Wednesday 26 August 2009

[2008] What with the non-promoted guys?

this post was published one year ago:

With wing attacker Pedro (21) and polyvalent defender and midfielder Víctor Sánchez (20), two of the seven Barcelona Atlètic players who started the pre-season with the first team have been permanently promoted (read more here).

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that the other five players - right back defender David Córcoles (23), midfielders Abraham (22) and Sergi Busquets (20), attacker Víctor Vázquez (21) and left winger Jeffren (20) - will all start the new season with Barcelona Atlètic although they will be at the disposal of Guardiola if needed.

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Córcoles, Abraham and Busquets will certainly stay with Barcelona's second team. Víctor Vázquez will most probably also stay because Guardiola plans to use him during the season and wants to have him near.

The situation of Jeffren (picture) would be somewhat unclear. The Venezuelan player has received several offers from Spanish first and second division clubs, as well as from foreign teams, who want to sign the player on loan or permanently. Barcelona plans to let the player decide on his future and he seems close to leaving the club, although Barcelona Atlètic coach Luis Enrique hopes to be able to convince Jeffren to stay.

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one year ago, readers said...

Steven Tsui said...

I hope Barca loan Jeffren out to clubs like Sporting Gijon for one season. If this happens, then there's a high chance that Iago would stay with the club, he can then prove Luis Enrique wrong.

fc_barca said...

I would say loan out Jeffren and Busquets for one year to a primera division team(I think Getafe would be perfect for Jeffren) and let the rest stay with Atletic but introduce them slightly to the first team this year so they are ready for next year and for next years transfers i think we should go for Benzema and Ribery thats all we need.

Barca nerd-fan said...

Left back and goalkeeper?

Barca nerd-fan said...

I think Barca should loan out Jeffren and Promote Iago to Barca B so he won't go. What Barca need to do now is to replace Valdes with a better keeper.

Next season, promote Jeffren and Gai Assulin. Also go for Benzema with Henry in the deal.

I would also like to see Emanuelson in the squad!!!

groga said...

I would have liked Jeffren with the first team and pedro on loan. Jeffren has more pure class so he probabluy could have helped us at some point this season.

Barca nerd-fan said...


cojonudo said...

I wouldn't be against a loan deal on Jeffren but if Barcelona allow this lad to leave in any other fashion they will be making a catastrophic mistake in my opinion. If Barcelona sell Jeffren outright to another La Liga team he will haunt us the rest of his career I promise you.

I won't dismiss his faults, immaturity, and a bit of a selfish streak but if you've seen the lad play it doesn't take long to convince you that he is a special talent. Pedro may be more "ready" to play right now but he wishes he had Jeffren's God given talent. The comparison isn't even close between the two.

At the very least if Barcelona were going to "sell" Jeffren to another team they should have included him in a reduced price deal for Silva. At least we would come away with Silva out of it rather than nothing!

Call me crazy but I forsee Jeffren being one of the best wingers in the world in a few years time. All he needs is a chance and someone who will mentor him along the way. Selfishness and immaturity can be corrected, pure talent and skill can't!

Barca nerd-fan said...

Gai Assulin will be another Messi in a few years time. I recond he's better than Jeffren.

Barca nerd-fan said...

Come on Barca! Sell Iago to Manchester United if Luis Enrique is not giving him chance!

... But of course, we should just "sell" him for experience, we obviously need to include a buy back option. "Selling" him to Man U would be the best for him to gain experience.

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