Monday 24 August 2009

[2008] Agents deny Capel exit

this post was published one year ago:

Asked about the rumours linking Sevilla left winger and Spanish international Diego Capel (20) with Barcelona (read more here), the player's agents René Ramos and Pedro Bravo denied the rumours to Sevilla local sports site Mucho Deporte: "We're not looking at offers for Capel, he'll stay with Sevilla."

Sevilla president José María del Nido, who confirmed that there are renewal negotiations ongoing, said at a press conference that he has some gentlemen's agreement with Barcelona and Real Madrid on the buyout clauses:

"There's a lot of speculation but no club will pay the buyout fee for Capel. The highest officials of the two big Spanish clubs have agreed with the president of Sevilla that they won't use the clauses of Capel or any other player without our consent. So if the clauses aren't valid in international football and I have this agreement with the two main Spanish clubs it's clear that no player will leave unless someone breaks his word."

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one year ago, readers said...

Anonymous said...

Why are there clauses if no one can pay them excpet if Sevilla agrees?! As if we got Keita with his consent...

cojonudo said...

I'm just shocked to see Real Madrid engaging in any sort of "gentleman's agreement" given their recent history which is shady at best.

The only factor to consider here is Capel's comfort level at Sevilla. If he is sincere about remaining at the club - at least for one more year then that's all that should matter.

The one thing that's clear is that it's just a matter of time before Capel moves onto a bigger club. Del Nido understands this. But at the same time he's going to hold onto the player as long as he contractually can.

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