Thursday, 27 August 2009

Chygrynskiy will be official on Saturday

Catalan sports newspaper Sport reports that transfer target Dmytro Chygrynskiy will officially join FC Barcelona this Saturday.

The reason for the delay is that Shakhtar Donetsk president Rinat Akhmetov does not want to make anything official before the European Super Cup against Barca Friday in Monaco.

Akhmetov would also like Chygrynskiy, a member of the Ukrainian national team, to appear at the opening of the Donbass Arena, Shakhtar's new stadium, on Saturday.

After these events, Chygrynskiy will be allowed to join Barca on a 25 million euro transfer.
Sport reports that this number was reached after Barca had offered to pay 3 million euros for a 1-year loan with a 22 million euro purchase option. Akhmetov countered with the 25 million offer all-inclusive, and Barca accepted.

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tero said...

I really,really hope this guy makes an impact.We have wasted much money on two CBs already (Caceres & Henrique)...Guardiola didn't trust them

SJP said...

seems bizarre to me, on friday chygr will know he will be joining us but will play against us for shaktar, hows is he suppossed to play - really well to convince us he is good transfer, but then risk costing us the cup, not the best way to start your new career! or really badly adds lots more pressure to his move and would be seen as unprofessional. horrible situation for the guy, why not get him before the game so he can use it as a farewell and let him travel to ukraine for stadium opening as a ukranian player?

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