Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Laporta defends Henrique and Keirrison transfers

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has defended in an interview with Catalan television channel TV3 the transfers of Brazilian players Henrique and Keirrison:

"We're a global club and I don't think anyone can say that we are neglecting the youth academy just because we have signed players like Henrique or Keirrison. Our scouts are looking everywhere for players who could be useful for us in the future.

Henrique was signed after hard work by the technical department. He was last season one of the best defender in the German league and a lot of clubs have asked us to sign him on loan, while half of Europe wanted Keirrison. We sent him out on loan because we think that's the best for him now."

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fcbee said...

He knows the relationship with Traffic could become a tricky subject with the elections next year...

FCBarcaaa said...

So what if half of Europe wanted Keirrison. Benfica's coach obviously don't rate him, so why the hell do we send him there, when "half of Europe wanted Keirrison"? Ridiculous

FCBarcaaa said...

And why did Pep ask to get more of a say regarding transfers if not for the fact that our board signs players from Traffic/Palmeiras that the coach doesn't want.

Unknown said...

FCBarcaa, hence why Pep is asking for more control with future transfers and Youth academy trainings in his new contract.

I do sense Pep is frustrated with some parts of the Barca decision-making.

Andréssibraviqué said...

Guys Keirrison is not a bad signing. Just show some patience and he will earn his respect in Benfica. And if not that 15m of us is not gone waste. Many would be ready to grab him with both their hands. Rafa Benitez from Liverpool & Juventus have tried their level best to snatch him, and I feel we are lucky to have got him for us. I have some faith in Benitez's taste for offensive players as well if not that of our board. Keirrison is an old poacher kind of a striker and would definitely shine wherever he is :)

barca4life said...

Relax just because keirrison doesnt start immediately for Benfica doesnt mean the coach doesnt want him. It could just be he has to earn his spot in training. Did pique start immediately for us? As for Henrique well i hope he can adapt some more this year I think he can be a long term solution if his game continues to grow

Eventually Puyol Marque Milito are gone

Pique Chygrynskiy Muniesa and there is room for 1 more there. Perhaps Henrique will be the 4th.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Traffic-Barcelona-Txiki relationship gets scrutinzed in the election campaign. It is very dodgy and hurt us.

barca4life said...

Plus Henrique can cover the RB position so he can be useful in a few years when puyol eventually does go.

Anonymous said...

barca4life: We already have Chygrynbauer and Piquenbauer, it will be almost impossible for Henrique to return to us.

Regarding Keirrison: The guy is not even on the bench! There are two strikers on the bench and two who plays. He is waaaay down the pecking order. Then there are Di Maria and Aimar who are very offensive-minded which could force the coach to play only one striker sometimes. You have to admit that it was a bad deal to send him to Benfica if "half of Europe were interested in him"?

barca4life said...

It is true though that several big clubs including liverpool were heavily after Keirrison. But as usual everything that is done ends in a complain and a very irritating whining.

We dont get enough when we sell our players

The board signs too many old players

The board doesnt sign enough players from small leagues who are unknown like higuain

The board only wants to sign expensive players like cesc

The board only wants to bring crap players like poulsen

To tell you the truth its all a little bit ridiculous that there is so much criticism.

barca4life said...

Anony so what are you saying? That barca will only have 2 CB's? We need at least 4. Puyol and Marquez will not be here forever. When they are gone Muniesa and maybe Henrique will be the 3rd and 4th.

FCBarcaaa said...

You have to admit barca4life that our transfer policy has been far from the quality of our youth policy or Pep's coaching? 2 of our 6 players we bought last summer were La Liga's "Flops of the year", and these Traffic deals are more than strange.

hawk_barca_4_life said...

ppl were critsizing the board for not finding talents when madrid got higyain ... and abt keirrison he is good and u cant expect a player to start immediately for a team .... henrique needs liga experience ...
if u know guys pique played for us , zaragoza and man u after that only he was able to get his first team chances ..!!!!

Anonymous said...

Both Marquez and Puyol are getting new contracts, so they will stay longer than this season. Are you suggesting loaning Henrique out for 3 seasons? Paying 8+2m euros for a player and loaning him out for 3 seasons? Pep obviously hates his guts, I think Pep wants to make a statement that he doesn't want these Traffic-players that our board/Txiki forces upon him.

FCBarcaaa said...

At least Pep gets it the way he wants with this Chygrynbauer. But if the board member who said that Pep insisted on Hleb is right, then I don't know if we can be sure that Pep's obsession with Chygrynbauer is a good thing.

Andréssibraviqué said...

If he just ignores the players bought from traffic without having a look at their talent & performances then that would reflect as his arrogance. But I'm not going to back you up anony, he's not here to make some statement. He did indeed wanted to include Henrique in our plans. The guy just couldn't cope up with the pressure, so he's got to get away on loan to gain some experience. Though I'd add that Pep should have waited a bit longer and gave some more chances for the player.

barca4life said...

We dont need to loan him out for 3 seasons. He can cover RB and CB. If he shows improvement he can come in either as a backup for Dani or the CB's until Marquez and Puyol are gone.

Unknown said...

I don't think it's just the fans here querying our transfer policies. Fans of every club (L'pool, MU, RM etc.)will voice their opinions when they see something's not quite right.

In fact if Pep's reported contract negotiation is to be believed, I think he too see some things needs to be changed with Barca selection of 1st team players, be it transfers or cantera.

FCBarcaaa said...

But with Chygrynbauer and Piquenbauer, our central defence should be set for the next 10 years, and Marquez and Puyol will still be around for backup next season. And then there are Muniesa. Hell, maybe Milito can walk again by this time next year and could fill in. It will basically be impossible for Henrique after being dismissed by Pep after 90 minutes of friendly football.

barca4life said...

And we signed

Dani Pique Keita Caceres Henrique and Hleb last season. Caceres and Hleb flopped but Dani Pique and Keita were good signings. The jury is still out on Henrique because he hasnt played in La Liga yet.

Look all clubs have signings that dont do well. Pep himself said it recently, yes Hleb and Caceres didnt work out but txiki also got us Dani Pique and Keita who were vital to us winning the treble. Man U bought Veron, Real Madrid bought Huntelaar, Chelsea bought Shevchenko, Liverpool bought robbie keane none of whom worked out as expected.

Every signing wont be a great one. Maybe we should focus on some of the good that txiki and laporta have done rather than only concentrating on the negative. There was a time when we spent huge sums on Petit and Overmars and won nothing for 4 years. Under Laporta we have seen things we could never have dreamed of. the treble 2 CL titles in 4 years after barca had never won more than 1 in over 50. Ronaldinho, Etoo, Deco, Messi, Ibra, Dani Alves, Xavi, Iniesta and so many more great players. Think back to before Laporta came into power and then start to criticize again.

mike in africa said...

i'd like to know more about the love triangle between txiki-laporta-traffic, everyone here seems to know a lot about it, maybe some1 can write a more detailed analaysis, and point out the 'dodgy' aspects, and how txiki/laporta personally benefit from it... etc, i think for the fans that dunno much abt it, wud really b helpful!! thx!

barca4life said...

RB - Dani
CB - Pique Chygrynskiy Puyol Marquez Muniesa
LB - Maxwell Abidal

Even if we assume that Muniesa makes the jump (he is just 17 probably wont be a first team regular for a few years)

That defence isnt anything so great that Henrique cant get a spot as a backup to dani and the CB's next season if he does well on his loan. And we assume Chygrynskiy will do well, just like we assumed Caceres would do well. I seem to remember people saying the same things about Caceres that they do about Chygrynskiy. Nobody saw that Caceres would be bad. He scored in pre-season he looked pretty good and things seemed to be going well until he got into La Liga.

FCBarcaaa said...

But 3 huge flops out of 6 players signed is too much. Keita was fair enough, not a great signing for 14m, but OK. Pique was a great one (but he was our youth product though) and Dani Alves was the most expensive right back in football history so we should expect him to do well.

One thing is to not turn out as expected, but huge flops are something different and we shouldn't accept this if we want the best for our club. Huge flops are players that were so bad that we can't find any club for them to sell to so we have to loan them out and maybe pay some of their salary too. Just awful.

We could focus on our great youth system and Pep's fantastic coaching but everybody agrees that it is fantastic and brilliant so there is not so much to talk about there. :) So that is why it might be abit too much focus on the negative where we can have some discussion and disagreements.

barca4life said...

Yes please somebody describe the love triangle that we keep hearing about between traffic-laporta and txiki seems everybody seems to know about it. Keep in mind slander is a very serious offence so anything you say you must be able to back up with fact.

tero said...

I wouldn't give up either with Henrique: he is mainly a back-up player and he can handle it if we are a little patient with him...

FCBarcaaa said...

How can you not trust Chygrynbauer? Pep is obsessed with Chygrynbauer, don't you trust our treble winning super-coach? :)

barca4life said...

Pep also wante hleb :)

Tudor said...

I just read it on the Daily Mail that Man Utd is selling Anderson...I think this is great chance for our club to sign a good player...


FCBarcaaa said...

Exactly, barca4life. And how about Caceres? LOL, we can't trust our signings at all anymore. We could be witnessing another massive flop yet again, this time for a record-breaking fee, as the most expensive central defender we have bought ever. Even more expensive than Cristanval, Caceres and Milito.

barca4life said...

LOL. I hope he really works out and it isnt a case of him and pique being two very similar types of defenders that result in a mess of our back line.

Anonymous said...

Tudor: Anderson is far from Barca material. He was properly schooled by our midfield in the CL final, made him look like an amateur. I would rather have Lucas, another soon to be outcast from the Premier League, than this Anderson.

FCBarcaaa said...

We are talking about the Ukrainian Beckenbauer here. We shouldn't be worried at all. Just look at the Beckenbauer clips on youtube. He turns defence into attack with style and grace, technique and vision, he makes defence look like art. We should be very happy that we finally got the Ukrainian Beckenbauer in our team, Chygrynbauer and Piquenbauer will be too much for any team in the world to cope with of course. :)

barca4life said...

Anderson just needs to be in the right system. Problem is, do we really think anderson is better than thiago?

barca4life said...

Problem is if pique and chyg are doing their beckenbaur thing and running forward who is defending? Right now puyol stays back and abidal and yaya to do the dirty work when pique goes forward. If chyg and pique have a tendency to get foward who is watching the store?

delicios said...

He was last season one of the best defender in the German league

ha ha haaaaaaa - nice joke

FCBarcaaa said...

Piquenbauer and Chygrynbauer can switch to do their Beckenbauer thing, causing complete confusion in the opposition team and unpredictability. The opposition will think that Pique will be the man to do the Beckenbauer, but then completely surprised they see that Chygrynbauer does it instead. There are no ways to defend against such play.

Yaya can even switch back into CB and then move Pique into DM during the game sometimes, or we can do the same with Marquez or Pique as DM-CB. In fact, maybe Pep will prefer the Puyol-Chygrynbauer-Piquenbauer combination in the centre with Yaya as the box-to-box CM player, where he can use his offensive qualities.

Pep always said he wanted a DM that was good in the air, so maybe he wants to try Piquenbauer in the role he played at in Zaragoza, but sometimes switching to CB when needed during the game. With Chygrynbauer, our play will be perfect and we can all be happy. :)

MohamedH said...

Hi my fellow barcelonistas... i noticed an interesting article on a dutch website about cruyff...

it says that ajax had agreed to transfer cruyff to real madrid back in the seventies. But this all happend behind Cruyff's back. And everybody knows how strong-willed Cruyff is. When he found out he rejected the move and signed for Arch-rivals Barcelona... And the rest is history...


Can anyone imagine what barca would have been like if Cruyff would have signed for Madrid....?

/thnak God for Cruyff's stubburness... :)

Rory said...

yaya retreated to the backline a couple times in the second leg of the bilboa match to allow Pique to build the attack while one of alves/maxwell made a run as well.

or perhaps chyrginbauer is cover for pique to rest this season outside of CL?

hawk_barca_4_life said...

its not like pep dosent rust the traffic players like henrique and keirrison .... ne one would have noticed that henrique still dosent have that thing to be in first team and muniesa and fontas looked better but the thing with fontas and muniesa is that they can go back to barca b when needed which would not be the case for henrique so a loan deal is good since he just needs the liga experience to make it to first team if he can

& the case is same for keirrison we already have bojan to come as sub so a loan deal ans some european football will be good for him

and we trust pep he knows wht he wants .... he wants to give a chace to every buddy but ppl remember we r barca were u have to compete to make it to first team and pep will always take the best lot at present and ask the rest to develop ..u cant take all youth players and promote all !!!!

Han said...

A lot of people seem to think Txiki Beguiristan is doing a bad job. Nonetheless he has been in power as technical director since 2003 and his track record might not be so flawed as one could expect given the recent criticism.

So I have divided the players (I came up with) bought since 2003 and evaluated his dealings.

Taking into consideration the transfer fee (approx.) payed –importance to the team and the fee when sold, I came up with 4 categories.

(figures for fees are not “officially correct” use them as a good indicator)

A+ = Really good and cheap

Marquez = 5Mill
Pique = Around 5 Mill
Larsson = 0M
Giuly = 7.5 Mill bought – sold 4.5M
Sylvinho = 2m – sold 0M
Yaya = 9M

Total Spent = 28.5 Mill – Total received = 4.5 M

A= Really good

Ronaldinho 28M – sold 21M + clauses
Deco 12M + Quaresma (6M p/ex) - Sold 10M
Henry 24M
Eto’o 24M – Sold 20M p/ex
Belleti ( couldn’t find a fee, sold to Chelsea 5.5 Mill )
Alves 30M
Gio (stands here as I don’t recall the fee paid – sold 0M)

Total spent = 124 without Belleti – Total received = 75M without Belleti

B = Good but no bargain

Abidal 15M (good, just not really cheap)
Keita 14M (same)

Total spent = 29M Total received = 0M

C = Undecided (Not Good, No big Impact, Neutral, or just money-wise neutral)

Luis Garcia (bought 5M, Sold 7.5M)
Ezquerro 0M – sold 0M
Van Bommel 0M – sold 6M
Gudjohnsen 12 M (might be a Z, but that is too harsh)
Zambrotta 14M – sold 9M +2M clauses (might be a Z, but that is too harsh and we got money back)
Milito 17M
Rustu 0M – no idea, I believe a free transfer
Edmilson 10M – sold 0M
Albertini 0 M – 0M

Total spent = 58 – Total Received = 22.5

Ibrahimovic 46M + Eto’o (too early too tell, Guess gonna be A)
Maxwell 4.5M (too early too tell, probably A+)
Keirrison 14M (too early too tell)
Henrique 8M (too early too tell)

Total spent= 92.5M

Z= little or big disasters

Maxi Lopez 6M- sold 2M
Hleb 14M - loaned
Quaresma 6M – sold as part of Deco transfer
Thuram 5M - retired
Caceres 16M - loaned

Total spent = 47M Total Received 2M

a little.

Han said...

Lets take a look on the buying part, I have counted 6 A+ players, 7A and 2B rated players for a total something more than 180 Million € and from these we’ve sold for around 80 million with Alves, Marquez, Pique, Keita, Henry and The Yaya still on our books.

In contrast, we did have some rather mediocre dealings:
Edmilson (good not great, often injured and not cheap), Zambrotta (not really good, not too much lost), Ezquerro (apparently good character, no loss but nor any profit), Rustu (apparently bad character, no loss nor any profit), Milito (question mark but doesn’t look very good), Gudjohnsen (12m for a good character and a very occasional goal? U decide).
These players have costed 58million and besides an injured Argentine and Guddy they all left for a total of 22 million.

Nonetheless, Txiki has gone mad from time to time and imo more often the last seasons (Caceres, Hleb, Thuram) which have costed almost 50Million and have brought us nothing but misery and cheap change. Yet, we can still recover some from Hleb and Caceres, however loaning these players indefinately will not help (and we have done it before e.g. Robert Enke, Rustu, Henrique?,….).

I have the feeling that these last seasons with more money available, our transfers have become more expensive but not necessarily better.
For example, we bought at CF first Larsson for 0M then Maxi for 6M and later Gudjohnson for 12M. Same for RB Belleti (bought 10M?), to Zambrotta (14M) till Alves +30M. Offcourse inflation works bigtime, even more this transferperiod and that might make up the bulk of the analysis yet I wanted to mention this point.
Moreover, as the years have passed and the finances have grown Txike seems to have discarded or ignored cheaper opportunities on whom we used to rely, e.g. Albertini, Davids on loan, Van Bommel, Ezquerro,… . I suggest looking at opportunities like these, some of them might have included the Nedveds and Juninho’s of today. (I don’t want to go propagate this idea too much but they might have been able to help us out for 1 season untill the canteranos are ready).

We have a tendency to release players who have done their job, as Kluivert and Cocu come to mind, and Guddy seems another case. While maybe unfortunate and unprofitable it does give a good feeling and nine times out of ten these cases were not revocable imo.

About selling we should definately mention that it is generally lower than our purchase prices (we’re not a selling club) and it looks we tend to give in easily as a lot of people have mentioned this transferperiod. But if we look back on some of these deals (Ronaldinho, Deco, Giovanni Dos Santos,
Luis Garcia, Van Bommel, Belleti, Giuly, Zambrotta,…) I would suggest we haven’t been blackmailed (as many fans believe) to say the least. Which is not to say we have always got fair value and the trend with LOANING everyone out these days worries me a little.

pep said...

Can I put this up as a regular post, Han?

Han said...

yep, pep. feel free to do so I have no issues with that.

pep said...


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