Thursday, 27 August 2009

Line-up for Champions league group stage draw

The lineup for the 2009/10 UEFA Champions League group stage has been completed. The draw will take place later today at 5:45 Barcelona time in Monaco.

Pot 1
1 FC Barcelona (ESP)
2 Chelsea FC (ENG)
3 Liverpool FC (ENG)
4 Manchester United FC (ENG)
5 AC Milan (ITA)
6 Arsenal FC (ENG)
7 Sevilla FC (ESP)
8 FC Bayern München (GER)

Pot 2
9 Olympique Lyonnais (FRA)
10 FC Internazionale Milano (ITA)
11 Real Madrid CF (ESP)
12 PFC CSKA Moskva (RUS)
13 FC Porto (POR)
14 AZ Alkmaar (NED)
15 Juventus (ITA)
16 Rangers FC (SCO)

Pot 3
17 Olympiacos FC (GRE)
18 Olympique de Marseille (FRA)
19 FC Dynamo Kyiv (UKR)
20 VfB Stuttgart (GER)
21 ACF Fiorentina (ITA)
22 Club Atlético de Madrid (ESP)
23 FC Girondins de Bordeaux (FRA)
24 Beşiktaş JK (TUR)

Pot 4
25 VfL Wolfsburg (GER)
26 R. Standard de Liège (BEL)
27 Maccabi Haifa FC (ISR)
28 FC Zürich (SUI)
29 FC Rubin Kazan (RUS)
30 AFC Unirea Urziceni (ROU)
32 Debreceni VSC (HUN)


pep said...

The Live Chat will be open for the draw. Announcement to follow.

Smogen said...

isnt it a little bitt strange that Inter is in Pot 2 and not Pot 1?
Are they just going for what the teams done in europe tha last years and nothing national?

Bombur said...

I want Alkmaar, Stuttgart and Apoel.

fcbee said...

"The club coefficient is determined by the results of a club in European club competition in the last five seasons, and the league coefficient. The club coefficient is 33% of the league coefficient plus the number of points earned by the club in the five seasons."

Tudor said...

This groups are made by points made in Europe in the last 5 seasons...but for example if you win Apoel you will get less points than if you win FC Porto....

groga said...

Zurich (or Standard)

would be a nice group

zos said...

Anyone but Lyon.... enough of them we play them each year.... Also i would like Olympiakos cause i am greek and i hate that those shitheads spoke bad about Panathinaikos and Athletico de Madrid while they were facing Sheriff... So let them have the same test:P

CosmicKite said...

Just have this feeling that Barca will draw Inter. Samuel is going to show Barca what they are missing :( Would love to get Wolfsburg as well because that would be an end to end attacking fest.

Anonymous said...


Ramzi said...

Barcelona-AZ Alkmaar-Marseille-APOEL FC

Liverpool/Chelsea- Real Madrid-Beşiktaş(or Stuttgart so Hleb score and Kick RM out of the CL)-Wolfsburg

Anonymous said...

if i wanted excitement:


if i wanted barca to have minimal effort:


djoef said...

Two teams of the same country can't be drawn into the same group, Anony.

Marc said...

I'd like Barca, Inter, Bordeaux and Wolfsburg. It's tough but fun.

sab said...

No more Lyon for us this year, I hope! On the other hand I would really like Olimpiacos! I would trully love to watch them struggling against the great Barca....

visca el barca

KEMPE cy said...


Anonymous said...

I don't mind Lyon at all . Without Benzema and Valdes nightmare Juninho they will be a piece of cake !!

Aussie Barca Fan said...

I have a soft spot for Greeks and Greek football as there are many Greeks in Australia and they are the most friendly europeans. It is a wonderful culture and soulful music.

Back to the football. It would be better for Olympiakos if they avoived Barca. I would also like to see Barca play AZ or Rangers, Bordeaux (coached by former Barca star Blanc) and Liège would be a nice finish to the group.

I hope Madrid get Man Utd! Now that would be priceless.

barca4life said...

Barca Inter Bordeaux Wolfsburg would be crazy. Every man for themselves. :)

barca4life said...

Madrid is gonna get Man U Liverpool Arsenal Chelsea AC or Bayern. Any of those means its gonna be a fun ride. And if they just happen to get Fiorentina in their group too? Even better.

creus said...

I want:

Debreceni/Unirea Uziceni/Apoel FC

I don't want:


Anonymous said...

Lyon is now way stronger than last year... They have now a new free-kick specialist in Michel Bastos & a better polished striker in Lisandro Lopez. They might actually prove real nightmare to many big clubs this season

SJP said...

i dont want inter/lyon/ fiorentina/ juve avoid those and we should be alright. agree that i'd love to see man u/madrid.

? to the greeks guys here, i was talking to a barman last time i was in greece and he said that olympiacos was like Real Madrid, ie the refs biased etc and that panathanikos were the better team, and thats why they are tougher to play in europe, he was a panathanikos fan so wondered id there was much truth to it?

koko=barca said...

@ Aussie Barca Fan, the first part of your post was a nice joke.

zos said...

@SJP total truth olympiakos sucks generally only referees save them most of the times..

El Fuego said...

i want Inter, Fiorentina and Wolfsburg

tero said...

Worst group might be Inter, Bordeaux and Wolfsburg...but it doesn't matter,now quoting a wrestling legend: "to be the man,you got to beat the man" ;)

Anonymous said...

Barca - Inter - Marseille - Wolfsburg. That would be ideal group for us,just to prove others how strong we are.

Barca2009 said...

For Real Madrid, I want ManU - Real Madrid - Bordeaux - Wolfsburg. Ha Ha Ha !!!

skanjos said...

we dont have almost any threat from most teams in b pot and would be nice to avoid inter and juventus

my pref draw would be

standard de liege

Anonymous said...

lets not underestimate real madrid. they are second to barca, but superior to other sure they can beat man u easily.

a barca madrid final is not impossible.

i want inter in the group. eto vs ibra. the argument will be settled once and for all.

rahul said...

i want all teh spanish teams to get easy opponents bt thats not possible but anyways an all spanish semis would be teh best. as much as i want real to flop i want them to do well against any but spanish opponents. enough of english teams and i hope inter are teh biggest flop of teh year getting etoo for a steal and buying sneider for a bargain n they have also signed kerlon a top brazilian talent for free.

rahul said...

plus a barca vs real final wud be gr8 beating them in their home wud be teh icing on teh cake. plus ronaldo crying damn cant get better than this! cant wait!

sho said...

please read. I am a memeber of skysports forum too. but I found this on Arsenal section on the forum. We (BARCA) are way too bad, that Arsenal fans are arguing,

koko=barca said...

I want Arsenal. they will get a free football lesson. Just to prove the world who plays more beautiful and more productiv

rahul said...

fucking arsenal copying us well what can u expect from an english team their own style is so pathetic and outdated that they themselves feel disgusted to use it. they dont even have english managers to imply an english style of play (boring). clubs like arsenal, manure and chelsea and now mancity and maybe in few years time portsmouth r wannabe clubs no history no nothing teh only club having a commendable history is liverpool. these morons think they can beat us by copying our style. agree @koko last yr manure was shitting too much dirt and now they are silenced i hope this year its wenger n his babies.
i feel for this english teams so pathetic even with all teh billions spent they play anti football, cant win without cheating or refs help, dont have their own style of play. even against celtic last nite this arsenal had to cheat kill of teh tie.

SJP said...

thanks zos, prefered panathanikos coz of ten cate, now def prefer them!
out of the english teams liverpool have played the most boring counter-attack, parking the bus footall before the phrase was even coined. they all have history, its just that sky has turned english football into a business and so the clubs have lost their souls. if birmingham sell then 50% of EPL teams will be foreign owned, meaning they are not about pleasing fans but making money, as an englishman i think its a tragedy. aresnal are the only top team that try and play good football, a few others like west ham do but they can't compete with the money of the top four. best thing about the EPL is the relegation battle, always dramatic and entertaining.

koko=barca said...

I forgot to mention, in the next stages since we can't get them now. I don't hate Arsenal as much as I hate their fans, they are pathetic. They want to compete with the best but I don't see that happen without a striker and that overrated dude Walcot.

Big Kahuna said...

Arsenal has always been a Barça WANNABE . There are many pretenders but only ONE Barça . Deal with it !!

Barca nerd-fan said...

Lol, Kerlon is jokes... seal dribble. He will die if he dare try seal dribbling in EPL or Bundesliga. Spanish football is more suitable for Kerlon because it is less physical and more technical in the liga. But I hope he goes to EPL or Bundesliga... it will be jokes :)

Barca nerd-fan said...

Anyway, I hope we get Porto, Bordeaux and Wolfsburg so we can have some beautiful games like against Lyon, Bayern, Athletic... because they play more openly. Playing against Porto and Bordeaux will be great, they play good football and gave Man U and Chelsea some challenge last year. Although Lyon will also play a good game, I don't really want Barca to play them again cos I'm tired of seeing them lose to Barca. In the knockout stage, I would like Barca to play Inter, Arsenal, Milan and Real in the final. This will be a dream.

Unknown said...

Its not always good to have an easy group because then when the knockout arrives teams cam be shocked of the competition in front, Its best to have a mix of both so we can be tested during hard match ups and rest players for lesser opponents, this also means that with teams spread out the chances of getting a easier opponent is larger for the first knockout stage.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Koko you obviously don't live or haven't been to Australia. Greeks are wonderful and hospitable people here.

Interesting to see how we go against Inter!

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