Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Henry: "Our work rate is extraordinary"

Barcelona forward Thierry Henry has unconfirmedly said in an interview with French sports paper L'Equipe that he has been playing with pain over the last couple of weeks:

"I'm still in pain. I have now been struggling for three weeks with my tendinitis and above all my knee. I had to rest when France played against the Faroe Islands match and in the Gamper game, because I just could not go on that way.

I wanted to restart too quickly to be back to my best for the first leg of the Spanish super cup. But I had a lot of pain. On Sunday, things were much better. My tendons left me in peace. It often happens to me at the start of the season but it should be gone now.

A new treble? I think we should go game by game, like we did last year. You have to be aware that Barcelona has been the first Spanish club to have won the treble. I guess that shows it's not an easy thing to do. People always say that Barcelona is playing well, but you shouldn't forget that the work done by the guys on the pitch is extraordinary. We defend all together. That is what allows us to recover the ball higher on the pitch. And that can change a game."

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tero said...

Henry's work rate was phenomenal last season.He's still my first choice for left wing

Ramzi said...

For me he comes on the same level with Iniesta when it comes to picking order. We will see rotation next season, which will prove for the best of the team.

BIGIniestaFAN said...

Hope He can do well with Andres and Xavi on the midfield and Ibra as a center forward while Leo is doing the same from the other flank

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