Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A record budget expected for 2009-2010

Barcelona gave last month an overview of the club's financial situation.

FC Barcelona ended the year 08/09 with a net profit of 8,8 million euros. The net result is obtained from the subtraction between operating revenue (384.8 million) and operating expenses (362.4 million) and financial expenses (13.6 million).

In one year, revenue is up 51 million (from 333.8 to 384.8), resulting mainly from the increase in box office and new marketing and media contracts. The costs also have increased, especially in terms of sports salaries, which have risen from 162.6 million to 198.6.

The debt situation is positive (35.2 million), for the first time since 2003. Net debt remained stable despite increased activity by 15%. In this sense, Barcelona chief executive Joan Oliver has noted: "We have not even made one euro debt to buy a player."

The budget that is expected for this season is a record budget of 405 million euros and operating expenditure of 375 million, so an operating profit of 30 million. With these projections, operating profits have increased 144 million in the last seven years. This budget would make FC Barcelona the richest club in the world.

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FCBarca said...

Mes...Mes que en club, folks...Gotta love it

Hristo said...

so they should just pay the debt instead of buying new players.

Carrer de Corsega said...

Holy shit...where did the 22% increase in the wage expenditure come from? Regardless, this is unbelievable in the age of deficit spending.

Unknown said...

LOL hristo, we are a football club after all. Our main asset is our players to generate revenue. No new players to generate new revenues is like BMW saying they don't need to invest in new models cause current models is selling well enough.

Romyan said...

if barcelona did not win any trophy , the wages won't increase ..
but barcelona won all titles, & they had to pay the incentives to the players, which was 38 million euros as some directors said previously

some people don't like that, but let me ask u .. would u like to win all titles & pay millions or keep ur money with u & win nothing?

plus .. if u won all titles u will earn over 100 millions , & if u didn't win anything maybe u won't earn more than half that value ..
so even after paying the incentives still we are earning more than if we didn't win anything ..


Feech said...

So what about our debt? (not the bank loan from 2003, I know that's cleared)
I read somewhere it's 200m euros. Is it the real number?

Yaya said...

For those interested in World Club Cup tickets, they are on sale now:

Barca plays on December 16 and if they get to the finals, on December 19, which they should! cheers.

tero said...

Even if we have the money,we don't have to spend it like RM...that's what I like about Barca

Anonymous said...

I could really weep and cry if i read those news. The board does such wonderful work and makes us really happy. And what does Txiki in accordance with pep? They buy Zlatan and Chiggy for this hard worked money for 75 mio. €. This is really criminal guys. And you know what? Zlatan will end up as one of the most expensive flops like shevchenko at chelsea. horrible.

Unknown said...

Yaya... God forbid if Barca did not reach the final, they can still be watched playing for 3rd or 4th place so our fans in the middle east are going to watch two games for barca guaranteed!

I'm so excited I got my tickets for both games already!!!!

As for our financial situation, it sounds promising. I hope we end up with a treble this year too to become the richest in the world!!

Visca El barca!

barca96 said...

the salaries is going to increase again because of ibra!
we couldve bought villa or torres and still have the same structure and stil the same fluidity in the game..

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