Saturday, 29 August 2009

Pique: "We hope to be the Barça of the Six Cups"

Speaking to journalists after the European Super Cup game against Shakhtar Donetsk yesterday, Barcelona players Gerard Piqué and Bojan Krkic commented on the game:

"The conditions weren't the best ones for our type of football, with the heat and the pitch that was very complicated. We were warned about it before though, so we expected a difficult game.

I'm happy for Pedro. I didn't yet talk with him a lot but I'm sure he's the happiest man alive right now. I think the home-grown players are becoming more and more important and that seems to be a good thing for Barça. Now we will have to fight for the World Cup for Clubs so we can hopefully be remembered as the 'Barça of the Six Cups'."

"We are all being very emotional. This is being a spectacular year. I think there's no doubt anymore that we are the best team in the world and I hope we will finish the year in even better conditions. I already told Pedro that he gave me my best birthday present."

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barca4life said...

No other team in history would have won 6 cups. If this team would win 6 cups they would be the greatest team of all time

Anurag said...

i doubt if any other team in history won 5 in a year also. that already makes this the greatest.

Moltisanti said...

There was already a team who won 5 cups. The Barca of Kubala László.

alexxx666 said...

Good history lesson there Moltisanti but it was 4 cups that Kubala won with Barca in 52 (League, Europe, del Rey and Eva Duarte). The Copa Eva Duarte was given to us by default so no compairason. Nice try though. lol.

alexxx666 said...

This is the BEST team EVER.

Moltisanti said...

@alexxx666 Let me help you:

1. La Liga
2. Copa del Generalísimo
3. Copa Latin
4. Copa Eva Duarte
5. Copa Martini Rossi

If you don't know something then open the history books, before you start writing bullshit.

trez said...

The Kubala team is known as the "Barça of the Five Cups". That's why Guardiola said he was proud to have done the same as that team.

And trophies are not the only thing to measure which teams is the greatest. And you cannot compare times anyway.

alexxx666 said...

I stand corrected so it is five. None the less I PERSONALLY think this Barca team is the better team and will have a bigger historical impact considering the competition now compared to then, the amount of games played and the fact that no title were given to us by default.

By the way Moltisanti if ur right let ur facts speak for themselves no need to stoop down to vulgarities. PEACE>bullshit

alexxx666 said...

Also some I did some research and the Copa Martini & Rossi was a friendly type game organized by Barca (ie Gamper) against other teams annually. Hardly a SuperCup. BEST TEAM EVER.

rahul said...

one thing is true you cannot compare times. i have watched videos of garrincha n he was around teh same time as kubala n there was this video in which he runs towards teh GK after beating 1 or 2 players n he was 1 on 1 with golie n teh golie doesnt come forward he doesnt do anything except standing straight with his hands in teh air as garrincha pointed a gun at him or something n he just scores. teh golie doesnt even dive down in attempt to save teh goal. so i think it was much easier to score goals then if goalie were that bad. bt so were teh forwards n only those stood out who were ahed of teh time.
plus its suprising players in thos time had such endurance. kubala played till teh age of 42 there was another english player what was his name? he was a winger and is an absolute legend for england n played till teh age of 55. now days u rarely see players playing at teh age of 34 or 35. there can be 2 reason teh emergence of talent is more now or teh reason teh modern life style is not very awarding to healthy plus teh party culture, drinking etc.

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