Saturday, 29 August 2009

Jeffren promoted to first team

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona Atlètic wing attacker Jeffren Suárez (21) has been promoted to the first team.

Sources close to the player reportedly told the paper that Jeffren would have talked with the coaching staff on Wednesday.

The player was reportedly told that he will stay with the first team this season. If he doesn't have enough playing minutes during the first half of the season or if the club signs a left winger in January.

Speaking at a press conference, Real Sociedad coach Martín Lasarte confirmed on Thursday that his club had received the official confirmation from Barcelona that Jeffren won't leave on loan this summer: "What we expected has now been confirmed by his club: Jeffren will stay there. I think that with this decision, we close are incoming transfers."

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Anonymous said...
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bosnian_likes_barca said...

And what abouth Thiago

tero said...

I also want Thiago and/or JDS to be promoted

Anonymous said...

its ok tero, thiago and JDS are still young..they still got a lot of time to develop and they can join 1st team whenever they are needed like busquets last season...jeffren is already 21, its a make or break season for him to prove his worth..
btw how do i post a comment without being anonymour? where can i sign up? do i need to have a google account or what?

pep said...


Below the box where you write your comment, you see four options:

- Google Account
- Open ID
- Name/URL
- Anonymous

If you don't do anything, you're marked as "Anonymous". If you want to take a nickname, just click the "Name/URL" option and fill in a nickname on the "Name" box.

barca96 said...

thanks pep
but will i forever be stuck with this nick or i can change whenever i want to comment?

Unknown said...

Barca96, create a google account and sign in once only for every session. That way your nick can't be hijacked by someone else.

barca96 said...

hey buj thanks
i understand from previous posts that u r from malaysia as well
im from msia too
and im realyly frustrated too that they dont show premira liga
instead hey show overhyped epl sigh

pep said...

You can change it, you can take a fixed one (through google account) and you can even return to being anonymous again, so all option stay open, barca96.

Unknown said...

Actually I'm from Brunei B96 but then again our countries have so much in common that we share alot. And that includes Astro service.

And yeah, let's hope La liga make a bigger break-thru this season with Barca winning the CL back-to-back

Anonymous said...

I hoped we would sign another winger this summer, but only if its someone good enough, otherwize I think its ok to give Jeffren a chance. I like the fact that Pep only wants top quality players or that he will use our youth instead

ElBananero said...

OK lets promote Gaj Assulin and Muniesa and were finished!!

Dvir said...

I hope that assulin will promote too this year. Every time thet he has entered the game he make change.
And we need playesr for the left side..

MiDO H. said...

gai has amazing technique that Jeffren lacks, but then again gai lacks that amazing pace of jeffren's
for now jeffren is better and gai needs more time IMO he's only 18 too so maybe in 2 years of time when henry leaves he'll be ready :D:D
Visca El Barca !!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Gai is not ready to take the jump to the first team yet(hes 18 for gods sake). I still think we should buy another winger but only someone really good and that seems unlikely, so giving Jeffren a chance is better than buying a 3-4 option player. I hope he will be succes and be given some minutes now and then.

wanted47 said...

hey pep!
did you heard of the new live streaming channel that will view the complete spanish league this season for FREE!!!?
if u haven´t heard of it i would like you to introduce it to this bloq so that everyone here can watch every barca match in almost HD quality and perfekt connection!!

Kxevin said...

Jeffren meets a need. It's a good call. Assulin, JDS and Thiago aren't ready for promotion yet, though they are ready for temporary fill-in duty, which is how we will see them this season.

Anonymous said...

Jeffren impressed during preseason, and its great news he'll be playing more often with first team. As for Assulin, I think he still needs time to enrich his game, he was one of the lads I expected a lot from but didnt deliver during preseason, but he's still young, so he could only improve. Jeffren, Thiago and Santos should play more games!

~ x ~ said...

congrats to jeffren. hope he does well.

Yaya said...

great news, it would be stupid to pay for Mata when we have a player like Jeffren on the bench

ThaTruth said...

Dos Santos takes a big $hit on Jeffren in terms of quality and everybody knows this.

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