Friday 28 August 2009

Alves: "We should have a humble approach"

Speaking at a press conference, Barcelona player Dani Alves commented on tonight's European super cup game against Shakhtar Donetsk:

"I was happy to win the Super Cup with Sevilla in 2006 and now I'll try to win with another team.

With all respect for my team-mates, I think that people who have seen both sides of the coin learn their lessons. Our players are intelligent and know that in a final, if you are not in the right mind, you are bound to encounter surprises. They won't repeat the same mistakes as then, that would not be the mark of intelligent people.

Now we have to be very concentrated to avoid any surprises because it's very motivating for the opponent to be able to beat the European champion. We should have a humble approach, keep working hard and try to win. We can't have any excuses. We've come here to win the Super Cup. We have come here with one aim and we have to overcome all difficulties if we are to achieve that.

Ibrahimovic and Eto'o? You can never make comparisons, because every player does things his own way. Ibrahimovic is a great player who will contribute in his own style. He's different from what we had and we're all delighted to have him. We've welcomed him into the group and I'm sure he has a great contribution to make."

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Messiah said...

lol what happened to his ears?

tero said...

When does the live match chat for the game begin?

pep said...

Two hours before the game as usual... Game starts at 8:45pm.

tero said...


Anonymous said...

hey guys i'm from egypt. does anyone have any idea when is the match gonna be broadcasted, and on which network (a.r.t, aljazeera, etc.)??

that would really help.

Letho said...

Number of channels can be found here, you can also download FilmOn Player software and tune in to ITV 1. Filmon is excellent qual:)

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