Friday, 28 August 2009

Five friendlies in Asia postponed

Barcelona site Pelikano claims that Barcelona has agreements to play five more friendly games in Asia, but that those matched won't be played this season.

Because of Barcelona's busy match schedule, it won't be possible to play any friendly game during or after the season in the coming year, which could lead to the club having to pay penalty fees.

Barcelona had already agreed back in 2006 to play a friandly game against Saudi Arabia club Al-Ittihad, while a game against Uzbek club Bunyodkor should already have been played before 30 June of this year (read more
here). The club would also have an obligation to play a friendly match in Kuwait, and as a consequence of the agreement with Arab telecom company Etisalat (read more here), this company would have the right to organize two more games in the Middle East.

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Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Barça come to Hong Kong again?

chazan said...

Could Barca send the B team per say instead of the starter??

fcbee said...

Guess those contract have clauses on first team having to be there.

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