Tuesday, 1 September 2009

[2008] Eto'o rejected offers from Lyon and Kuruvchi

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Asked about the rumours having linked him with a summer move to Olympique Lyon (read more here), Barcelona forward and Cameroonian international Samuel Eto'o (27) admitted in an interview with French television station TF1 that he had received an offer from the French champions:

"Lyon made a serious effort to sign me. I talked with officials of the club and was tempted. At that time it wasn't possible but you cannot exclude anything for the future."

Regarding the rumpours linking him with Uzbek club Kuruvchi (read more here), Eto'o said they made him an offer that blew him away: "They offered me 25 million dollar to stay there for two or three months. I hallucinated with the proposal but as a player of the Cameroonian national team I have to be at the highest possible level and therefore I have to play with a big club. I couldn't accept that offer."

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Khaled said...

I am really glad that he left. He had a negative influence in the dressing room. A really selfish selfish and over proud player, and ask Ronaldinho.

We will not miss him in the presence of Ibra, Bojan, and Pedro.

groga said...

All the players loved him, but of course you know better, Khaled...

one year ago, readers said...

Anonymous said...

Eto'o will be included in the Benzema-deal next year, mark my words... He won't be that much of a bargain-tool, but maybe we will get him if we offer Eto'o as Benzema's replacement.

Anonymous said...

25 million for two months.. That's just sick.

cojonudo said...

I wouldn't jump to conclusions about an Eto'o - Benzema swap next summer. Even if Lyon is able to get him on a reduced transfer, they still have to satisfy his wage demands which was pretty much the major stumbling block in offloading Eto'o this summer. And I don't see Eto'o having a change of heart next year either.

Clearly the man feels himself to be one of the elite strikers in the world and wants to be compensated accordingly. Unless he was willing to voluntarily lower his wage demands I just don't see this move taking place.

That's not to say that Barcelona won't make a run at Benzema next summer, but I think it's been made abudantly clear by now that Eto'o's only going to leave Barcelona under his own terms.

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