Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The new shirt numbers

Barcelona has earlier today officially announced the shirt numbers for the 2009-2010 season. This is the list:

1 Valdés
2 Alves
3 Piqué
4 Márquez
5 Puyol
6 Xavi
8 Iniesta
9 Ibrahimovic
10 Messi
11 Bojan
13 Pinto
14 Henry
15 Keita
16 Busquets (28)
17 Pedro (27)
18 Milito
19 Maxwell
21 Chygrynskiy
22 Abidal
24 Touré
28 Jonathan
32 Fontàs
33 Muniesa
35 Jeffren

Alves changes 20 for 2 (last season Cáceres), Busquets 28 for 16 (Sylvinho) and Pedro 27 for 17 (free). Ibrahimovic gets 9 (Eto'o), Maxwell 19 (free) and Chygrynskiy 21 (Hleb). Numbers 7 (Gudjohnsen), 20 (Alves) and 25 (Jorquera) are not used this season.

check last season's shirt numbers here


E said...

Why not give Pedro the no.7 (Winger number), or Bojan, and give Pedro the '11

Anonymous said...

I think Iniesta should get number 7,Xavi number 8 and Toure number 6.

Mihawk said...

Number 7 is reserved for Thiago.

skanjos said...

nope n7 is reserved for a transfer in january

insider said...

Number 7 was reserved for Robinho... But it didn't work out.

hawk_barca_4_life said...

thiago and gai first have to prove them self for no7 ...like messi did for 10 or bojan, pedro or busquet r doing !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

did any one notice that 12 players out of 24 are from la masia. this is impressive

labinot said...

Toure should get number 7.

smoothswift said...

I think Iniesta should get the #4 shirt. The no. Pep use to wear. May be when Rafa says goodbye

Anonymous said...

Fabregas will get 4 when Marquez retires/leaves.

Anonymous said...

Chygrynskiyzwusdfhwealskd for 210 or anything with triple digits!

jordy said...

yeah toure should get seven. marvellous player

titi14 said...

no7 is waiting for fab ;)

BilalBarcaBelgium said...

Hey anon, there aren't 12 canteranos from la masia but 13... I think you missed someone (maybe piqué)

Unknown said...

I have the feelings thst our no.7 shirt is reserved for cesc for next summer.

Anonymous said...

I think 4 is more fitting for Cesc...that is the number Pep told him he would wear years and years ago. Maybe if Marquez is still here, Cesc will take something else and wait for 4.

For the first Anony...what are you on? 6 and 8 are Xavi and Iniesta's numbers, why would they change them? Toure deserves a higher number, but I was thinking 12. I think that Pedro could eventually take 7, but not right now. It would be very interesting to see him progress from 27-17-7.

creus said...

So Muniesa, Jeffren, Fontás and Jonathan are officially part of the squad now?

BARCA>madrid said...

i think Muniesa, Fontas, and JDS are gona play in Athletic and play in the fist team when needed

Anonymous said...

once they play 5 games its over rover.

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