Thursday, 28 August 2008

Give your opinion on this blog

This blog exists little over six months (seems longer though...) and with the transfer period coming to an end next Monday, I guess it's time for some serious evaluation.

Input from the users (yes you!) is of course crucial in this process. What do you like about the blog? What don't you like? What should be deleted as soon as possible? What should certainly stay or otherwise you'll come and hunt me down? Bash me, praise me, do what you want, just don't call me "sweetie". Give me all your remarks and suggestions so I can start planning to make this a better blog!


Anonymous said...

This Blog is literally the best, I wouldn't see anything needing to change except what you report about. Of course you won't be talking about transfers anymore but now it's time for all the other news! Which Im sure you planned on doing anyways. Let the season begin, maybe call the blog La Liga/CL/Spanish Copa Blog, or Barca Blog

Anonymous said...

first of all bro.. this blog is amazing.. i mean if i could i would give u an award for best blog or something..

the great thing with this blog is that u're often first with news and the time you spend on making this blog work..
i'm not really sure what we are going to read now that the transfer window closes to its end..

but just keep on writing about barcelona and their progress.. match reviews so on..

mabe even about ronaldinhos time in milan.. because after all he's still in my heart and i see him as a barca player/legend/star!!
belive it or not..

thanks alot pepe for this blog, i've visited this site everyday sice several months ago.. THANK YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pep

your blog is amazing. Its everything I always wanted to have about Barca. A place where I can find all the news and rumors without a whole lot of search.

You are doing a great job. I'm moderator/manager on my homepage ( and we have slightly more than 12000 members...its an awefull lot of work to do every day and we share all the update duties because alone, I would have no chance to keep it up for more than a few days.

You have single-handedly kept this page updated for months...thats very impressive and deserves great appreciation.

What I like most about the site? its kept simple and it ain't about flash but substance.

What I like least? actually nothing really bothers me.

Anonymous said...

This blog is great and you know that Pep thx.crd romania.

Marcus said...

Hello Pep :)

Things I would like on the blog:
- Reports about Barca B/Youth news
Why? Very hard to find some good information in english.

- More "Quote of the day"
Why? Very entertaining thats all.

- If possible post links to articles about Barca that you find (put in any adjective you want)
Why? Fun to read about Barca

And of course all transfer gossip, news about the club and upcoming etc.

Kudos from Sweden Pep, great work!

Anonymous said...

i read this blog for 2 months now, and i really like it, for it offers virtually all the news about barca that i dig.

what i'd like to see is a monthly evaluation of different barca aspects - barca b, loan players, the newcomers. maybe also a weekly update of the domestic results and the form of barcas CL foes.

oh, and you should change your nick to .. sweetie!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I've never found a better site for Barca news. Great work Pep and keep it up. ;)
To add to Marcus's ideas maybe you could add a youtube link of certain players like you did sometimes. Also I have a separate idea. Instead of putting previous articles on the left, you should have a search box and you can search for articles related to so and so. Thus creating some space and also saving some short time instead of scrolling down. I also would like to see some forums so we can have places to come up with topics to talk about (i.e tactics, other european news, etc). Keep up the great work Pep.

Anonymous said...

From all the posts above, praises are deservedly coming from all quarters, but more praise wudnt hurt. so i repeat the sentiments above, This is a great blog. I visit it every day and i cant think of anything at all that needs changing.

Barca nerd-fan said...

Totally agree with all comments above.

Great blog Pep, I've been to the blog every day since a few months ago when I was searching for webs about transfers and rumours linked to Barca. You did such a great job.

The thing I liked about your blog is that it is simple, up to date and easy to access. I can't think of anything you have to do to improve the blog, I would still visit the blog even though the transfer window is over. Thanks Pep. By the way, how old are you Pep?

Anonymous said...

hey pep, this is the best blog i've ever seen so continue your good work. there's nothing to improve. keep going

Barca nerd-fan said...

Oh yea, and if possible, can you post some videos or links of the highlights of the matches Barca played?

Anonymous said...

This blog is place where we fell united and like a one real fan of our beloved Barca!!!!
Enough said

Anonymous said...

Pep, you are doing a great job, I wouldn't change anything. I check your blog several times per day, I have all Barca (transfer) news in one spot.

I particulary like your entries about B players from local Spanish media, other news from EMD or Sport I can find myself, but those ones I can read only because of your fantastic work.

Keep it up and thank you!


Anonymous said...

Pep, you are without a doubt the most dedicated and hard wordking blogger I have ever come across. There is not a thing I can say bad about this blog. Just like some people above me said, I check this many times a day. I honestly don't know how you find the time to do all this, but keep up the brilliant work. And I think I speak for pretty much everyone at the offside when I say that we all depend on you for our Barca news and rumours.

cojonudo said...

It is indeed a great blog. It's an all in one inclusive resource to the latest Barcelona news.

I must admit that while I do read news regarding the Barcelona 'B' (Athletic) squad I rarely leave a comment because I really don't know much if anything about the players being mentioned. And I wouldn't feel it appropriate to just leave a comment like "Good news" when I know nothing of the subject.

I still very much look forward to receiving news regarding Barcelona Athletic and the Juvenil team(s) because that info is often hard to find on the net. Even if I don't understand the particulars involved at least I'm kept informed and up to date as to the going's on within the lower levels of the club.

My recommendations:

1.) Keep briefing us on the rumors, even if they are just that, no matter how farfetched they may sound. After all this is a blog not an "official" news site. So rumors and speculation can abound and there's no harm in being able to have a civilized discourse about it, again no matter how farfetched and unrealistic it may sound.

2.) Continue to keep us up to date as the goings on surrounding Barcelona Atletic and the Juvenil club. Results, fixtures, possible call ups, injuries, transfers, etc.

3.)Polls, polls and more polls...and debate topics! The main function for this blog should be to allow for various and sometimes different view of opinion. Hearing other people's point of view will only help to enlighten oneself in the end and become more open minded to other possibilities out there.

As an example I always look forward to hearing Kxevin's comments in particular. While I may disagree with some of his views I appreciate the time and effort he takes and his ability to present his viewpoint in a concise manner backed with facts if needed. He won't say "Player 'A' sucks!" Rather he will present a viewpoint that most times will make us take a second look at our on opinions on the subject. I appreciate and look forward to that. Notice he nor I nor Pep imply that we "know all" but rather we offer our personal view on the subject at hand for further discussion and yes, debate.

4.) Since the season is upon us it would be nice (ala 'pro-Madrid' to offer a chance to "rate" (review) Barcelona's perfomance in their matches, the players and the opposition as well. It would be nice if first you gave your own ratings on the match and the players involved and then asked us for our opinion if we agree or disagree with your assessment. A "Man of The Match" could be named as well.

5.) A nice "preview" of the match fixture ahead would be nice as well. Perhaps on a Thursday or Friday you could preview the match ahead including all the latest injury news, starting XI changes (if any) and any injury or lineup news regarding the opposition.

6.)As you mentioned it's never too early to speculate on the January transfer window. Any early nuggets or whispers would be good to hear. And as the year concludes perhaps create a poll or debate topic as to wether Barcelona need to add a player or two to reinforce the club.

7.) Here's something I just thought up. Perhaps not the cleverest of ideas but still something to consider. What about having a weekly "profile" on a player? including personal bio (where they were born, raised, how they grew up,etc.) How they came up through the youth ranks; what personal interests they have outside of football? If they grew up a fan of another football team? In short, tell us 'something' about a current player that we don't or might not already know. Yes I know, some of this you can already find on Wikipedia, but perhaps you can delve further into the more "personal" (likes/dislikes) aspects of the players.

8.)Critically important would be know Barcelona's financial situation. Maybe you could post a quarterly "report" as to how their current financial status looks (if you were prevy to such information.) It doesn't have to be in detail just tells us if the club incurred more debt say, during the summer transfer windown and by how much and "where" Barcelona currently rank as far as the richest clubs in the world, ratio of assests to debt, etc. Again I know most of these figures are not released to the public, BUT as a publicly held team I would assume such figures would be easier to come by than Real Madrid's for example.

I'm sure if I thought a little more about it I could come up with some more items but I think I've covered the major points. I think you're doing a GREAT job as it is! So even if things stood unchanged I wouldn't be dissapointed in the least bit. But, if you want to take the blog even further, to new levels, you might consider some of my suggestions and those of which my colleagues have presented above.

I don't know what I would do without this site!

P.S. Sorry for being long winded but I like to be thorough.

Anonymous said...

The only think I would recommend is that you ban Cojonudo. He loves to hear himself talk and only takes up space with simple-minded statements that could be written in only a few sentences.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I thought that conjonudo had some brilliant ideas. If you contributed some, then maybe your point would be valid.

Anonymous said...

Blog is great... I've checked it two to three times daily for the past couple of months. It's the best source of info that I've found yet... as far as I'm concerned, nothing really needs to be changed.

Anonymous said...

everyone seems to have there own opinions on the this thing we call the internet.. go figure?!

goes without sayin; everyone who comments here makes some very valid and informative comments... but without pep their would be nothing to comment.

I will say in so many words this is honestly best blog on the internet and the plus its centered around FCB. I personally go no where else and not even post comment anywhere, but here. So personally thanx and cheers!

So in some many words, just continue doing what you do best and who can complain with attempts to try new things.... although pep you always seem to surprise whatever is stated.

ALso thanx go to the people who view and post here that it isn't childish and unbelievable awful stupid muppet commet.

Keep it up PeP. If you need anything from us... seems all you gotta do is ask.....

cojonudo said...

To Anonymous,
I appreciate your candor and honesty in how you feel regarding my posts. Even though I don't share your opinion in being the "glory hunter" you make me out to be I completely agree with you that far too often my comments become long winded to the point of redundancy. I will try to make my comments more direct and to the point from now on.

I also concede that since Pep is the sole proprietor of this blog it's his decision on whom he wishes to allow or ban on the site and I will abide by his wishes.

Thanks for pointing out my faults and hopefully your criticisms will help me become a better contributor to the site.

Anonymous said...

Well cojundo, even though your comments are long, I think they are very enjoyable. So if it were up to me, they would stay the way they are. If someone thinks a comment too long, they don't have to read it. Nobody's forcing them.

Anonymous said...

* cojonudo, sorry.

Kamesh said...

Pep here you go.......
1)One of the suggestions will be a bit more sensoring of the commnets by the visitors to this blog. (I mean there was a comment which was personal about Kxevin which was really bad and some other guys who make personal comments about our players).
2)Also a list of sites which will be showing Barca games online can be given or shared by the users a day before the match or something like that.
3)May be you can introduce some other mechanism to filter out the category of the items which a user of this blog may be lookling for (something like all la liga results at one place, all ucl results at one place, all Barca B related news at one place).
4)We can start our own Barca fans club or something like that and get to know each other better (I mean I dont know which part of the world you or a Kxevin or a Cojundo or a K1 comes from but I see the same passion that I have for FCB with you which makes me feel great).
5)As Cojundo said polls on the performances of the players after the matches will be good.
6)La liga standings and strategy discussion topics before each game will also help.
7)Last but not the least maintain the simplicity of the blog which we all love

Anonymous said...

Great coverage. You are fast and accurate! Simply the best when it comes to rumours or official news about Barca. I visit your blog before the official site. Maybe they should hire you?

Anonymous said...

Don´t change anything! Just keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

sweetie :P

Jnice said...

Respect to your post Cojonudo. Your points are very thorough and make sense.

Ramzi said...

Hey Pep!
Well well well...I read comments for lot of common names i used to c i got familiar with...And they got familiar with comments with lot of typing mistakes hehe
The thing is, though sometimes I dont have the time, but something mysterious about the pep spell get me here to the blog again and again during the day.
Beside, one of the things, that make, me at least, join read and comment, is that people who post here - most of them and mainly who have Nicknames to address- are a bunch of the most resoectfull lads on such kind of blogs, we all c how it goes in some other sited dont we? So the first thing you need to do is to make sure to keep them tied here.
Damn I still dont know how u can do all this work? man is pep a person or a company? I really appreciate people who do things with lot of passion and get emotionaly driven to what they do, you r certainly one of those.

Ok...I will not make a long comment so I dont get an anonymous punsh;)by the way hey Cojonudo... we say our word and walk....dont look behind are certainly one of those who have a flavour here... not tasteless, senseless....nameless...the thing is u just said almost everything I would recommend for this site, so thank u for saving the readers here from my spelling mistakes, if i would type it myself.

And guys, stop calling pep as sweetie...he dont like it, right hun?:P

Àlex said...

1- Great Blog so far
2- If possible divide the blog into sections: Barca ath. & youth, FCB transfer, FCB latest news, etc..
3- If possible don't allow people to write as "anonymous", I mean to organize replies.

Anonymous said...

this blog is great BUT I like to see some high quality photos after every match and ofcourse high lights of the game in video format...
thanx for this great weblog & wish u the best ;)

Anonymous said...

i agree with all the lads before me,its the best blog to watch for barca news.

one thing i would like is the highlights of the games or the goals the following game in case i miss a game(not gonna happen ^^).the thing is its boring to search the youtube and load a video which says see the highlights in the following site and then you go there and there isnt a video for barca.....

this is a lot of work m8 .ty for this great blog,i hope you will continue!

pep said...

Thanks for the comments so far. And for the nice words. People who want to add their reamks, feel free, I will keep this topic on top of the for a few more days.

There are certainly already some good suggestions. Quote of the day will be back, marcus. I will spend some time trying to find out how I can divide the blog into sections, alex. Barcelona Atlètic will be closely watched this season (to start with I'll have a season previw tomorrow).

Still going through cojonudo's post---some economic analysis will be out, I have the information, just need to put the pieces together.

I'm reading everything and taking it with me, you'll see things change step by step over the coming weeks and months. I'll have some general reply on all of your writings here next month!

GMJ said...

Pep, this is THE site to visit for up to the date information on Barca and all football related stories on the great club. I visit numerous times daily and living in the uK rely on the blog to be kept up to date on Barca. I particularly like the details you give on B team and youth players.
Only suggestion, would it be possible to have links to highlights of Barca games and the like?
I like the idea, posted above of starting a Barca fan club through he Blog.
In response to others, surely we're all allowed an opinion and the right to post, providing it's not offensive, if you know you don't like someones postings, don't read them.

Awesome blog Pep, keep it up, you deserve all the praise and credit for producing THE Barca blog.

Dan R said...

I Agree with all said,
great variety of barca news, B Team, transfers, loan-outs.

first site i visit each day.

Anonymous said...

I especially like the pictures, certinly of the rumoured transfers (like Hernanes or Neves) and the youngsters. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

To ALL Barca fans who want to watch Barca and any other club matches:
There you can find list of matches of that day, and links to watch matches for free...
To Pep, great blog, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

hey pep to be honest i was never a blog sort of person, or internet person for that matter until i found this blog a few months ago now i dont seem to go anywhere without me laptop! excellent work, you've managed to make a news site as addictive as Football Manager!
things i like are the info on barca b/youth and the fact that if we have a particular question we can direct it to you and you answer on top of the news as well.

only thing i dont like is beyond your control and that is when narrow-minded people diss other peoples opinions as this blog has always seemed a place where we can express our opinions freely so without sounding contradictory those people who just want to hurl abuse at people ... fuck off!

Anonymous said...

This blog rocks the house, Pep. I wouldn't change a thing. I love the subjects displayed on the left-hand rail. This is not only good for finding the newest items fast, but also for a quick scan of the archives.

It's also a very good aggregation of the news, tips and twaddle surrounding our beloved Blaugrana.

I wouldn't worry too much about people who make comments that aren't in keeping with the usual level of discourse here. That's part of the open nature of the Web, blogs and message boards. It's going to happen.

Keep up the great work, Pep.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog Pep.
Keep Up The Good Work.

Grande Messi

Deco said...

This blog is simply perfect. I believe that the most important thing is to keep this level, which isn't easy because You are the only person making this amazing blog.

So - I'd prefer to continue this way and make only a few new features / additions that wouldn't affect the quality of the site we all love so much:)

BUT if You feel fit enough to bring us even more, i won't be disappointed:)

Deco said...

I don't think that every fantastic rumour should be published, but if so, it should be published along with "pep's opinion" to explain how serious it is.
Maybe You would create "Pep's credibility index" forthe transfer rumours ( from 1-5 stars) and also put a simple rating poll below - "fans credibility index" where the readers could vote.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

u have best blog about fcbarcelona, maybe u could change some "interface" of blog, not necessarily, but try.

every day i visit this blog to read news about our favorite club barcelona, u'r doing great job.

u must continue doing this :)

croatia supporter - Barcelona
mes que un club

Anonymous said...

This Blog is perfect. you have everything i wanna know about barca in this summer, so i hope you can always have the latest news about barca on this blog. what you should do is just alter your attention to the informations of the la liga and the CL, that my opinion.

Anonymous said...

This Blog is always up to date, well structured and easy to use! Great work!!! I check it every day.
Let's hope for Barca, they qualify for the CL en maybe win it...

Anonymous said...

this blog is perfect. dont change a thing. i check this everyday, my fav website right now. FCB!

Anonymous said...

All the news about Barca you could possibly need. Could you ask for more? I think not. You're doing an awesome job, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

You have a great blog, the best I have found for Barca online. Thank you for everything you do, I make sure to check daily.

Anonymous said...

You should have some pics of naked chics on here somewhere...or atleast in barca thongs and bikinis

Anonymous said...

I love this blog!

Firstly, I don't have to go on and Elmundo Deportivo using an online translator which translates Spanish into weird English. =\

Secondly, the B Team and Youth news are really helpful, I hope there will be more of those in the future. : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Pepe,

I want that you focus more on Barca young and tranfers news.

You can use source as:

Keep up with your work, thumbs up!


Anonymous said...

Pep... make a post that asks where everyone is from... like a guest log... I'd be curious to see where everyone is from and how far this site expands.

Anonymous said...

I love It! Please keep it up! it's hard to find Barca news in english!

Anonymous said...

best blog ever..

i would like to see more topics for disquation.. not news.. general team stuff..

kempe cyprus..

the votes are also good!!

keep up the good work!!

Damjan said...

All the news about Barca you could possibly need. Could you ask for more? I think not. You're doing an awesome job, keep it up, regards from Slovenia

Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated, but as I sit here watching a replay of the latest Barcelona/Madrid match playing on GolTV, I can't help but share a story... I'm hoping someone can feel my pain. So, my girlfriend of seven years is a die hard Real fan... enough said. We give each other a hard time, but the more time that goes by, the more difficult it gets for us to handle each other. Sure, it all started as fun and jokes, but I think we are starting to take it more to heart as time goes on... anyway, here's my story.

This past season, we decide we're going to go to Spain to watch a couple of matches... we'll go to Barcelona for a match then go to Madrid for a match. Now keep in mind that I'm in the U.S., so this isn't something I will have a chance to do often. Well, we end up getting tickets for the last games of the season... the last game in Camp Nou against Mallorca, and the last game of the season in Madrid against Levante. Ok, so for the Barcelona game I go all out and get the VIP Gold tickets... President's Room for appetizers and drinks before the game, front row seats, etc. Yes, front row seats at the Camp Nou... you can smell the grass, hear the players talking to each other, absolutely amazing. Now two years ago this would have been the experience of a life time... not that this wasn't, but surely a different experience. My one trip to the Camp Nou consisted of whistles and chanting (the negative kind), white hanky treatment, the Boixos Nois wearing all black and waving black flags... and on top of it a Güiza goal in the 92nd or 93rd minute to seal the deal... down 2-0 and they come back to beat Barça 3-2. Of course this caused more chanting and whistling... I know I heard something about "die Laporta", although I don't speak Catalan, I could still make that out.

Anyway, this is only half of my pain... the salt in the wound was the game that I still needed to sit through in the Bernabéu. Remember... this is the last game of the season where they would also do the trophy celebration for winning the league. So, not only do I need to sit in the Bernabéu and watch them rip Levante a new one, I need to do it to the sounds of "Campeones, Campeones, Ole, Ole, Ole...", and "Raúl, Raúl, Raúl, Raúl...". To top it off, I need to watch a stadium filled with Madridistas celebrate as white confetti is blown all over and the players walk around with the cup waving it in my face... I need to sit there when Raúl does his matador impession to the screams of "OLE!"... I need to watch a giant slide show with all of the highlights from their season, the last slide being a huge photo of Barcelona doing the "corridor tribute" which received the loudest ovation...

Oh, and I didn't mention the fact that the whole time my girlfriend is having the time of her life... laughing, chanting, smiling... rubbing it all in.

Can anyone imagine what that was like? Absolutely sickening.

Anonymous said...

Best Barcelona news website i have ever seen before this site i used to browse the web on tonnes of websites to find out news about barca but when i found this website i never looked back again this is the best websit it tells you everything you would possibly want to know.
Great blog pep kepp up the good work 10/10 from me
If i was you i wouldn't change anything it is perfect as it is.

Anonymous said...

Terrible story, mike. I feel your pain. Especially the Raul matador and the corridor tribute (we also had one back in the nineties, by the way--in the Bernabeu which makes it even better ;) ). Madrid cannot loose or win in style, it's such a cheap club.

P.S. Hope this girl is worth it...

Anonymous said...

Keep this up, man! It's honestly everything I need. I just keep an eye on this site and I know I'll be informed the way I want without losing hours searching on other sites. Thanks and respect!!!

Anonymous said...

Having separate feeds for Barcelona and the Barca B team would be nice.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a brilliant blog! I followed it for a couple of months now and like it. I will definitely return.

Sweetie is a nice word.

blaugranafan said...


I think you should require that people choose an identity when posting. I understand that that creates an added burden for some posters, but it's nice to be able to hold people accountable for their comments.

Other than that, don't change much. I like this blog for its emphasis on what is actually written and said in media. No need to mix in commentary; that may take away from the quality of reporting on the facts.


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