Thursday 3 September 2009

Big names prefer La Liga over Premier League

author: Mike Collett
source: Reuters

date: 1 September 2009

Premier League clubs spent 119 million pounds less on transfers this close season compared to last year, according to a report into their transfer dealings.

Geoff Mesher, head of the Forensic Sports Industry Team at accountants KPMG, told that Premier League clubs' net spending fell significantly from 210 million pounds in 2008 to 81 million pounds this year before the deadline closed on Tuesday.

"There are a number of reasons, but it is not just because of the world financial situation," he said. "Football clubs are very powerful, independent businesses but, apart from Manchester City in England and Real Madrid in Europe, most clubs have spent significantly less.

As far as English clubs are concerned there are a number of reasons, including the exchange rate between the pound and the euro and the tax situation in England. The lack of big name players arriving in the England might appear strange given the recent success of English clubs in Europe, but the reasons are purely financial."

Mesher said the struggle by Premier League clubs to attract or retain big name players reflected the attraction of Spain's La Liga to many players. "Our analysis of the recent transfer window has revealed a reduction in Premier League transfer funds paid to non-English clubs supporting the argument that teams have struggled to entice big names from overseas.

It is no coincidence that the majority of Manchester City's big summer signings were purchased from within the English top flight. For the time being in the international transfer market La Liga and, more specifically Real Madrid, appear to have the upper hand on the Premiership."

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Anonymous said...

Big names have always prefered la liga over epl, zidane, ronaldo(the real one) kaka,riquelme,ronaldinho,suker,maradona,roberto carlos,cafu, e.t.c LA liga's brand of football is what makes la liga so much more attractive.

equis said...

epl is boring. only arsenal is entertaining and some individual players in other teams. watching the rest is like watching paint dry. and before the rants start its a matter of preference people!

Anonymous said...

La Liga > EPL . Deal with it !!

TengkuAmir10 said...

EPL is better because of the media.I mean La Liga don't usually air on tv at such a great time.In Asia and the US,Barca's game airs in 3am.Who would watch?Also,English football are well known in the news stand.Like if they have 10 articles for football then 6-7 out of it is going to be about the EPL.

Eladir said...

"EPL is better because of the media" ?

What kind of opinion is that. Maybe you mean EPL is better KNOWN because of the media.

Compraing 2 leagues is all about comparing the quality of football and exciting it is. I believe La Liga is great though the last years it's a two-horse run. EPL is more fun when watching smaller teams.

Last year though, Bundesliga was the most exciting league.

tero said...

I have to agree with Eladir here,Bundesliga was very exciting last season and many teams fought for the championship till the bitter EPL there's always "the big 4" but now ManC is trying to buy their way in CL...

BTW,Tevez looks like a hobo

SJP said...

you can't really compare two leagues, in terms of sucess the EPL is stronger, in terms of football, or the type of football played, La Liga is stronger. barca are head and shoulders above any other team when talking about football played, we are very lucky!
agree with eladir the EPL relegation battle is always good viewing, if more for the drama than the quality of football, at the top both leagues are fairly repetitive, us or madrid, chelsea or united. CL best highlights the different philiosophy's in the football styles of the leagues.

barca96 said...

tengku amir, i wake up every morning at 3 to watch barca for the past 4years( that is if the cable network shows it over rm)..
but yeah i get your point, EPL markets its league better..
they know their target they play at asia friendly times..
im so sick of th newspapers here, they write 7-8 pages for epl and a quarter page for la liga

rahul said...

keeping aside real n this summer barca la liga teams didnt spend at all. teh 2nd best spender was sevilla with 9m euros then valencia n atleti. whereas in epl newly promoted teams like watford have spent around 28m euros. bt in contrast teh big teams in eng havent spent much next yr it wud be diff as financial situation wu be way better by then.

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