Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Guardiola: "I want Chygrynskiy"

Asked about the possible transfer of Shakhtar Donetsk defender and Ukrainian international Dmytro Chygrynskiy (22), Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has explained in an interview with Catalan television channel TV3 why he wants to sign the centre-back:

"I want to sign Chygrynkiy. He has some things that you don't easily find in a centre-back but that we need because of the way we play. There are very good central defenders, like all those who came to Barça, but Chygrynskiy has something special. He knows what to do with the ball, and besides that we take into account that he's a very young player.

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Anonymous said...

Does he pick it up and put it in his mouth then?

Whats up with pep trying to make a team with 10 playmakers in the starting 11?

Anonymous said...

Pep is really putting his transfer reputation on the line here, with this transfer. It will be very expensive. Let us hope he turns out great for us. Is is good that he at least have good passing and is great in the air.

We should support Chigri now. Or "Dima" as the Shakhtar fan who popped in here called him.

Anonymous said...

i know you want me, you know i want cha ;d

Anonymous said...

It is like De Boer and Beckenbauer. You have to build attack from behind. It is the Barcelona-style.

Knives Out said...

We just want a team full of defenders with long hair.. CBs especially.. Puyi, Marquez, Gaby and now Chygry. Hah.

Anonymous said...

Chigri is the new Jesus. He is the Messiah, taking over from Messi!

brazo said...

i hopw shakhtar wont give him free... it would cost too much... we are not real madrid! dont forget this... zlatans transfer took 45 millions and thats enough...

Unknown said...

To anony1, it's call "total football".

"We are defenders who attack and forwards who defends" or something along those lines.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if Dima gets to play in central defence with Pique or what exactly happens. I know we need squad depth, but will Pique play DM, we can't put 25m Dima or Puyol on the bench...

Anonymous said...

Our squad depth looks much better now. We have good cover on all positions, and it is no disaster if any of the superplayers are out. Henry can cover for Ibra, Iniesta can cover for Messi, Iniesta can cover for Xavi, Yaya can cover for Iniesta, Iniesta can cover for Yaya, Dima can cover for Puyol or Pique, Puyol can cover for Dani Alves.

Anonymous said...

This should be our lineup:



Anonymous said...

I forgot Iniesta! He takes Henry's position.

Anonymous said...

Where's Iniesta ?

brazo said...

and whats about henry?... iniesta at henrys place? in this position? lol ^^


! no need for chigri

Anonymous said...

i agree with brazo

Anonymous said...

Yes, Iniesta at Henry's position. He is fantastic in that position, just look at last season. He gets the freedom to use his dribbling and passing and creativity in that position. Amazing player.

And we can also use Chygrynbauer and Piquenbauer together at the back, with Marquez or Busquets as DM when needed. And they can switch positions from DM to CB frequently, like we usually do with our attackers. Or Yaya as DM when needed, but he will probably play more CM this season. And we have two defensive minded fullbacks in Puyol and Abidal when that is needed. Lots of options now.

brazo said...

i know, that iniesta is very good at this position, but henry is a top goal scorer and barca is playing offensive system.. iniesta is for perfect assists... but with only ibra and messi @ offense we can get in trouble... you know what i mean? henry scores very important goals... VERY important goals ;)

Anonymous said...

I really hope he want disapoint us for that amount of money. My fear is his lack of speed thats a problem when he gets left alone with a fast attacker

BarcaFan4ever said...

ye agree but remember that yaya is goin to ACN so chigri wud b needed in CB an put pique in DM


thats my line up just until yaya is back from ACN

Anonymous said...

Dima is needed because he gives Pep so many more options now. Puyol can now more regularly play RB when needed because Dima is in the middle. Yaya can now play more offensive as central midfielder instead of defensive midfielder (just look at his dribble goals and shooting, it is amazing), because Marquez and Pique can cover the DM together with Busquets and this is possible because Dima is at the back. And we get a playmaker from the back, just like Pique. So it is good.

Shekhu said...

lol one of the Anony said Iniesta can covr for Yaya .. I know thats a typo.. but had a good laugh!:P

brazo said...

well... well see how pep will start @ first primera game... if chigri comes, iniesta will play at henrys role i think... thats the only solution to involve chigri in barcas game... otherwise one of the defenders have to leave (i dont think so, because maxwell did a very nice job and pique is pique)...

when chigri stays at shakhtar pique plays @ defense and toure behind xavi and iniesta...

albert said...

during africa cup--------------------

Anonymous said...

Shekhu: Iniesta can cover for Yaya in the CM position. Yaya is really a central midfielder, so Iniesta is there to cover when needed. When we play for example:


When Yaya is out, Iniesta can take his role and Henry comes in. Or we can use Busquets or Pique instead of Marquez. Or Yaya there. Iniesta can cover both Xavi and Yaya in that position. And Keita can cover Yaya.

And then there are Tiago and Dos Santos for those two CM positions. They can get more games during ACN, but we still have Pique-Marquez as DMs and Busquets-Iniesta-Xavi as CMs then. But Busquets can play the DM too, and Iniesta on the wing, so that leaves a space for Tiago for example.

Anonymous said...

i dont get it, seriously can some one explain to me please whether pep or anyone who watched this chygrnsky live is he a tough defender is he in the same mold of pique because pique is a solid all out defender and we been in the best always lacking that super defender who can out mark super attackers out of the game, puyol was in his prime but in the last 3 to 4 years he seems to have lost the ability to knock off technically gifted striker torreses, villas patos and so on...if he's a solid defender in the sense we can rely on in the back i'd be more than happy to hear him coming

Anonymous said...

Let's be realistic guys . Pique has no business playing in midfield . He can't dribble.His ball skills and passing ability are average at best . He should stay where he can play best; as a CB !!

Anonymous said...

who is this guy .. is he any good ?

Anonymous said...

Pique's passing is great. He is Piquenbauer. He played great at DM during his time with Zaragoza. Just as Marquez played well for us at DM. I am not worried about that. And we have Busquets too, who does things the simple way and makes it look easy.

Yaya is a better box-to-box midfielder than Lampard and Gerrard. He is amazing in the central midfield role. Just what we need to give the opposition something different to worry about.

Yaya can score alot of goals from his more offensive midfield position, and it is important that the midfield scores more goals, so we don't rely on our three forwards on all our goals and become predictable.

nacko said...

he will thats just an alternative if we have injuries problems...

Anonymous said...

Yes, perhaps we will see Piquenbauer together with Dima in central defence and then Marquez or Busquets as DM. Lots of options now. The DM can switch into CB and the CB can switch into DM and build up attacks from the back and create confusion for the opposition.

Andréssibraviqué said...

Well, did he some thing about signing a winger!? I think we need a winger/striker to provide back-up for our front 3, some one like Luis Suarez because imo Bojan or pedro aren't yet reliable for big matches if some one from front 3 is injured(God forbid) or picked up a card. Iniesta should be played only in mid-field and not sent up-front unless that's the last option. If Yaya is to be played CM then Xavi needs to be given rest & Iniesta has to fill Xavi's shoes :)

jordy said...

i'm afraid this transfer will lead to our captain moving for free next summer. Pep doesn't want tp pay 25m for a player who sits on the bench during cl final..I don't want puyol on the bench!neither pique. iniesta is so much better in the midfield and i really can't imagin an important game without yaya.
alves puyol pique abidal/maxwell
yaya xavi iniesta (keita if someone is injuried)
messi ibra henry/bojan or pedro

Anonymous said...

Tell me which game Iniesta played bad in the wing? He has played brilliant in all his games on the wing, so what is the problem here really? When him and Xavi plays together, they sometimes gets too far from the goal, as they have to do alot of defensive work, but when Iniesta and Xavi gets more offensive roles they can use their passing and brain even better, creating more chances.

Yaya gives us something different in midfield, and he can score alot of goals. With Xavi and Iniesta together in central midfield, we depend alot on the attackers to score all our goals. I don't see any problem here really.

Iniesta is amazing and always plays great, just watch Iniesta's best games, alot of them have been on the wings where he gets total freedom to cause trouble for the opposition defence.

Pep wants Yaya in a more offensive role, who can blame Pep for this, just look at his goals against Bilbao in the Copa del Rey final or his play against Tottenham. Amazing dribbling. He is a central midfielder with great shots, dribbling, passing, strength, technique, he has everything.

Andréssibraviqué said...

No body said Iniesta is bad at wing...
I believe Xavi-Iniesta combination is the greatest thing to have happened for Barca for the past decade, apart from Messi; it's like footballing-marriage ;) But I believe Xavi & Iniesta need to be rested a lot, because for one both Iniesta & Xavi(last season was the first time the magician played through out season without picking a knock, right!?) are a li'l injury-prone and Xavi's been playing a LOT of games lately... have you seen his Confed.cup performances? He looked a lot rusted & that definitely affected his game for worse. Now since marquez can play more as DM, I believe Yaya, Marquez & Busquee have to share their play-time at CDM position for Busquee to develop more at that position though I believe Busquets is destined to retire Xavi. Xavi & Iniesta at CM. Iniesta & Yaya Toure at CAM position. For very important matches we would revert to Yaya-CDM, Xavi-CM & Iniesta-CAM. That would provide a very good rest for all the 3 damn good players, there would be fewer chances of getting injured & very few chances of them getting rusted.
Front 3, if suppose we bought some one like Luis Suarez, he provide a very good back-up for Henry, Messi & Ibra(mind u there's no one there for us if God forbid Ibra gets injured, don't think Henry would be played much there because even in small matches & friendlies Henry has been playing at LW itself with Bojan shifted to CF) You might argue we have Bojan & Pedro to provide the back-up, but imo they are not yet ready to replace the main front 3 against strong oppositions :(

Humankind said...

This is a great signing for us. 25 million may sound a lot, but it is actually a very good deal. So for all the critics who slam our transfer policy regarding Chygrinskiy, here's some food for thought and the reasons why 25 million Euros is actually a very good deal:

a) Chygrynkiy will be 23 this year. He will be able to play top level football until 30 years of age, or 7 years. 25 million divided by 7 is ca. 3.5 million euros a season.
b) Dani Alves cost us 42 million euros including incentives. He is 26 and can deliver only 4 more years of top level football for a total of 5 years. That’s a little over 8 million euros per year.
c) Ibrahimovic will be 28 in September and will be able to play world class football only for 3 more years. At 40 million euros, that is a staggering 13 million euros per years.
d) Fontas and Muniesa are long term investments and despite anyone’s claims, they are not ready for the first team yet and won’t be for at least this season plus the next.
e) Marquez cannot perform constantly at a top class level. He is overrated because he does not have the right mentality for a world-class center back. He is a liability in my opinion, especially in big games and cannot stay away from the treatment table, that’s why Chygrynkiy’s signature is absolutely necessary. Injuries are also mainly due to a player’s mentality and Marquez does not have the mentality of a world-class professional. He can explode with fits of rage at any moment, especially when exposed to pressure thus making him a huge liability.
f) With over 60 games to play in the season, having only Puyol, Marquez, and Pique as CB is not enough. Now that we let go of Caceres, we are in desperate need of a CB and this will become painfully obvious during this campaign. I actually believe that we should have kept Caceres as extra depth. Playing Toure as CB is not a realistic option because then we lose the domination in midfield that he gives us. Yaya Toure as DM is a fundamental part of our success.

koko=barca said...

BarcaFan, bosna Are you kidding? Alves to play until 30, hahhaa what a joke. You really don't know Dani, he is a machine, he will probably play until 40; 35 on the highest level.

Kxevin said...

How many goals did Iniesta have last season? I'll help you out: 5 goals in 56 matches.

Now let's look at the incumbent left winger: 36 goals in 55 matches.

And yet, the illusion somehow persists that Iniesta would be better at left wing than Henry. Iniesta is best (right now) at the left of Xavi, as a dynamic attacker and passing outlet for the maestro.

Or should we figure that those 31 goals will come from somewhere else?

This doesn't mean that Iniesta isn't good at left wing, but if you sit Henry in favor of Iniesta, you'd be expecting some fairly aberrant goal totals from come from him. You also give up height on set pieces, and pace. I love Iniesta, but I wouldn't replace Henry with him.

And while we're musing about that, we should also consider what heppens on counters, when Alves and Maxwell are caught up the pitch, and Yaya is in midfield with Xavi. There isn't a defender who can run someone down with his pace (Abidal).

If you run Maxwell AND Alves, Keita is critical cover against such a situation, as he drifts over to fill the space vacated by the attacking Maxwell.

Long story short: Chygrynskyy isn't ready to start yet. Neither is Maxwell. Puyol and Abidal are integral to our defensive scheme. Next season, however, stand back.

Andréssibraviqué said...

I back Kxavin on that. That's the reason we went for Mata & not Silva. We always wanted a scoring winger or you can say Winger/Striker.

groga said...

Abiadal-Maxwell: it just depends on the game. I think Saying that Maxwell "isn't ready to start" is ridiculous. He's 27 and has enough experience. I think they'll just rotate. He'll sure be very useful in some games. He can do things in attack that Abidal cannot. And with Ibra up front we have now someone to take advantage of the centres he can give.

Henry-Iniesta. If you want to win 6-0, it's better to have Henry. But If you want to win some games 1-0, it might be better to play Iniesta.

Anonymous said...

Kxevin: We played Max and Alves together against Bilbao and it worked just fine. Against teams that attack us, we can use Abidal, no problem. Keita is critical? Keita doesn't play in your lineup of Iniesta-Xavi in central midfield.

Did we score less goals when Iniesta played on the wings? I don't think so. Other players scored more. With Iniesta on the wings and Yaya in a more offensive role with Xavi, we can score more goals from midfield, which is something Pep wants to see.

Do you think midfield 1 is better defensively than midfield 2:

Midfield 1:


Midfield 2:
w/Iniesta on the wing

In midfield 1, Xavi and Iniesta will have to do more defensive work, while in midfield 2 they are closer to the opposition goal. In midfield 2, Yaya gives the opposition a very difficult player to stop going forward and something different than Xavi (and also protection for Xavi).

Pep wants Yaya in a more offensive role, he feels that Yaya's great qualities is somewhat wasted at DM.

Tohar Investment Limited said...

i just hope this chiggy guy willl not fuck up pep if he finally buys him

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Chiggy could be a good singing for us. Remember Madrid paid over $30 million for Pepe and Chiggy is a much better player and he is a EURO Cup Champion. Let's not forget he played at the highest level last season and he is a winner.

How can people say they haven't seen him play? Are you football fans? What have you been watching?

He is a very good player. Positions very well. Tackles very well and reads the play.

As for the Iniesta / Henry debate, Iniesta should be in midfield along Xavi. That's where he plays his best football. Henry still has allot to offer. He might not have the same pace but he brings other people into the game and still cuts inside defenders really well.

messiiiiiiiiii said...

I like Chigy but I wish we'd gotten this transfer done before he played half a game in CL. Especially if he turns out to be a key player, it's going to hurt when he can't play for us in CL...

Unknown said...

its always so refreshing to log into this blog and read comments, although a lot of people make a lot of sense, few things do sound funny. like for instance, i dont think there could ever be a choice for iniesta if he is fit he would play on any day. Howevery coming back to the topic i think cryg only gives us an option to the CB position. by any means i dont c his incoming as a possibility of pique moving to DM position.
i think the pep's words say it all, there are a lot of centre defenders which do possess the quality but this guy seams to have something special as he knows wat to do with the ball, i think here this quality is reference to his long passing strength. Besides that he is physically strong and has a good positional sense, he can put some long passes as well.
adding such an option would mean quardiola would have more options to get some surprising tactics making the team more unpredictable and then he likes to give surprises afterall.

clive said...

Chygrynskiy is another Pique to me. He has the vision to pass long ball and short balls to the midfield or directly to the attackers. Pep understands how vulnerable our defenders are because of the way we play our football. keeping possession all the time will lead to aggressive tackles from the opponents. Marquez, Abidal were both suffered from injuries last season, and we can't afford to play Puyol on the left or right and Yaya to center back like last year anymore. that is just not the best solution.
Hopefully he will join us and then we can enjoy a good season with so many matches!!!!!!

clive said...


I (still) think this is the best starting line-up for our team. Marquez has been great, but take a look at how many 1 on 1 he gave away for Valdes to work on (one for Drenthe, one for Drogba last season) so I prefer Pique.

We will have Keita and Yaya missing for some time because of the African Cup, then we can go:




Considering how Puyol can dribble from the back to the front and try to score by himself, is a better or more versatile player than Pique or Marquez. I vote for him as a DM more than Pique or Marquez.

Anonymous said...


PD said...

can Chygrynskiy play for us in champions league??

Barca4life said...

Oh oh! Here comes Chygrynskiy, he will send Marquez to the bench. Well this sounds familiar ( Thuram,Milito,Zambrotta,Abidal,Davids) LOL
You know theres a reason that when fully healthy, Marquez is an undisputed starter in Barcelona

Anonymous said...

Yes, b4l: Because Marquez passes the ball from the back beautifully. And Pep are in love with players that does that. I never heard that Zambrotta or Abidal should send Marquez to the bench though. They were brought as full-backs.

25m euros for a cup-tied defender from the Ukrainian league. LOL, got to admit we have gone mad with this signing.

Guts said...

I see 50 comments already from people trying to figure out our match formation and tactics.I remember Pep saying that he wanted Barca to be unpredictable this year.So that our opposition has a lot to think about.But to achieve it from just a single signing ? Truly a masterstroke from Pep !

Kxevin said...

We played Maxwell and Alves against Bilbao, a club that gutted its lineup to be ready for its Europa League match. They had no real interest in attacking, so why not give it a go?

If you take that same lineup against an attack that is strong on the wings, say Sevilla, it isn't such an easy time.

My comment about Maxwell not being ready to start obviously includes the qualifier "full time." There will be clubs for whom Maxwell would be a good choice, and clubs for which Abidal would be a good choice.

Chygrynskyy can not play for us in Champions League this season. Had Shakhtar played Europa instead of Champions, he could have played in the knockout stages for us.

As far as best lineups, Clive has it spot on.

Anurag said...

if hes good enough for guardiola, he is good enough for me.

tero said...

Pep wants to sign him so that Chiggy can give Pep some tips how to get long,shiny hair too :D

Anonymous said...


I Think It's the regeneration time for Puyi to let the youngster have more time on the pitch.

So for me signing this 22 y.o defender is an advantage for the squad. Remember Puyi is getting old already. He's the legend tho :)

iwo said...

cheers @ Guts.

Dmitri would made an immediate impact for sure, we need a long bench this season cause as triple champs we would play few more matches this year and with Chigri unable to play CL he'll get more minutes @ PD and the FWC, remembering the defensive line at the CL final we should all give credits to Pep trying to buy another world class defender for now and long term because of the age of El Capitan and Rafa.

Unknown said...


looks like he has got some serious passing skills ...one video isn't enough though

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