Sunday, 23 August 2009

Eto'o: "I never was told why I had to leave"

Speaking to French television channel TF1, Inter Milan forward Samuel Eto'o commented on his Barcelona exit earlier this summer:

"I expected that they would give me a reason why they wanted me to go, but there wasn't one. They said they wanted to change things, but change what? I never got an answer and I'm not waiting for one anymore. For me, the case is closed.

Because of my love for the club, I have accepted a lot of things in the past and I still was ready to accept a lot of things, but this summer it just was too much.

I would never criticize a coach if another player is better than me. But in the end it's what you do on the field that matters. And until there is proof to the contrary, I had showed that I deserved to play every Sunday.

Now I joined the club where I wanted to play. Mourinho already wanted me in his team for several years. We had the chance to meet. I spoke to him two or three times on the phone and it was easy to make my decision after that. I hope to give him everything he expects of me. Every day I try to give my best, and even more than that."

watch a video of the interview here

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rObReV7 said...

Just one of those things Sammy! We wont ever forget you though! And id love to see you back at Barca when your contract is up!

Anurag said...

"Because of my love for the club, I have accepted a lot of things in the past"

really? thats why statements like "i am only working for barcelona" and "mallorca are my true love"?

this guy is a liar.

pep, please dont post any more etoo comments, this guy didnt deserve what he got at barca. its done and dusted.

Ethan said...

It was sad to see such a good player and person go

groga said...

Messi's "true" love is Rosario, Henry's "true" love is Arsenal, and so on: what's the problem?

Anurag said...

do they ever say crap like "i am working for barcelona"?

do they make ridiculous wage demands from the club?

do they miss the sort of sitters etoo had during the second half of the season?

have they ever walked off the pitch because the crowd said something?

have they ever refused to come on as subs?

etoo was a great player, but his antics are not something i like. talent can be replaced.

groga said...

Do they score two decsive CL finals goals?

Conclusion: oh god, the haters are out again...

Anurag said...

@groga - man, i am not a hater. but i feel all the shit etoo did cannot be condoned because he scored 2 CL final goals

messi scored the goal that killed off man yoo in the CL, remember?

groga said...

Eto'o scored the goal that killed the game after ten minutes of dominance by United. By trying to minimalize Eto'o's performances, you just show you're a hater.

Martin Engelin said...

I am thankfull for everything Samu did. He was truely a great player. But I think Ibra will be able to do the job just as good.

Anurag said...

if you say so groga. i am happy to see the back of etoo, and if that qualifies me as a hater, so be it. it could be true to some extent - etoo was my least favourite player in last yrs team after hleb.

i will never respect a player who makes such public comments and behaves the way etoo did. if messi does that tomorrow, i will lose all respect for him too, despite the fact that he is my favourite player right now.

Anonymous said...

ya we r thankfull to him for his service and dedication to the club and fans ...but now there is a new begining with a new Cf ... we trust u pep for ur decision which has been good for the club and also thank etoo for his goals !!!

Anonymous said...

Anurat, you're a shame for FC Barcelona.

groga said...

Who cares what you think, Anurag? Based on one quote that you didn't hear yourself, you're taking every credit away from a five-year career?

Eto'o is a legend in the history of Barcelona, you're nothing to Barcelona.

Anurag said...

lol, if disliking etoo made me a shame for fc barcelona, then so would guardiola, because he disliked etoo as well.

watch what you say in future. and reveal your name, so i know who im talking to. it would have been easy for me to disguise my previous comments as an anony as well - but i am not afraid to say what i feel is true.

groga said...

- Guardiola yesterday explained he had nothing against Eto'o personally.

- Guardiola has a couple of thing on the up side too. You don't.

Anurag said...

who has taken away credit from etoo?

i said he is a great player, but with the sort of shit he does, i am happy to see him leave

i am not basing it on one quote, i cited other examples as well, which you seem to be unwilling to notice.

i am not getting personal, you are.

hawk_barca_4_life said...

@anurag if u see the coments made by guardiola below u can see he never had ne personel or sporting prob with etoo
its just he wanted a change a new type of striker of diff playing style and etoo had only one year left in his contract so it would had been foolish to let him go for free

ppl dont argue abt who is right or wrong at present etoo plays for inter and guardiola is the triplet wining coach who is at barca so trust him .. and thk etoo for his contribution

Anurag said...

he does deserve to be thanked for his contribution, i will never take that away from him.

and you dont expect guardiola to go live saying he hated etoo, right hawk?

im sorry to have started an argument, but i was just saying what the truth is.

groga said...

You're telling your truth, seen from your Eto'o hate. Don't confuse that with "the" truth, which nobody of us knows.

hawk_barca_4_life said...

cheer up guys ..guardiola the best who is going to cr8 history and this is just the beigning i belive but etoo too a legend for barca !!!

its a spanish blog i found
it has the video compilation of thiago , dos satos , muniesa 4m the recent performances check it out

Amar said...

eto is a barcelona legend. he is not overrated and did some incredible things for barca.
however he was complicated. he wanted a pay rise and barca did not wanna give it.

eto thought he deserved it and barca did not wanna do it like in the days of gaspart. barca wanted to keep some structure in the finance department apparently. well if there was any mistake made it goes both ways. eto should not criticise barca.
we should remain silent on this matter and move on.
romario, ronaldo, rivaldo, kluivert, ronaldinho have all left. now eto also has left. its just the course of nature. when someone is not from the cantera someday they will leave.

now its zlatans turn. he will shine and then leave as another legend!

David said...


No, you are totally wrong.

The wage Ibra gets is the one that destroyed the structure, and forced Messi to get a new contract.

We dont know what Eto'o would demand, but surely he cant be blamed for saying no to a pay cut.

It must be clear to anyone that this wasn't about money, otherwise they wouldn't pay 40 millions plus 2 millionns higher wage for Zlatan.

I am pretty sure Pep just wanted to change game style a little, and that meant Eto'o had to go. A shame that they had to be so sneaky about it, I think Eto'o would've accepted to talk to Inter without beig blackmailed and forced out behind the back.

Ethan said...

Anurag, you don,t reconize true talent. Eto'o was a great player and person.

zealot said...

Yes Anurag, you are HATER. Xavi, Henry have said positive things about him, calling him as a friend, while Iniesta said he has huuuuge respect for Eto'o.

So you Anurag, use your brain when commenting, not your heart.

Anders said...

Anurag, your'' stupid. "Walking of the pitch just because some people in the crowd said something", if they are throwing bananas and making monkey sounds when he touches the ball i can understand him.

Caribbean Hotspot said...

I'm here to see that zilan guy fail this year.....Eto for life

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

Eto'o legend...? why is he not in the list of Barça legends on the Barça website...

It was time to go for him, ok he scored a lot of goals... buth what did he miss !!! He had to score 45 goals last season... he scored only 30 and lost the topscorer and golden bal titel. Thats a fact!!!

And to al Zlatan haters... Eat your heat out, he will rock Barça !!!

JR said...

Anurag, seriously what the hell is your problem? The only time I notice your posts is when you are bashing on Eto'o, one of the greatest players in the history of the club.

Get over yourself man, you're not doing anyone a favour by making yourself look like a fool every time you post here.

SJP said...

whats with all the hate to anurag?
not even etoo die hard fans can say he didnt f**k up occassionally, he was great and will go down as a legend but saying things like this dont help. hope etoo dominates italy and ibra repeats etoo form here without the theatrics. also everyoned is entitled to their opinion.

Je me'appelle Samuel said...

My only issue with Eto'o leaving is that Henry should have left before Eto'o. Any argument you can make for Henry staying all the more reason Eto'o should have stayed. I have already stated Zlatan was a necessary Transfer due to our lack of size and strength upfront, however it should've been Henry out the door not Eto'o. Anyways I am over it. Barca will beat Bilbao

Kxevin said...

Coming from a purely technical standpoint, the reason Henry stayed and Eto'o left, speaking to Je me'appelle Samuel's comment, is that Henry can play the left wing and get you a passel of goals.

With the Ibrahimovic arrival, which Guardiola clearly wanted in view of the footballing vision that he had, you suddenly had two players, both starters, at the same position. So from a purely technical standpoint (which from Guardiola's comments, what what it was), the change was necessary.

Caribbean Hotspot, if Ibrahimovic fails, Barca probably fails. Just something to keep in mind.

We've already won the first of six pieces of silver that we're going for this season. I watched the match, and while he didn't score goals (still not sure how, except some tip-top saves), Ibrahimovic is going to. But it's the passing and the interplay that impress.

The topic of Eto'o galvanizes like no other topic I have experienced. I think we should all agree to disagree, and move on to support the club that we all love so much.

John-Reid said...

I think both sides have valid points. Eto'o did score a lot, but he missed a lot also.

Off-field, he was not the easiest player with riffs with both Rijkaard and Ronaldinho, and, although I'd like to think there was nothing between him and Pep, as Pep said, Pep wouldn't come out to the public screaming "Thank God he's gone". He's too classy for that.

He did his JOB well, which is all this was for him. And as it was his JOB, he was constantly looking for more money as any ambitious worker would.

So I think that, although he was not a true Barcelona faithful, he did his best at a club he worked at. And he will be a legend for scoring two goals in two CL finals out of the Three we won. But great player on and off the field? Not even close.

tero said...

Maybe Eto'o is not yet a legend but he will be remembered as one when years pass.We all have our opinions about players,I personally didn't want Eto'o to leave but who asks me...? Nobody.Pep made his decision about Ibra and now he's here.That's it.

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