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[2008] Arshavin will stay with Zenit

this post was published one year ago:

Asked about the rumours linking Zenit Saint-Petersburg forward and Russian international Andrei Arshavin (27) with a summer exit (read more here), Zenit manager Dick Advocaat said yesterday at a press conference that the player will not leave this transfer period:

"The door is closed, the deal is closed. No interested club has offered the 30 million euro° we wanted for him and what we think he is worth. They had several weeks of time to buy him and the highest offer was only 16 million euro°. With respect, I think that Arshavin costs more than that so that’s the end of the story."

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one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

30 million euro =
47 million us dollar
24 million british pound

16 million euro =
25 million us dollar
13 million british pound

Ramzi said...


Anonymous said...

i would say it's bad that barca din't make offer, because i saw him again play against manchester yesterday and he was owning ferdinand and nevile, he is playng in barca style he is very Similar to iniesta playstyle.

cojonudo said...

Wether "good" or "bad" I feel sorry for Arshavin. Why should I feel for him even though he's paid handsomely you ask? Because the club's owner put a ridiculously inflated price tag on him that other interested clubs simply did not concur with. Which in turn prevents Arshavin from not only the opportunity to gain more worldwide visibility, but also the chance to better his game, and gauge where his game is now in one of the premier leagues in the world.

So Arshavin is "stuck" playing for a team where his heart is no longer there. Playing for a team who's season pretty much is in the balance. Playing in an "obscure" league where the level and class of talent is far inferior to La Liga, the EPL, Serie A, etc.

It's a tragedy all around for not only Arshavin but the people of Russia as well.

Jnice said...

Anonymous? He did not play against Manchester United. Please don't bring fictitious statements in here.

mike... said...

I didn't watch the whole game, but I'm pretty sure he came in the second half...

Anonymous said...

jnice, he came on in the second half. I dont know which game you were looking at!?
for 30 Million Euro? Hell no!
For the initial 15 million euro that Barcelona offered before the EURO CUP, Yes.
But hell no, you dont buy Arshavin for 30 million when you can buy a Ronaldinho for 21 million, or a Deco for 10 million.

one year ago, readers said...

Josep said...

It is really a big loss that barca doesn't buy Arshavin. Arshavin showed again his qualiy in the CL super cup against Man Utd.

It is the quality that barca needs on the left side which Henry does not have. Arshavin showed his top playmaker quality. He is a forward playmaker who likes to play at the left side as well as the center.

He came in the second half easily standing above the others. He really played like a barca player. He is totally different from the other Russian players. Usually Russian players play more physically with good strength and speed while Arshavin plays full of skills. He gave so much pressure to Man Utd's defenders making them struggling. With his excellent dribbling skill, he ran simply with the ball in front of the Man Utd goalline.

I agree with Anonymous that he plays like Inesta but Arshavin is very much more skillful and plays more forward. I would like to say that he is just like the combination of Inesta and Messi.

Based on his playing style, he will definitely be more suitable to play in La Liga rather than in English premier league and even FC Zenit.

Anyway, he will star again in CL.

Imeg4fun17 said...

okk can anyone tell me WHY dish network is not showing GolTV anymore? I was checking to see when barca plays tomorrow and its NOT THERE!!!!!!! I about had a heartattack. Does anyone know where i can watch it?

Ramzi said...

combination of Inesta and Messi? Josep?
He is ok...or else lot of teams will be barking for him!Only barca fans -driven emotionaly by his desire to play for them- Barca board -in a period when they despiritly needed to satisfy their fans and get someone popular before the vote of confidence- and tottenham who have limmited options of quality players to get in the market because they dont play in CL! those are the only ones who felt its a good isea to get this guy.

I am not saying he is not usefull, he may be usefull - though i doubt he can handle the demanding pressure of barca - and some people may not even know what i am talking about, this is something totally defferent than the "Zenit"thing!

But for some to put him over iniesta, Silva and then he is a combination on iniesta-messi (even if only ment a combination of attributes... thats a way toooo far from even being a fantacy! u can find an arshavine every day, but iniesta come once...without mentioning messi.
Xavi has been always the most underrated player in barcelona...not anymore... Iniesta have everything a coach may dream of...but what fans c is "scoring" and nothing else, thats y players like Silva and iniesta are less attractive than some arshavine characters.

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