Saturday, 29 August 2009

Free transfer of Gudjohnsen to Monaco close

French sports paper L'Equipe claims that a transfer of Barcelona attacker and Iceland international Eidur Gudjohnsen (30) to French first division club AS Monaco is close (read more here).

Officials of both clubs would have met on Friday when Barcelona was in Monaco for the European Super Cup and the negotiations would at this moment be well-advanced.

The transfer could be closed this weekend, with Barcelona reportedly willing to let Gudjohnsen, whose contract expires at the end of this season, leave for free.

Monaco would have offered Gudjohnsen, who would now be earning a year salary of 4 million euros gross, a two-year contract worth 3 million euros gross a year. The player is believed to be willing to move to the Monegasque club. Spanish news agency EFE confirms that talks between the clubs have started but that Barcelona has made clear not to be interested in a loan deal.

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Anonymous said...

now we give away our players for free??? WTF... i bet we goud get few millions from this one.

wanted47 said...

hey pep!
did you heard of the new live streaming channel that will view the complete spanish league this season for FREE!!!?
if u haven´t heard of it i would like you to introduce it to this bloq so that everyone here can watch every barca match in almost HD quality and perfekt connection!!

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Barca nerd-fan said...

WTF!!! For free?! Guddy is not that bad. Barca better sign a midfielder if he's gone. Arteta would be great, a reliable attacking option to our midfield. If we sell Guddy and don't sign anyone, we are dead, we won't have enough midfielders. Jonathan and Thiago are not ready.

jordy said...

maybe we should keep him instead of him leaving for free. he won't play much but he gives his best

Barca nerd-fan said...

Why are Barca making stupid transfers, Caceres and Keirrison deals were a joke, Hleb was a flop and Ibra deal wasn't great either. Barca so should have signed Hulk for 16-20mil instead of Keirrison.

LeónDragón said...

wanted, if u mean the same channel i mean, you should know, that it's only for germany and austria, otherwise give us the link

fcbee said...

You can't get anything for him with that kind of salary. Clubs will only invest if they don't have to pay also a transfer fee.

Basically we save the 4 million euros in salary we don't have to pay him.

wanted47 said...

yes they speak german on the channel...but are u saying that the channel only works on pc with german and ausrtia ip?

Barca nerd-fan said...

oh my days... Madrid is so stupid, they bought Ronaldo for 80mil and now lets Robben go for £22mil to Bayern. It seems like Barca is following Real in making bad transfers, only that barca's are not as worst.

rObReV7 said...

Wanted and Leondragon - I dont know about this channel, but if it works with an international ip, then could use an austrian proxy website?

P.s. Why Guddy free? Could get a few mill from west ham no?

wanted47 said...


Here is the channel:

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And give me feedbacks if it works on your pc!


LeónDragón said...

wanted, exactly the channel i meant.
works only for germany and austria because of the rights

LeónDragón said...

very good quality and luck for me who lives in germany (0711).
for the others, my advice, get sopcast, tvants, tvu and enjoy, as justin needs money to watch

LeónDragón said...

robrev, would like to help you out with informations, but don't know about proxys, etc
try, wish you luck, as the quality is superb for a stream, but think also (hopefully not!), that it's a question of time, til' you have to pay for it

wanted47 said...

woher aus deutschland kommst du den?

Aussie Barca Fan said...

A bit of common sense guys. He is turning 31, is a back up bench player at best. His salary is far too high for his squad standing you guys expect to get a transfer fee for him??

Come on be realistic. We are better off getting rid of him and saving the 4 million on wages.

As for Ibra we should lay off the guy and give him a chance. Stop being so critical when the season has barely started. I don't personally like him but I think we should give him a chance and so far he has worked hard and is trying to adapt to the team. I have been impressed with his work ethic.

LeónDragón said...

copied and pasted here from

Legal Information

On legal grounds we are only allowed to show this content for German and Austrian users

LeónDragón said...

STUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTGAAAAAAAART (0711)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tero said...

I think Guddy's time in Barca is over...he's already 30,and I bet he doesn't want to spend too many years in bench.

rahul said...

sending every player on free transfer or on loan is teh board crazy. txiki seriously 1 awful transfer after teh other selling players for any fee selling players for free. what is wrong? cant he do anything properly. we can easily get 6m euros for guddy just coz he doesnt do well in our system doesnt mean he wont do well in other clubs our system is on a different level most of teh top players from other top leagues wont do well here. eg:- hleb, henry for almost 2 yrs.

creus said...

WTF?! This is starting to get ridicuolus.. Hope it's not true.

Anonymous said...

If guddy leaves(which he should) we need another midfielder. The reason why we have to give guddy for free is no one wants to pay his salery and he wont take a pay cut either, so we have to loan him out and pay some of his salery.

barca4life said...

Yeah we are so terrible at selling I'm sure 3 or 4 clubs were lining up with 10 million euros for Guddy and Txiki turned them all away to let him go to Monaco for free. Hopefully this means thiago is getting promoted too.

Ba-Beka said...

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Ba-Beka said...

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Anonymous said...

okay I dont understand what the fuzz is about?
Most of us have the habit of complaint..why bought Ibra? Why Guddy? as if we had all the offers in the world for him.. Same went to Eto we did NOT have any offers for him and he would go for FREE next year.. I am sure some of you would have said then.. why Eto free?

Its good we dont have to pay his salary and we will keep the player we want to have in the team.. rest would be sold or loaned out.

Kxevin said...

We have been trying to sell Gudjohnsen for two seasons now. No takers. If people who assert that we could get X or Y million for him know that for certain, they should have those club presidents call Txiki B. :D

We save the salary and gain the roster spot, as Aussie Barca Fan said. Besides, when he plays, people say he's terrible. Seems that we'd be happy to see him gone.

A free transfer is the only way, at this point, to have him go. What's his value? Good question. To us, minimal. To a lesser side, significantly more, but they have to pay his salary, which negates a transfer fee of any significance.

Hence the free transfer, if it happens. Recall that talks with other clubs have been "advanced."

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