Sunday 23 August 2009

Barça B: Guardiola asked to sign Ivan

Las Palmas regional newspaper La Provincia claims that the transfer of Barcelona Atlètic central defender Iván Alejandro Benítez (21) came after an explicit request by Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola.

Asked if he is dreaming about the first team, Iván said in an interview with the paper that he's not thinking about that now: "I will go step by step. If you see the competion... Puyol, Márquez...

For now, I only want to convince Luis Enrique and make my parents feel proud of what I do. But of course I also would like to convince Guardiola and become a part of the best team in the world."

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djoef said...

It's official: Guardiola has a centre-back obsession.

Anonymous said...

but he is playing well in barca alteti!!!
so there is no prob then

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