Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Touré: "That goal was a bit lucky"

Barcelona player Yaya Touré gave an interview to Catalan newspaper El Periódico.

It seems that Barcelona needs to fight harder for the three points every game.
It wasn't easy to win the first match after the holidays, but the team played an impressive game. It was very important for us to win this one, among other reasons because Mallorca gave us a very hard time here last season. On Saturday, they also got us in troubles but we have a great attitude.

The games are also getting more complicated because the opponents come on the pitch with a more defensive mentality.
Yes. Every team plays the same way at the Camp Nou: keeping all their players behind and trying for a counter-attack. They all play like Mallorca did. We should assume that it's gonna be like that and that it won't be easy to win the Liga.

You finished the game with a marvellous goal.
I'm very happy with that because I don't usually get in that position. It must have been since I played with Monaco, two or three years ago. Although I think the goal was a bit lucky.

Yeah, for me there was some luck involved. The whole action went really fast. Alves saw a gap and Eto'o gave me a good pass. At Monaco I scored more. But I'm very happy since it was the first goal I scored this season.

You dribbled around three defenders. You looked like a Brazilian striker.
Yes (laughs). I'm very happy. But the important thing is to play well at my own position.

And you think you played well? You weren't to blame for the Mallorca goal?
It's risky when you play like we are doing, very high on the pitch with the defenders close to the halfway line. But Barça has a tradition of playing like that. And we have two fabulous central defenders.

I asked if you feel responsible for that goal.
I'm guilty because I lost the ball, but everyone can lose a ball. It's a normal thing. Aduriz also showed that he's a great attacker.

You were anxious to repair the damage? You felt comfortable on the pitch after the goal?
Well, it's normal. It was misfortunate, but I believe in myself. I'm a professional. After a mistake like that, you cannot make a second one and you have to stay concentrated because the game continues. The team did a great job during the whole match.

In this month of January, the Liga is more important or you have to focus more on the Copa?
Both are equally important. We will have to face Atlético. They will be very difficult to eliminate. But it will also be hard to win in Pamplona against Osasuna. We just have to keep this going.

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InieStar said...

Hmm is it me are some of those interviews written by a hostile interviewer:)?

I think sometimes the one who interviews our players are trying to get the player to talk negative or even to get angry.

I am aware that the interviews are from all around and it is not a "barca" interview. But still:s

Just annoys me a bit that they are trying to get our players in to "traps" to say or act bad.

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