Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Youth: Barcelona interested in Croatian talent Coric

Several Croatian and Austrian media reported last month that NK Zagreb youth player Ante Corić (11) has joined Austrian first division club Salzburg on a five-year deal.

Austrian newspapers Salzburger Kronen Zeitung and Kurier claimed that Barcelona was one of the European top clubs that were interested in signing the young Croatian player.

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Unknown said...

this one is for all you who swear barcelona doesnt poach talent... and its only the evil english clubs that steal players.....11.... mothers milk is still on his face.

Anonymous said...

It is one thing to get a player who is 11 years old and in a completly unknown club then to do so on a 16 year old from Barcelona B - Juvenil A.

This is called talent search, the EPL does talent steal. we might as well buy him just to see him leave when he's 15

Anonymous said...

it was me btw

Anonymous said...

Right point 1. Nothing wrong with a normal upgrade.

And point 2: it's only a claim so probably the guy's father spreading the news and Salzburg buying it (and him)...

Anonymous said...

first this isnt called poaching
we take players who are 10 or 11 years old and develope them

and second wen barca take a 11 year old boy they offer his family a job a place to stay in barca if the boys parents agree then the boy gets to stay with his parents or else the boy gets to stay at the pls know the facts properly before u say something

Anonymous said...

This boy was at Chelsea camp last summer as I remember. I'm from Croatia, so I red about it.

Anonymous said...

@ marc
get your facts straight before accusing barca for pouching.
we are no arsenal or chelsea or united or even liverpool, we take players when they are unknown , 9-10 years old , give them and thier parents a job and a place to stay, nurter thier talent or even create there talent before playing them.
arsenal STOLE fabregas when he was 15 and did the same to meireda after we made thier talents , united STOLE pique when he was in OUR academy we made him , chelsea are still snooping around like rabid dogs in our academy looking for 10 maybe 20 talents to STEAL. JUST BECAUSE OUR LAWS PREVENT SIGHNING YOUNGSTERS DOESN'T MEAN THAT THE PREMIER LEAGE CAN STEAL WHAT THEY WANT FROM OUR TALENT BUFFET FOR THIER TALENTLESS ACADEMIES.

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