Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Points: Wisła Kraków

Valdés 6_7_6_7_5.5

Alves 5_6_6_6_5.5
Puyol 6_5_5.5_5_5.5
Piqué 5_5_5.5_5_6
Abidal 5_5_6.5_6_5

Xavi 6_5_5.5_4_6
Touré 6_6_7_8_6
Keita 5_6_6_4_5.5

Iniesta 6_4_6_4_6
Eto'o 5_5_5.5_4_5.5
Henry 6_6_6.5_6_5

Gudjohnsen 5_5_5.5_4_5
Hleb 5_5_5.5_3_5
Bojan 5_4_._4_5.5


If you have seen the match, you can give your own points. If you know other papers or sites that give points, you can let me know.


Brambo said...

Pep, 'Sport' always gives marks to every player its called 1x1.It is in Spanish however.
Find it under:

pep said...

Those are already included, Brambo (first row). But thanks anyway! If you find others, let me know.

Anonymous said...

does the scale go from 1 to 10 or how does it work?

Anonymous said...

Valdés 6_7_5.5-6

Alves 5_6_5-5-6
Puyol 6_5_5-5-6
Piqué 5_5_6-6.5
Abidal 5_5_5-5.5

Xavi 6_5_6-6
Touré 6_6_6-6
Keita 5_6_5.5-4.5

Iniesta 6_4_6-6
Eto'o 5_5_5.5-5.5
Henry 6_6_5-5.5

Gudjohnsen 5_5_5-5
Hleb 5_5_5-5
Bojan 5_4_5.5-5

4.row is my grades for yesterday game..

Anonymous said...

I think we really should have sold Gudjohnsen and Henry. We should've made a serious attempt at Ibrahimovich, Neves and bring in a good young GK.

I mean, Gudjohnsen might be trying, however he is not cutting the mustard. Henry just seems out of place and is no where near top form. I actually doubt Henry can regain anything near his top form due to age and mentally he is just not that driven/strong.

Also about time we got a big heavy hitter in the forward line, but with skill and talent. Ibra would be awsome, watched him play a lot during his time at Ajax and now at Inter and he is quite a talent and is maturing and being more professional.

Anonymous said...

Valdes: 7
Abidal: 6
Pique: 5
Puyol: 5
Alves: 6
Iniesta: 4
Xavi: 4
Keita: 4
Yaya: 8
Eto’o: 4
Henry: 6

Gudjohnsen: 4
Hleb: 3
Krkic: 4

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Henry was our most dangerous player in the first half, and most of the match. To see how effective that drag and acceleration was, and the panic he sowed in the Wisla side was hilarious.

I'm with you on Gudjohnsen, though. Gadzooks, he stinks.

And how in the hell Sport can rate Yaya a 6 is beyond me. He was spectacular. It's not his fault that Eto'o and and Badjohnsen cocked up his perfect setups. Those guys are harsh, man.

memo said...

Once again yaya is a god! HA! its ridiculous how yaya is the greatest player on the planet for some of you. hes ok...not the god hes made out to be.

i personally give him a 5.5. he had some ok moments, and if he wouldve been so great he wouldve taken that shot himself instead of passing it to gudjohnsen. Seeing how he was wide open, but hey...rookie mistake, whatever we advanced so who cares!

Anonymous said...

Good morning there,
Pep, check this out i think many fans wont like it,it's rather a harsh evaluation, but nevertheless it god some points worth reading

pep said...

To the first anony:

I'm picking those points up from other sites, so everybody has its own scale I guess (all going from 0 to 10 though---I think).

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