Monday, 25 August 2008

Renewal talks coming up

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that the renewal of Barcelona forward Bojan Krkic (17), who is expected to sign a new contract later this week (read more here), will be the first of a series of contract renewal negotiations.

In the coming weeks, Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain will start talking with the players who have two more years to go at the club with their contracts expiring in the summer of 2010.

Since their cases are seen as priorities, the representatives of defenders Carles Puyol (30) and Rafael Márquez (29), midfielder Xavi (28) and goalkeeper Víctor Valdés (26) will meet with Begiristain first.

The cases of goalkeeper Albert Jorquera (29), attacker Eidur Gudjohnsen (29) and forward Samuel Eto'o (27) will be looked at later on. Midfielder Andrés Iniesta (24) already renewed his contract until 2014 last year.

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Unknown said...

why isnt eto'o a priority... I am sorry this is pretty dumb.. he has lest than two years left.. which means next year if he want s to leave/we want to sell him is value is cut in half because he could leave for free the following season.

He seems relatively docile now... sign him up for three-four years before he starts acting up and demanding 10 mil euro a year or something crazy

Anonymous said...

They probably want to give it some rest after the agitated past months.

barca nike said...

Puyol, Marquez and Xavi are ezcellent performers and deserve a new better extended contract including Eto'o because he is the best striker in the world.

Anonymous said...

Bit surprised that Gudjohnsen is being considered in getting a renewal.....
Eto'o however must be renewed.
No other 'foreigners' bleeds Barça more than Eto'o at this current time.

Ramzi said...

They know eto will not sit to re3new now, he still have a point to prove, and he is not in a hurry. time is in his side, the more he wait the more despirit barca will be to renew, meaning the better contract he will get.
They are right to finalize the less complicated projects first, then turn their attention to find a way to solve Eto issue

cojonudo said...

Eto'o would never ever get priority over the likes of Puyol or Xavi! Puyol and Xavi are the heart and soul of the club! It's not to say that Eto'o doesn't merit an extension. But I don't believe it has anything to do with him being "pissed" right now or his current emotion state either. It has more to do with Barcelona horoning those players who have been most LOYAL and have had the longest tenure at the club.

Eto'o would be foolish NOT to sign an extension if one was offered to him. First of all there be only a handfull of teams that could afford and would agree to his wage demands.

Secondly by offering Eto'o an extension the Board would be admitting they made a mistake by allowing him to leave in the first place. And nothing would bring Eto'o greater delight than seeing Laporta, Txivi and Guardiola forced to eat crow at the press conference for his renewal.

Ramzi said...

cojonudo why will he be folish if he dont agree a contract right now?You think it will be that hard for him to find a team next season when his transfer value drop to less than 15M?come make it sound as if he has to be greatfull because barca let him play or else he would retire...
and what do Rafael Márquez has to do with loyalty issue? it has nothing to do with loyalty man, do u think Tixi will be concerned that payol may leave if he dont extend "right now"? its a matter of timing, they know its not the right timing to negoceate with eto because it will not work.
Finally the board and coach admit defeated when they s6tarted to mae that cheap praise for the guy, so thats not actualy in the account anymore.

cojonudo said...

To Ramzi,
I purposely didn't include Marquez's name in my comments. I was referring only to Puyol and Xavi. And Barcelona will always give priority to those two players over anyone else at the club that is a fact not speculation.

As for Eto'o sure he could take his chances and leave next summer on the cheap but then that would be HIS decision not the clubs. Or he could just as well wait until his contract is up in two years time and leave for free. My point on Eto'o is regardless of his transfer fee there are very few clubs in the world that can afford his personal wage demands. And we all know that Eto'o wants to "get paid"! So he's not going to drop his personal wage demands for the sake of moving onto another club. If that was the case he wouldn't still be here!

Let's clear up the inuendo, Eto'o CHOSE not to leave, not the other way round. And it has nothing to do with loyalty on HIS part. He is just not going to accept a significant pay cut playing for someone else. Yes, there were teams that could have met Barcelona's transfer price but who WEREN'T willing to also meet Eto'o's wage demands pure and simple. Either interested teams couldn't afford to meet Eto'o's personal wage demands or they refused to do so for fear of breaking their own set salary structure at their respective clubs.

So that's why I say in the end I personally feel Eto'o should sign an extension if and when one is offered to him. No, he is not obligated to sign it. BUT if he wants to get paid he will put his signature on the dotted line. Because Barcelona has already shown that they can and will pay him what he feels he is worth. It doesn't make Eto'o a bad person, but if he thinks himself as the best striker in the world, he probably expects to be paid like one as well.

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