Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Poll result - Man of the match: Sporting

This is the final result of this blog's Barcelona-Sporting: who was our man of the match? poll

47% Keita
20% Bojan
9% Ibrahimovic

check the full results here


creus said...

Honestly, who voted for Ibra? Xavi should've been third.

tero said...

Seriously,Ibra was not that good in that goal and a clever pass to Pedro.I think either Xavi or Puyol should be third

Anonymous said...

is any swedeish fans here?
please translate this
zlatan got injury monday night?
i hope not...

Anonymous said...

Just says he has been training on his own.

TrueCulé said...

"Zlatan Ibrahimović injured his knee against Sporting Gijon and Barcelona would prefer that he may rest in Hungary - but the team management tones down the problem.
According to Expressen, Zlatan Ibrahimovic pulled on a lighter knee injury in his debut for Barcelona line and now wants the club's medical team to thoroughly test the enemy's knees before taking him out to play.

The management team recognizes that Zlatan is not smooth but tones down the appeal.
- It is envisaged that he will run the rehab tomorrow, and then they have to sit down and discuss how they should do. But it is said that he will be with the other exercise, "said team press officer Thomas Saleteg to Expressen on Tuesday.

Expressen writes that it is a ligament injury that bothers Zlatan but the injury is not serious.

Zlatan Ibrahimović has had a tough season which also disturbed by the fact that he had not had as much time to get in shape as his team mates. Due to the hand injury he pulled on in his last match for Inter, he was forced into surgery and had to wait before he could start training in full swing."

westinho said...

@ Anonymous

It says that Ibra has problems with his knee after the Sporting game, and that he wont train normally with the swedish national team. Instead he will be doing recovering exercises. It may not be that serious though, we will find out more about it later.

txikidracula said...

keita's fucking boss yo.

sounds like ibra's calling in sick for work w/his national team
*cough cough

mario ch said...

ibra third is a bit to ambitious

frett said...

The Zlatan lovers strike again... lol I guess he'll be every game man of the match if he finally starts playing well.

1st annoy said...

annoy,El_Capitano,westinho you guys thanks!
i hope its not serious.

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