Saturday, 29 August 2009

Green light for Financial Fair Play

The Professional Football Strategy Council (PFSC) has yesterday unanimously recommended that the Financial Fair Play concept be approved by the UEFA Executive Committee at its forthcoming meeting in Nyon on 14/15 September.

The main purpose of the Financial Fair Play concept is to improve the financial fairness in European competitions and the long-term stability of club football across Europe.

In order to achieve this purpose, a set of measures will be put in place including:

- the obligation for clubs whose turnover is over a certain threshold, over a period of time, to balance their books, or break even, (ie clubs cannot repeatedly spend more than the generated revenues);
- to provide guidance on salaries and transfer spending;
- to provide an indicator on the sustainability of the levels of debt; and
- the obligation for clubs to honour their commitments at all times.

"Financial Fair Play is crucial in order to promote the long-term sustainability of European football," said UEFA President Michel Platini. "I have been asked by many clubs right across Europe to take action in order to protect our game. The principle has now been established and this is a major breakthrough. Now we will all have to work hard together over the coming months in order to put in place the all-important detail."

The proposed measures on Financial Fair Play are to be introduced in UEFA competitions starting from season 2012/13 and will also include a proposal to limit the size of squads, which in turn will help clubs to limit their expenditure on salaries and transfers.

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FCBarca said...

Bravo, welcome news....In private quarters, this new act by UEFA is more discretely referred to as the 'Real Madrid Fair Play Act'

Anonymous said...

Spot on!!

RUMS said...

You mean its Real Madrid and Man City Fair Play Act?

Random Juve Fan said...

Im a big fan of Platini (French & Juve Legend. He really seems to be trying to make football fair again. It is unfair how clubs such as Madrid can spend money whilst being heavily indebt. Good luck in the CL Barca destroy Inter scum. FORZA JUVE

blaugrana1 said...

@ Rums...Madrid spend on credit i.e. debt

Man City are in no madrid and mancity r not the same!

Amar said...

12/13 season? id rather implement this next season. the quiker the better. la masia will become even more important then.

tero said...

Real is in BIG trouble...

Anonymous said...

hahahaha...Madrid is screwed, now we get to see their youth players and what they can do with the big boys. I think you can chalk up a couple of la liga titles and a CL titles for Barca just for these new rules.

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