Saturday, 10 January 2009

Bundesliga top scorer Ibisevic offered

British newspaper The Times claims that Hoffenheim forward and Bosnian international Vedad Ibisevic (24) has been offered by his club to several European top clubs, among which Barcelona.

The transfer fee asked for the current German Bundesliga top scorer is expected to be around 9 million euro°.

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Watch a video of Ibisevic here:


pep said...

9 million euro =

12 million us dollar
8 million british pound

Anonymous said...

great striker but is he ready for a big move?also very cheap and quite young,will he be well playing in rotation 10-15 matches a year?
if henry and guddy go ,i wouldnt mind kun and ibisevic coming

sashi said...

i cannot believe Hoffenhiem are ready to sell him... they are th suprised joint leaders in the Bundesliga... he will be a good buy and also he's got loads of age left in his career... but i too am not sure whether he is ready to move on to a big club like ours... but will definitely be a gud back up striker....

Anonymous said...

The best singing so far , if barca make this step .
Ibisevic is good striker , and can be used as a backup and also he is young and the player exactly barca need , tall and fast .
Barca go after hem .

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, never heard of this guy but 19 goals in 19 appearances so far this season and 7 assists. Those stats speak for themselves really. He is quite tall and I understand he is quite fast as well. Could be exactly what we need to add a different dimension to our forward line. At 9 million Euro he is hardly expensive either. Does anybody know if he is actually good with his head? There are a few tall strikers out there who are actually useless at heading.

Anonymous said...

he's great for the german league. maybe for more but for sure he's not ready for barca.

furthermore this news is a joke. hoffenheim is building a jung team for the future. they're the no. 1 in germany. fc bayern has asked for him but hoffenheim refused to negotiate anyway.

Anonymous said...

...this guy just got his chance to replace obasi because of an injury and took it...the whole league was surprised by this player...even bayern munich would lovely take him...but to say that he could bring the same performance or efficiency at barca is not said...i don't even believe that this rumour has something true in said,munich wanted him too and was willing to pay more...dayfly or long or so...our board will surely make the right decision about the next usefull striker...ONE LOVE!!!!!

index said...

He is good in air... he is good with his feet...and for sure he can score a lot. If he stays in form like this he will get a golden foot for this season. All I can say he is perfect for barca. he would be great backup for eto'o. I'm sure that his price in next few months will grow rapidly... so all i can say is GET HIM BARCA !!! He is great... P.S. I know what I'm saying because i've watched every Hoffenheim game this season!!!

Anonymous said...

last year he played in the german's second league and he just scored 5 goals within 31 matches. this year he can reach 30 goals at the end of the season but i think he would not be able to score like this season at barca. let's see how he will finish this season. now all eyes will be directed to him.

Anonymous said...

I think that the Barca system makes any striker better and worse. Better because of the multi-layered attacking options and constant ball movement.

Worse because the classic "9" needs to be fed the ball constantly, to create his chances. Without that feeding, they can disappear. But Barca doesn't run an offense with a single option.

If what people say about him is true, why not grab him? Fast and tall with good feet are excellent attributes for a striker.

Anonymous said...


I fully agree.


index said...

Few days ago he has been awarded for best football player in Bosnia... That is a big thing for him because Bosnia have a great national team, but they are bit unlucky all over the years... SING HIM BARCA PLSSSS !!!!!!!!!

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