Friday, 28 August 2009

European Super Cup: Barcelona-Shakhtar 1-0 (aet)



Touré (100 Busquets)

Ibrahimovic (81 Pedro)
Henry (95 Bojan)

115 Pedro 1-0


yellow cards


out of match squad




wake said...

that wasn't the most convincing game in attack for barca, pedro messi and bojan looked more threatening than henry ibra and messi at the beginning... keita played a solid game along with much of the barcelona D, but the attack didnt seem to be all there... hopefully barca will find those last balls through and finish them off because they absolutely dominated possession

Anonymous said...

I think this game shows 2 things. 1How important Iniesta is in the midfield 2 We still need another winger, even though Pedro did well I still think its better for him to be loaned out to another la liga club and come back next year

i_love_boobs_and_barca said...

This game proves that Messi is the best footballer in the world. If it wasn't for him, we would be so dead.

skanjos said...

sad to see that pep was too late to trust pedro and bojan,in other matches maybe it will be too late.we need 2 more players one for midfield and one for left wing,henry today wasnt on the field except one chance he had and ibra shows he will take alot of time to adapt.imagine this team without keita/yaya ....sure we need more players infront,we shouldnt have focused our last days in chritsisky we should had moved earlier for masherano/mata. now i bet no team wants to sell their players because they dont have time to replace them ,

iniesta where are thou ,the team needs you.....thats what i saw in todays game

lets hope txiki starts working from now till january and doesnt expect the transfer season to end in january to to a formal bid....

Knives Out said...

Awesome match. Ibra needs to gel better but he will be marvellous for the team.

Ibra haters watch out!

Messi was as usual the king. What a player!

rahul said...

agree @ boobs. n theres no way pedro is going on loan. he played 10 times better than ibra. 63m euro man is a waste of space had around 3 or 4 chances where he was two on two along wit messi against teh defenders but could do nothing another time he was against 2 defenders with henry on left n messi on teh right n still wasted it. pedro n bojan did really well n henry needs to sharpen up a bit. im not worried last year we lost 1st match drew teh 2nd so slow start is good as as it is steady.

umessi10 said...


U just spoke my mind.
Ibra was too selish or too lazy or both at times.
Worst player on pitch today.
I'm not telling he is a bad playyer but today he was pooor , very poor.

skanjos said...

poor ibra i bet he will be eaten if he doesnt score in 1-2 games,thats the pressure for the lead striker of barca.

remember anelka in madrid?damn i hope ibra scores quickly so the press and fans get off his back fast.

barca nike said...

wasent FONTAS on the bench??/

wake said...

i agree with skanjos, i think that pep should have turned to the bench a little sooner, it was obvious that something was lacking on the pitch early on.. he should have looked to pedro and bojan earlier on

Marc4barca said...

rahul and messi108 why dont you go and play for barca and play better than zlatan in 3 matches cause it seems to you guys that zlatan has been here for like 5 years.

anyways it's best to ignore your type. the game was tough today but i say puyol is the man of the match, his tackles and marking today was flawless and pique did well to... only had one mistake. henry had a bad game but we cant expect him to play on a high lvl all the time, it's a good thing messi was in 2nd gear. pedro seems to be the match winner so far this year hopes he keeps it up and we really miss iniesta in this match i think keita was solid but wasn't good enough going forward. we won the game so what's the to complain about anyways 2 out of 6 VISCA EL BARCA!!

Andréssibraviqué said...

Pep should have brought Busquets on for Keita at half-time, should have brought in Bojan for Henry & then should have brought in Pedro for Ibra.
Henry has been the worst player on the pitch today, not Ibra. That one shot went wrong way and you guys are on the back of Ibra; only one shot was good ting about Henry today and you guys think Henry just needs to sharpen up a bit!?!

Anonymous said...

Fucking Shaktar. These football destroyers. They never wanted to win or even participate in the game and therefore fully deserved it to loose!

Viva Barca!

rahul said...

thats teh problem ibra was playing wit pressure n u could look at him and tell that. but instead of thinking about scoring teh 1st goal or goals he should think more about being productive for teh team i bet even he doesnt score for like 5 matches but provides two or 3 assists n performs well not many wud be on his back. i dont have anything against him except he came in for etoo(1 of my fav. players) n barca paid so damn much money for him we r barca we dont do that thats what clubs like man city, chelsea and madrid do. it would be teh best if messi and ibra can kill of teams like chelsea and manu 4-0 or 3-0.

Anonymous said...

If you kick out the best striker (and one of the world's best) we've ever had in our club and replace him with someone who cost 65 million euros; besides being less prolific and clinical in front of goal; you'd sure as hell expect him to integrate quickly into the team.

Ibra was poor tonight and he knows it, the longer it takes him the more that will jump on the "Ibra was a failure" bandwagon.

Andréssibraviqué said...

@ Ibra-haters
Ibra has never been a failure wherever he's been to my friend... Ajax, Juventus, Inter... and now Barca. Just give him his time and you'll not know what to do with that filthy mouth of yours which uttered those words

Je me'appelle Samuel said...

WHy so Serioussssssss????


Exarch said...

Get off Ibra's back, the guy is not even 100% match fit. It is not his fault that he cost $65m. It is not his fault the board replaced Eto with him! Don't let ur Eto sack hugging make u hate Ibra!

Anonymous said...

it is not about eto'o comparison really, we struggled against shakhtar with eto'o in the team and Messi saved us just like yesterday. eto'o usually disappear in this physical tough games, that is why we bought ibra for a staggering 65m and that's why we are pissed he didn't play well yesterday. we could have kept eto'o and the 50m if Ibra is going to play like this. but I accept that he needs time. I hope for our sake he scores in the coming games or at least make a couple of assists.

Anonymous said...

Ibra played so bad. I mean it was like FC Barcelona, Shakhtar Donieck and some guy running and fucking up actions named Zlatan. He was like a random player form polish league. Ibra didnt pass the ball good even once..

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