Monday, 31 August 2009

Liga 1: Barcelona-Sporting 3-0


Piqué (83 Fontàs)
Maxwell (57 Abidal)


Bojan (80 Jeffren)

18 Bojan 1-0
42 Keita 2-0
82 Ibrahimovic 3-0


yellow card


international duty




Azerty said...

You forgot Abidal in for Maxwell guys.

E said...

Bojan did great, i prefer him over Henry, Pedro was great too but needs more power...

On the other side our loanee Botia did great, almost marked Zlatan out of the game, i prefer him over Caceres, Henrique & Milito, maybe next season get him back if Marquez leaves.

Fred_FCB said...

1. Keita was excelent!
2. Bojan was great.
3. Ibra finaly scored his first goal.

All in all, an okey preformance. Special notice has to go to Pedro who realy has gone the second mile. He was great, showing --Messi Potential--, as in his movements. Good game from the la Maisa product!

pep said...

Thanks, Azerty.

Ramzi said...

My 5 cents

- We won without Yaya, Iniesta,Henry, Messi, and abidal for most of the game. Sporting is not the best team in the league, but its in the same category with half the liga teams and copa del rey opponents.

- We won with two youth on the flanks.

- Maxwell did some funny stuff, but he showed he is starting to gel well.

- Pique, Puyol and Alves were up to their standards.

- Busquets had lot of ups and downs. Contributed perfectly in offense build up (though lost possession in dangerous places), defensively he still lack positioning discipline.

- Keita showed again he is a reliable option in the midfield. Covering behind his teammates when they go forward, being an outlet for Xavi and making himself available all the time to exchange passes positively. Earned back possession, scored, almost assisted another. Man of the match for me. Not a flashy player, but he know his job and do it perfectly.

- Xavi: brilliance.

- Pedro was good as well. his transition were interesting so as his contribution in possession. Again, No need for mata.

- Bojan moral was high tonight. One of the reasons could be that the transfer period ended without buying a new winger. He feels he is valued and is carrying his responsibilities. For the first time, he showed a "tough guy" mentality, not a childish fragility. Impressive. He is our winger that we signed for free.

- Ibra scored, kind of. He was much better than in his previous game. In general he had a very good game. This goal is a very important one. More to come.

International break now. I hate it. Especially that Messi will have a butchers’ game against Brazil.

3 points in the pocket. Won in style.

Anonymous said...

bojan out for 15 to 20 days because of hamstring injury.
maxwell had a contracture and needs to make a new scan on wednesday.

poor bojan...

umessi10 said...

Thanks for the review Ramzi.

Mido said...

Guys what is your opinions about Botia? He maybe good but not excellent so I dont think he has a future with us thoughts plz?

Je me'appelle Samuel said...


When you said "Contracture", do you mean contusion or maybe even fracture??? Big difference

Unknown said...

I'm glad that Ibra got his goal but he had a pretty worthless game otherwise IMO. It was almost as if Barca was playing with 10 players. He just stood there half the time. No problem though. That goal will give him confidence and I expect a lot more over the next few weeks. Pedro had a great game. He ran all over the place as did Keita.

Ronnierulez said...

In my opinion bojan's game is still selfish for a winger - he rarely brings the Center forward into play - I can understand his insecurities as a youngster and goalscorer himself, but that shud not be the way forward IMO.

Mast said...

i think it was keita who assisted bojan and not alves?

could be mistaken though

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