per year.
c) Ibrahimovic will be 28 in September and will be able to play world class football only for 3 more years. At 40 million euros, that is a staggering 13 million euros per years.
d) Fontas and Muniesa are long term investments and despite anyone’s claims, they are not ready for the first team yet and won’t be for at least this season plus the next.
e) Marquez cannot perform constantly at a top class level. He is overrated because he does not have the right mentality for a world-class center back. He is a liability in my opinion, especially in big games and cannot stay away from the treatment table, that’s why Chygrynkiy’s signature is absolutely necessary. Injuries are also mainly due to a player’s mentality and Marquez does not have the mentality of a world-class professional. He can explode with fits of rage at any moment, especially when exposed to pressure thus making him a huge liability.
f) With over 60 games to play in the season, having only Puyol, Marquez, and Pique as CB is not enough. Now that we let go of Caceres, we are in desperate need of a CB and this will become painfully obvious during this campaign. I actually believe that we should have kept Caceres as extra depth. Playing Toure as CB is not a realistic option because then we lose the domination in midfield that he gives us. Yaya Toure as DM is a fundamental part of our success.

Anonymous said...

I still hope we will sign a winger

Anonymous said...

Agreed with BarcaFan! Nicely said!

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