Friday, 28 August 2009

The Pictures: Shakhtar (part 1)

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Marcelinho561 said...

in picture 5, shows that leo and chiggy already got good chemistry hehe

Andréssibraviqué said...

What's up with Messi's temper these days!? That's one of the reasons through out last year I hoped Messi not to win the Ballon d'Or though he was just unveiling his magic all around. What happened to the humble nature and that cool mentality that you usually possess dear!? He showed similar fury while playing for his country in a world cup qualifier some time back after we won CL... I sincerely hope Xavi wins the award and Messi doesn't yet.

Andréssibraviqué said...

And the other reason being he is still too young for such awards, he still got lot of time to mature enough to cope with all the hype that surrounds these awards. That's why I wished Pique doesn't win the best defender award in CL as well :P

Unknown said...

hey is it too late to trade Ibra for Eto'o? damn it...I want Samu back....thats all

Andréssibraviqué said...

Why don't you just shut the fuck up and go watch some Inter "kick-ass" football and cheer for them instead of being a pain in the a** here!? Or you think you are funny!?

mike in africa said...

@Andréssibraviqué, i don't think Charles was being funny (unless u thought he was).

many if not most barca fans did not want to see eto'o leave and it's true, we will be cheering eto'o on. however, it's more important that we focus on barca, and it's OBVIOUS (unless u'r blind) that ibra is not settling in jus yet. let's hope it happens sooner rather than later.

our frontline looks thin, but i'm happy tho that from the looks of it, pedro n bojan will be getting more opportunities this season... imba barca!

praths4barca said...

@Andréssibraviqué, well said mate, i command true cules like you. Just kick these buffoons out.

Andréssibraviqué said...

mike, sure Ibra is not 'settling' in just yet but even Eto'o is not settling at Inter yet. That's quite normal for a new player to take some time to adjust. Just stop harping on about his lack of goals just yet, he'd sure start getting them. He was NOT lazy today and pressed the defenders as much as Eto'o would have if not more. He had just just one off-target shot which imo just was mis-timed rather than him being poor. He may be should have passed to Henry when was one-on-one, but if you remember Eto'o did that a LOT of times, in fact as far as getting us frustrated. Hell he did that against Chelsea in the semi-final leg at Camp Nou!!! Every body does mistakes, no body is perfect.
Only one thing was lacking of Ibra today, that's his lack of runs to receive or demand the through-balls from his team-mates & that comes with time when he fully starts understanding them.

When I said "you THINK you are funny!?" I obviously meant he is NOT! i don't understand how you didn't get my point. And I never said Ibra wasn't bad today. I'm not BLIND as you say to see that :)

In fact I'd say Henry's game was worse than Ibra's today except for that long-range shot which forced the keeper for a save. Ibra had a legitimate penalty claim if you had watched the game & that pass he put to Henry when there was no fucking way in hell any body could have done, Henry should have controlled and scored! BTW that was just class by Ibra

Andréssibraviqué said...

ANYthing for Barca praths :)

Mohamedh said...

People already start bashing Ibra while the guy has only played 45 minutes against Man City, 70 minutes against Bilbao and 80 minutes against Shaktar. That makes a total of just over 2 full games. He didn't score but did provide one assist. Considering he is missing rythm and is just getting accustomed to barca's unique way of playing i wouldn't write him off already.

And for the people who are calling for Eto'o, i want them to think before they act. Eto'o had some great times with barca, but that's over. And if you have watched the second half of last season then you must have seen that Eto'o was far from his best, missing half a dozen of chances every game. And on top of that Eto'o was starting to create some problems in the dressing room and also demanding to much from the board.

I think that Ibra will do just fine, maybe even great... the magic word here is TIME.

Anonymous said...

i love this kind of messi's passion twards win.
he is real leader on the pitch.

Areign said...

his humble nature is being clouded by a bit of immaturity andres, and unfortunately as much as i love xavi, messi is the best in the world. i want him to win it, he deserves it. he's been kicked all his life, its to be expected of a 22 year old to be a bit angry about that.

Anonymous said...

in reply to the comment by Andréssibraviqué
messi deserves all the awards he's won ,he doesn't have to be 'humble' he is not a silly little dog for barca fans to pat on the head and tell him he's a good little boy,
he is a grown man and gets lots of hassle both on and off the pitch he's entitled to lose his temper now and again.
and anyway the game was a little tense and the weather was very humid....
why don't you try playing for more than 120 minutes and see if you don't lose your temper just once.
(p.s why dont you like pique?)

Andréssibraviqué said...

Hey! wtf man!?! The last 4 letters in my name belong to Pique :)
I know Messi deserves all the awards. Never said he ain't. But one of the reasons I hate CR is his arrogance. I feel it leads to no where & I don't want ANTIs to label Messi as arrogant. Have you ever seen Xavi lose his cool? That's one of the reasons, apart from his game, he's referred to as true gentleman and is regarded so high! I said I don't want Messi or Pique to win those awards just yet because the success might creep into their heads, but of course I trust Pep and am sure he would give nice smacking if that really does occur :)
Today it's him who started the fight, deliberately or not, if you observe. So when he hit the defender, even if it is accidentally, and he reacted, just accept it and don't lose cool because it only reflects on your performance on the pitch. He could have just brushed off the player's reaction & stay put, there was no need to react you see.
Even in the case I mentioned about, while he was playing for Argentina, it's Messi who's tackled hard and when the player reacted he just didn't back down. I know he had endured a lot of dirty tackles that day but come on why risk you own performance and even get some card for bad behavior on pitch!?

I know it's tough to maintain your temper during those conditions as you mentioned but that's part of his life and he's got to learn to get on with it. Also remember him spitting on some defender last season? That type of behavior is totally uncalled for!

tero said...

No reason to go personal here,guys...i think messi has every right to be angry if he gets kicked so much..we all have our grumpy days...i think seeing someone like iniesta angry would be scary,usually calm people are so mad when they get pissed off :D

albert said...

it would be very difficult to win all six.The reason is Barca does not have a striker to match their quality.
Ibrahimovic sucks big time.
what a waste.
I missed Etoo so bad yesterday.
I hope they bring atleast keirsson for crisis control.

Manolo said...

why does Chygi always wear the old nike boots from 2005 ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

to Andréssibraviqué
damn it Andréssibraviqué again with your 'humbleness' do you realise how insulting it is to say cr@p like that it's as if to say you want him to stay small like a child .
and i do recall seeing one of your posts somewhere defending ibrahimovic and you saying how great he is blahblahblahdeblah BUT who is more egotistal and arrogant than ibra.... NO-ONE is no not even c.ronaldo
those who know ronaldo say he is neither arrogant and discribe him as nice helpful ,unlike ibrah who is just as arrogant off pitch as he is on with wasted pointless 'skills' .
messi is not going to turn into a ibra but everyone needs to stop talking about lionel messi like he's some stupid small imbecile child .

p.s I Think You Are Arrogant................

Anonymous said...

Famous quotes quote::
"Don't be humble... you're not that great".

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