Friday, 28 August 2009

Lucescu: "I think we will see a great game"

Speaking at a press conference, Shakhtar Donetsk manager Mircea Lucescu commented on tonight's European super cup game against Barcelona:

"I am happy to be in Monaco again. The first time I was here with Galatasaray. This time I am here with Shakhtar, a great team with a great future.

I think we will see a great game. Because two teams with more or less similar attacking style of play will meet. We know each other well. We played good Champions League games in Donetsk and in Barcelona last year.

We know that Barcelona is a great team, playing in the Spanish league which is stronger than the Ukrainian. But at the same time it should not be forgotten that in Shakhtar we also have brought together a group of solid football players who are technically well prepared.

Do I know Guardiola? That's a strange question... Of course I know him as he played in Bresсia, where I coached for five years. In addition, we lived in the same appartment block. I have very good memories about the co-operation with Guardiola. Moreover we have a mutual friend, the president of Bresсia.

I respect Guardiola a lot, as a player and as a coach. I think he feels the same towards me as I am a coach with a big and long career. Tomorrow we will talk on the field. I think Barcelona will be the favourite taking into account merits and titles of this club. Let's see who will win."

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Barca2009 said...

what would be Chyhrinskiy's Barca jersey number?

FCB_fR3aK said...

27 im guessing, its his preffered number.

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