Saturday, 29 August 2009

[2008] Victor Vazquez could also be promoted

this post was published one year ago:

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona Atlètic attacker Víctor Vázquez (21) could in the end also be permanently promoted to the first team.

If - like is expected - Barcelona doesn't sign any new forwards in the next days, Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola and his staff are considering to add Vázquez to the first team.

Together with six of his Barcelona Atlètic team-mates Vázquez started the pre-season with the first team (read more here) and participated in four friendly matches before returning to Barcelona's second team last week (read more here).

Earlier this week, Vázquez told the official club media that he hopes for a new promotion chance: "Now I have to work hard with the B team and if Guardiola needs me one day, I'll be happy to go there. Like every youth player, my ultimate goal is to get a place in the first team. I felt very comfortable playing with the first team and now I'm ready to work hard to reach the objectives of Barcelona Atlètic.

For now I'm adapting to the rhythm of the B team and I'm getting to know the new guys. I'm feeling good at the position I'm playing now on the pitch. I like to go forward from midfield. But of course I'll be as motivated playing wherever the coach puts me."

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one year ago, readers said...

hadi said...

barca should promote JEFFRON cuz he was more like a winger than victor vazquez....

Jnice said...

Nah, I like Victor Vazquez. He is very versatile and does what he is supposed to do on the field. Those first games he played in Scotland showed how unselfish he is as well as his ability to link up with several different players. Why promote Jeffren when Pedro is already promoted and have them both play limited minutes? I do believe that Jeffren should have gotten a loan deal though, but that is a different matter.

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