Thursday 3 September 2009

Barcelona-Real Madrid sold out in a few hours

Barcelona's officially website has announced that the tickets for Barcelona-Real Madrid that were put for sale at 10 am yesterday morning are sold out.

Socios without a season ticket could start buying tickets for league games yesterday, and the tickets for Barcelona-Real Madrid on 28 or 29 November were sold out after a couple of hours. Non-socios will be able to buy tickets from 14 September on.

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KEENAN said...

not Socios.

come brah we're not a spanish club!

Anonymous said...

Keirrison just scored in a friendly. Great.

Boat Forever said...

Do you have any link to watch that video anony? I tried but no luck :(

vongolaX said...

why watch? we win 4 sure...i hope our youths would score

Txiki said...

I am one of those lucky enough to have a ticket for the game. Can't wait.

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