Monday 24 August 2009

Toure: "We were phenomenal"

Speaking to reporters after the Super Cup final, Barcelona players Xavi, Toure, Bojan, and Henry commented on the first title of the season.

"We want to endorse what we have won last season and winning a title is a perfect start for that. We have been very good putting pressure."

"I'm happy we won the super cup, but we have to go match by match and prepare for Shakhtar because it will be very difficult. The first leg against Athletic was difficult because they played very well, however in the 2nd leg we were phenomenal."

"It is important to win cups and show that we are doing good. We are motivated and we hope we can continue winning with hard work and modesty. When I scored, the audience was quite, I thought the referee was going to whistle something. I've grown a lot, gained confidence, and recovered the natural instinct necessary to score goals."

"It's yet another title, but that doesn't mean we're going to win everything all over again. However, we will continue fighting and running to get it. Ibrahimovic? He's still missing the goal, but he was involved in all the plays and his time of scoring will come."

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Anonymous said...

yeah congrats guys. amazing game. its like a team already with the new guys. great spirit from everyone. i love how maxwell played.


creus said...

This is gonna be Bojans season. Can you feel it?! I can feel it.

Barcafan said...

I feel this is the season where Bojan is finally exposed as an average striker and not worthy of the barca shirt.

He is extremely overrated. Dont hate, watch the game and tell me what he me pessimistic but i know people here feel the same thin.

tero said...

We are talking about a 18-year old player here,a little patience doesn't hurt you...Bojan is still in growing phase both physically and mentally.I believe that Pep knows this and is patient with him.

Joshua said...

be patient with him, remember its around this time that messi set his dribbling record and gave the famous comeback against madrid. the kid is good and im looking forward to seeing him at the under twenty with the spanish squad. patience.

Areign said...

1000 goals. 'nuff said

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