Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Chygrynskiy: "This transfer was destiny"

New Barcelona player Dmytro Chygrynskiy gave an interview to the club's official media.

Welcome. I suppose your first few days with Barça have been long ones.
They have been very emotional days, since I landed in Barcelona I have been astounded by the way Barça and the fans have treated me. It has all been very nice.

How did the negotiations go?
I had to be a realist, ever since I learned of Barça's interest I remained prudent. In fact I only started believing it once it was official, before that it was all just rumours.

Is there any past or present Barcelona player that you have admired?
A player I'd single out, from about 7 or 8 years ago, was Luis Enrique. As for the current players, they're my colleagues so I don't want to say I like one player better than another. But the first time I played against Barça, a year ago, I was impressed by the way Iniesta played.

Do you know Luis Enrique also wore 21?
No, I didn't know Luis Enrique had the same shirt number as I have now. It's nice to know, I like that.

Do you think the way Barça play will suit you?
Barça play the best football in the world right now. And I am sure players' careers progress much faster when they play for a club like Barça.

Tell us briefly about how you started in football.
I've always played football. It's as if I was born with the ball in my hands, if I can put it like that. There was a school in my town, but it was small. When I was thirteen I went to study in a more professional school, I made a lot of progress there and when I was 14 I joined the Shakhtar youth set-up.

Curiously, your first European game was against Barça.
Life brings these odd coincidences. It must be symbolic that when I was 17 or 18 my first five minutes were against Barça. I like to think that in a certain way it was destiny and that's why I am where I am now.

What kind of person is Dmytro Chygrynskiy?
I can't describe myself objectively. Only others can do that. But I have always tried to keep a cool head and be relaxed in any situation, without going to extremes.

What are your hobbies?
I like to read, but it depends on my mood. I have a university education, a finished Company Management degree, specialising in finance, and I'd like to carry on studying all my life, just getting better every day.

read the full interview here

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Boat Forever said...

I like the fact that he was bowled by Iniesta's performance first time itself. Ask the same question to some others and they would say Messi. Not that Messi is inferior to Iniesta or vice versa, but not many would highlight Iniesta's performance right away since Messi is kinda flashy player, he just can't avoid it though he prefers to keep it simple.
To me, Xavi is the best. Though I knew Barca through Ronnie & then started following because of Messi, I've become a fan of Xavi and I feel like he is the heart of Barca. He's a fucking fox when he has the ball. I bet even the best of the best defenders out there wouldn't know which way Xavi would put a pass when he has the ball, the most clever & cunning player I know and have seen play :)

Engineer said...

Sorry to drift off-topic, but some of you might be interested.


"Is there an agreement between Bayern and Real for a transfer next summer? Never, I deny it. That is fake. Absolutely nothing has been sorted out so far," he told France Football.

"Bayern officials didn't propose to me any extension. Maybe we will talk. I have never closed any door.

"My preference is to move to Spain. One day I will play in La Liga."

Boat Forever said...

To hell with Ribery... Don't want that cunt any where near our dressing room. It's been the same with him whichever club he has been at in his life. Don't want the dressing room atmosphere to be spoiled because of one over-rated non-scoring winger. Bojan scores as many goals as he scores for his club if not more & I'm pretty sure our li'l Bojan would score more than him this time around in a more competitive league.
We'd be better off with Bojan & Pedro to provide cover for Henry eventually retiring him than having that Mafia Madrid-My-Dream-Club mother fucker.

I hope we just sign Gojko Kačar & get back Marc Crosas, Keirrison & Henrique; and be away from Fabregas as well. We'd be good without ant more signings for 2-3 more years :)

Unknown said...

Can you post the link when you quote articles? This goes to all.

ZenI said...

@ Boat Forever

Wow dude, we don't actually know if any of the Ribery rumours and statements are true. He has denied everything, remember?
And you really want Gojko Kačar, Marc Crosas, Keirrison and Henrique back? They are not Barca materiall and never will be. For next year we only need 2 players - a new left winger and a CM or DM (and if Keirrson will not return, a backup CF). It looks like we're gonna' get Fabregas - like it or not, but he's a superb player. If Bojan continues like he did yesterday on the left wing, maybe we just need a backup player for that postion. Time will tell...

Anonymous said...

Why do we need a CM with Iniesta, Yaya, Keita, Xavi and our youth in Thiago and JDS?

tero said...

exactly,don't forget busquets who also can play either CDM or CM...

Etsp said...

"It's as if I was born with the ball in my hands, if I can put it like that."

You're doing it wrong.

Anonymous said...

Cmon Ribery at Barca would be fantastic, picture this :Messi-Ibra-Ribery they would show us som e of the best football the world has ever seen

smoothswift said...

Wao. Barca always gets the best.A university graduate. Very strong, agile, composed and astute defender.
I am totally convinced with this signing.

TengkuAmir10 said...

I hope Chygrinskiy is better than the great Caceres.....ooops i mean the great Puyol.....If he is then 25 million Cents will be worth it.

kalaq said...

Is really rare this day to see profesional football player have degree..Its good to know one of them is in Barca right now..
All the best Chygrinskiy

mario ch said...

looks like hes a smart guy. this will sure help him to integrate. i wish him all the best luck to shine in barca

~x for xavi~ said...

a reader omigosh! bet he can talk eastern philosophy whatever thingmagigs too. he'll be pals with el capi before we know it!

@boat forever: gojko kačar when he develops more and gets more high level experience would be very much welcome. i like him.

Jason said...

I would like to ask chygry,who inspired ur hairdo?

*i expect Jesus is the answer

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