Monday, 31 August 2009

Which B team player could be promoted?

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that four Barcelona Atlètic players could still be promoted to the first team this season.

They are central defenders Marc Muniesa (17) and Andreu Fontàs (19 -
picture) and attacking midfielders Jonathan dos Santos (19) and Thiago Alcántara (18).

Although it first was generally believed that one of the two centre-backs would move up, this could now change because of the transfer of Ukrainian central defender Dmytro Chygrynskiy and the good performances of Jonatan and Thiago over the past weeks.

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Gelson said...

Jonathan and thiago

Sachincule said...


Anonymous said...

with guddy leaving, i think JDS, thiago and fontas should all be promoted. muniesa can use another year with athletic.

clive said...

i vote for Fontas! Thiago is great too!

Don Luis said...

Jeffren already got promoted so there are room for 2 more i believe?

Dos Santos or Thiago and Fontas should get promoted.

Muniesa and gai are not ready.

tero said...

Thiago and/or JDS...they're great

hawk_barca_4_life said...

let them shift betn barca b and 1st team ... and these players shld strt for copa del rey...
but none to be promoted except jeffren ...

coz all the youth player are around the age of 19 they can stay with barca b for one more year and can be promoted after nxt season preseason tour .... coz limited minutes would affect their growth in first team

jeffren shld stay and a loan deal for him shld be decided in jan based upon his performance ,opportunity in first team and if we buy a player in jan... coz he is already 21 and it is no use for him to rtn to barca b!!!!!

Anonymous said...


csibi said...

What about Gai????

MAnolo said...

Both Muniesa and Fontas are good and so are Thiago and JDS.
Guddy has left so we need one more. And maybe another cuz Pepe said we needed a larger squad for the comming season,right?

So maybe both?

Now we got, Puyol,Marquez,Pique,Dima in two positions. Dima can't play in the CL and Puyol might have to move to the right flank a couple of times.
So if Alves is injured in a Cl match we need eighter Fontas or Muniesa on the bench. They can compete..

About Gai, I think he can play some CdR matches.. I think that Pep has more trust in both Pedro,Jeffren and Bojan at the moment..

barca96 said...

Muniesa and gai are still young
they still got time to improve whereas i think that fontas, dos santos and thiago should be given a chance to play in copa del ray matches..

Unknown said...

Thiago, Jonathan, Fontas and Muniesa

Klaustrus said...

Rather not Andreu Fontás. We have Puyol, Pique and Chygrynskiy for tonight's game. And then Marquez is back for next game.
JDS, yes. A great passing midfielder.
Rather JDS than Thiago. But if both can go up, it would be great.

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