Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Keirrison debuts for Benfica

Keirrison made his Benfica debut this past Sunday during Benfica's 1-0 win against Guimaraes.

Coming off the bench at half time for Saviola, Keirrison gave everyone a scare after twisting his ankle while chasing a ball two minutes into the second half. Momentarily limping, Keirrison was able to walk it off and subsequently recuperated.

It wasn't a very good game for Benfica overall, and Keirrison's entrance into the game didn't really bring much to Benfica's attacking front. The young Brazilian got very little touches on the ball, showing himself too static and too easy of a target for the Guimaraes defense, but the blame can't all go to him, as Benfica struggled to get the ball to the the forward's feet.

Benfica, who struggled throughout the game, played against 10 men for most of the second half, but could not get anything going, even missing a penalty. They would eventually get the winner at the 90th minute, courtesy of Ramires, Benfica's most expensive signing of the season.

Keirrison's debut didn't have the results he might have envisioned, and quite honestly, not what many fans expected from a 15 million acquisition, but it also can't be seen as a negative one. Surely after making his debut, he must feel encouraged to continue to work hard to deserve more opportunities.

by: fumas

Photo Credit - Miguel Riopa /AFP/Getty Images


M10 said...


tero said...

It takes time to fit in,some people are too hasty with their bashing

Tudor said...

He just needs time but playing time...maybe 2-3 games in a row in second half from the bench...maybe one goal and then 3-4 games in first eleven...and after that I am sure he will show his talent and class finishing...

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