Thursday, 3 September 2009

Guardiola decides on timing contract talks

Asked about the renewal of the contract of Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola (38) (read more here), Barcelona president Joan Laporta has said in an interview with Spanish radio station RNE that the talks will start if the coach is ready for that:

"Guardiola is comfortable with his current contract situation and we respect that. When it's time to talk about his renewal, talks will start in a natural way and without any problems because the relationships both at a personal and at a sporting level cannot be better."

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fcbee said...

This should be arranged in the coming months, even when you're Guardiola, you cannot take the whole club hostage like this.

The planning of 2010-2011 starts NOW so it's kind of important to know who will be in charge and which players that guy wants.

HeyRube said...

I think he's going to hold off and wait for the election to occur next summer.

fcbee said...

So we are gonna start transfering in July? Or we will start buying players without knowing who will be the coach and the way of playing the next season? Cunning play...

fcbee said...


SJP said...

i think he just wants whats best for the club, if he agrees a long-term deal and the next president doesn't want him then we are in a horrible situation. and its most likely that our main transfer dealings will start after the election as the new president try to fufill his promises.

fcbee said...

Then he can put a clause in the contract saying: "If the next president doesn't want me, then I'm off no problem".

But it's anyway a fake debate because the next president will want him anyhow.

The dealing will start after the elections but the negotiations with the players start long before. With this uncertainty you can't make players wait. So I do'nt think the way he's acting is the best for the club, rather the best for him.

SJP said...

true the next president is bound to want him, but surely what goes for the players goes for the manager as well? rossell or a member of this board could start negotiating now, "i'm gonna do this or that etc" then he signs extension after election. i agree it would be best for the club if he signed sooner rather than later but cant see him only looking out for his own needs, that just doesn't seem to fit the profile.

insideknowledge said...

i believe the nexy president will be sandruscu who already has declared his intent to try to make pep barcas sir alex ferguson!! he knows pep well an they have a great relationship, he has spoken to pep an they have exchanged ideas sandrusco is keen to bring aguero and cesc to barca for the next season, pep and sandrusco have talked alot and discussed ideas pep really likes this idea, sandrusco agrees a new left wing attacker is needed an kun fits the profile, VISCA EL BARCA I VISCA CATALUNYA!!

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