Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Marquez and Iniesta travel to Monaco

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola announced earlier today a list of 24 players for the European super cup game against Shakhtar Donetsk Friday evening at 8:45 pm.

The list:
Valdés, Pinto
Alves, Henrique, Puyol, Piqué, Márquez, Fontàs, Muniesa, Abidal, Maxwell
Touré, Keita, Xavi, Gudjohnsen, Busquets, Iniesta, Jonathan
Messi, Ibrahimovic, Bojan, Henry, Pedro, Jeffren

Milito, Iniesta and Márquez are recovering from injuries, although the last two will travel to Monaco. Four Barcelona Atlètic players make the list although six players will still have to be excluded from the final list on Friday. The team will fly tomorrow morning to Monaco.


Manolo said...

Doesn't somebody knows when Milito is comming back?

tero said...

May take a while to get back in playing shape

Anonymous said...

Several months Manolo! Forget about him.

Shekhu said...

I recon they wont play....and they shouldn't.. season is quite long.

E said...

I hope Jonathan will play

Anonymous said...

what about thiago? i wish he could get a chance :(

peter said...

Will there be no updtaes on whats happening with players Caceres, Hleb and Crosas. Like pep did with Crosas and Henrique last year. So we know if they're playing or not.

barca4life said...

Where are those who say madrid's transfer policy is so great? 27 million for sneijder and now reports say he is leaving fo 15 million. Real madrid always get such great deals for their players. LOL.

Anonymous said...

It is 15m+3m isnt it? And it was 20m+7m wasn't it? At least they aren't loaning him out! They got 15m for Negredo and can buy him back for the same amount if they want. Huntelaar, Van der Vaart, Sneijder, I think they could sell players for close to 100m euros.

groga said...

100 millions, lol.

15 millions for Huntelaar to Milan, 15 millions for Sneijder to Inter. So Van der Vaart will leave for 70, I guess...

They are taking losses with every sale. Buying players for 27 and six months later selling them for 15: great selling skills! An example for the world of salesmen!

barca4life said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Negredo, Robben, Saviola, Javi Garcia, Van der Vaart, Huntelaar, Sneijder, Drenthe and some more I can't remember, they could fetch 100m. They don't loan them out, they get money for them.

Marc4barca said...

no they can't, van der vaart went to madrid for 8-13 million and if anyone buys him for more than that after what happened this season is an idiot. inter are the only team aiming for sneidjer and they don't even want to pay 20 mil and huntelaar went ac milan for 20 when he was bought for 25. real madrid have a few more days to shorten their squad. right now it's at 29 players, a figure to high even for them cause they have two first teams which means alot of high wages. maybe we can snatch a player from them when it is like 2 days left.

barca4life said...

LOL, its still 9 million less after a few seasons even if it is 27 and 18. How are they gonna get 100 million for huntelaar van der vart sneijder?

Huntelaar = 20 max
Sneijder = 18 max
Van der vaart = no cash so far
and they spent over 50 for the 2 of those guys

That = 38 for me not 100. Unless VDV costs 62 million you got a huge hole in your maths

Marc4barca said...

typo - 15 for huntelaar not 20.

barca4life said...

Real Madrid arent selling Robben or Drenthe

Saviola - 5 mill
Javi - 7 mill
Huntelaar 20 (max)
Sneijder 18 (max)
Negredo 15 (approx)

VDV - 0 so far

Total = 65 max. I guess somebody is gonna pay 35 for VDV

barca4life said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
barca4life said...

Lets see according to wikipedia

Sneijder - 15
Negredo - 15
Huntelaar - 15
Javi - 7
Saviola - 5

= 57

I guess VDV = 43 mill now

Anonymous said...

We will see if they sell Robben or Drenthe. You don't know so don't pretend that you know the future. There's also Heinze, Parejo and Codina.

BTW, how the hell did Madrid manage to get Xabi Alonso for only 30m euros?

Anonymous said...

Let's see us:

Guddy: -2m (have to pay to get rid of him)

Hleb: 0m

Caceres: 0m (probably pays some of his salary too)

Jeffren? Probably 0m

barca4life said...


Sneijder - 27 million
Huntelaar - 20 million
Saviola - free
Javi - 4 million
VDV - 13 million
Negredo - 5 million

Cost 69 million

Selling price

57 million

How grea real madrid are. Buy a player for 27 million sell him for 15 in less than 2 years. Brilliant.

barca4life said...

Lol, Real Madrid paid 47 million for Sneijder and Huntelaar and got back 30. Loss = 17 million

We bought Hleb and Caceres for 30 million and will get back approx 10 + 8 = 18 Million.
Loss = 12 million

Jeffren was free. Hence real

madrid lost 17 million
Barca lost 12 million

Boy how great the madrid transfer policy is.

Anonymous said...

All of the players they sell are players they want to get rid of. They are not a selling club, surely you have to agree with this. To possibly get 100m for players they want to get rid of is good. We would probably have loaned out half of them and let the rest go on free.

barca4life said...

LOL we got 21 for ronnie 10 for deco 9 for zambrotta 6 for gio 3 for oleguer

= 50. Just a little less than real madrid. But real madrid is so great.

Anonymous said...

Well, the difference is that Hleb and Caceres didn't really kick a ball with us. Sneijder played more than 50 games and was important for their titles, Huntelaar at least scored about 10 goals.

Anonymous said...

Well, they got 42m for Robinho that year, so that's the same as we got for all our players sold.

barca4life said...

LOL, oh please they didnt want to sell robinho. Robinho forced his way out. Totally different situation. If man city were to come for iniesta and he wanted to go dont you think we would get major cash for him? We got major cash for figo when we sold him against our will. You cant compare selling robinho to selling players that you dont want anymore.

Anonymous said...

Sure you can. They did a good deal, no doubt. Iniesta is miles better than Robinho.

You didn't answer my question: How on earth did Madrid manage to buy a world class player like Alonso for only 30m euros?

We are paying 25m euros for an unproven cup-tied defender from the Ukrainian league.

It is fucked up.

barca4life said...

Forget Hleb and Caceres
Barca Clearance sale

Real Madrid Clearance sale

Ronaldinho - 21
Deco - 10
Zambrotta - 9
Gio - 6
Oleguer - 3

5 players = 49 mill

Sneijder - 15
Negredo - 15
Huntelaar - 15
Javi - 7
Saviola - 5

5 players = 57

What a great job madrid does. They get sooooo much more than we do. LOL. And that is not even counting the money you have to subtract from Huntelaar for sell on fee since they sold him so fast.

barca4life said...

Xabi Alonso isnt worth 30m. He cant even make the spain team.

Xavi Iniesta Senna Cesc

then Xabi alonso

certainly not worth 30 mill.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let us forget Hleb, Caceres, Guddy, Henrique, and soon Keirrison and alot of other awful flops. Let us pretend it never happened.

barca4life said...

I agree with the 25 for Chygrynskiy though. I think we should have waited a year for him. But pep wants him so badly i guess txiki and laporta figured, what the hell he won the treble we might as well get him what he wants so he cant say he didnt get what he wanted and that is why he didnt win this year.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Alonso is just awful, been among the top 5 midfielders in the Premier League season after season. Chygrynsky is a proven world class player. Everybody who knows anything about football knows this, surely.

barca4life said...

Hahahhaha. How in the hell can you call Keirrison a flop? Hleb Caceres yes. Henrique the jury is still out on along with Keirrison. Guddy wasnt a flop.

You barca fans have such short memories. Go look for 2006/2007 season Barcelona Liverpool at anfied and see who scored the winning goal. He wasnt a crack, but he was a good squad player.

Anonymous said...

LOL at Alonso, can't even make it past Xavi and Iniesta! Then he must be really bad! Ridiculous to say such a thing. Alonso is pure class, just because Xavi and Iniesta is no.1 and no.2 midfielder in the world, doesn't make Alonso bad. Hell, he will probably play the DM position anyway.

barca4life said...

No you misunderstand. I stated it badly. Xabi alonso is not worth 30 mill. He is a good player but he is not worth 30 mill. Rafa was just being silly so madrid had to pay over the odds. Xabi is worth about 20 mill max. And i agree with you that Chygrynskiy should not cost 25 mill but the market is crazy right now. We should have waited a year to get him imo.

Anonymous said...

Most expensive cup-tied player in football history: Chygrynskiy

Most expensive player from any Eastern European league ever: Chygrynskiy

Vidic cost 6m euros from Moscow, Skrtel 7m euros from St Petersburg.

We are fucking up the transfer market big time. Crazy.

barca4life said...

Its not we who are fucking up the market. Real Madrid fucked it up. You see this is what i was saying before. The longer we wait the more we will have to pay because teams know we need players. When i was saying this people were telling me "relax we can sign 3 players in 1 day". But i knew this would happen.

That is the boards fault. They waited too long to act. Everybody knew madrid was going to go crazy in the market. We should have moved like we did last season. Attempt to sign Chygrynskiy and villa/ibra as soon as the season finished. Once real madrid paid crazy money for kaka ronaldo and benzema everybody in the market is calling crazy prices.

Anonymous said...

Xabi Alonso for 30m euros is a great price. He is world class player, been fantastic for many years now, just look at Liverpool now without him.

Chygrynskiy for 25m euros? No more comments.

barca4life said...

But if Xabi is worth 30 mill, how much is Xavi Iniesta Cesc and Messi worth in your opinion? :)

barca4life said...

If xabi is worth 30 then david villa is worth 50 kaka 60 and ronaldo 90. That means Xavi is worth at least 45-50 Iniesta 60-70 and Messi >100

Anonymous said...

We are definitely fucking up the market big time with 70m Ibra and 25m Chgyreafaskwoiy. Don't kid yourself.

What price does Xavi, Iniesta and Messi have? They have no price.

Our three most expensive central defenders ever, we just have to laugh:


And now: Chygrnskyi beating them all.

Some nice company Chygrynskyi is in.

barca4life said...

And if Chygrynskiy is as good as guardiola thinks he is? Just as he wanted Pique? then what will you say? Do you constantly call the price of dani alves too? Or was he worth 35 mill?

Anonymous said...

If this Ukrainian is Jesus and Messiah himself (he looks like him), it is still a ridiculous price for an unproven, cup-tied defender from the Ukrainian league!

We have had more luck with extremely expensive right backs, so maybe we should just buy a right back instead, our list of extremely expensive central defenders is just comedy and tragedy in one list.

barca4life said...

LOL, so we will never buy another CB again? We should have bought Garay instead of Caceres as we were intially going to do. We balked at the price for garay and went and paid for Caceres instead.

Anonymous said...

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SJP said...

madrid paid 90mil for a player that is already being criticized, for that fee we got ibra, maxwell and now chrgy. xabi was not one of the top 5 mids in the EPL. madrid have spent a 1/4 of a billion euros, that is not good business, and all for players who are inferior to our own.

chrgy is too expensive so was ibra but if it keeps pep happy then i'm more than willing, as long as it doenst keep happening.

Anonymous said...

Real bought Huntelaar in January 2009 with 28 mil and sold him to Milan with 15 mil. =))))), and now talk about fucked up bussiness.

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