Monday, 25 August 2008

Still looking for a left winger

With the summer transfer window entering its last week, Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain has said to journalists today that the club keeps looking at the market:

"I don't like to say the transfer season is already over for us. The manager and the club are very satisfied with how the squad is now and we could start the season with it.

But I don't want to exclude another transfer when there's still one more week to go. The transfer market is unpredictable and you never know if there could be some surprises. So we're monitoring everything, we're talking about possible transfers and we are ready to act if necessary, but we can do all this with calm and confidence because the manager believes in his team.

We're open to every possibility that could strengthen the team but if we buy another player it will be a player for the left wing who must be able to totally convince the technical staff."

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Ramzi said...

Best way to say it! so the existing squad feel confident, the teams negociating with dont get greedy, and u keep your options open.

Anonymous said...

i guess the options are neves, arsharvin, di maria and palacio? pep is there any news on why barca dont seem keen on neves, or were the rumours all paper talk?

pep said...

Neves has always been a very vague rumour. He's now back in Brazil after the Olympics. His owners would ask 16 million euro with Manchester City and Atlétic Madrid being the main candidates according to the latest reports.

Anonymous said...

make it or break it but stop discussing. That sux!

Anonymous said...

Let the guy do his job, there's no need to hurry.

Anonymous said...

Zenit confirms the signing of Daniel Migelem Alves Gomes (Danni).
(, translated via

Erikoisasiantuntija said...

What about Malouda! Is he still an option? (If he ever was) He is a pure leftwinger, and he had some good years with abidal at Lyon. If chelsea is still trying to get robinho, Malouda might be available. Not my favourite player, but in my opinion not the worst option. He hasn`t been succesful in EPL, so he might be cheap as well. Any thoughts about the guy?!

Erikoisasiantuntija said...
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cojonudo said...

Unless Arshavin falls in their lap I doubt Barcelona are going to make any more signings this summer. The club will say publicly that they are researching all options but then again what else would you expect them to say? The fact is that they aren't going to go out of their way (overspending) either just to bring in another new face.

While we can disagree on how fortified the club is right now. We can all agree that the shape of the squad looks a whole hell of a lot better than during their last campaign. Sure, a "true" left winger and another capable goalkeeper wouldn't hurt. But I think the squad looks pretty damn good as it is and I think Pep will take his chances with what he has.

Don't discount the motivational aspect either. This team IS hungry again. The triumph of their Champions League season and back-to-back La Liga Championships are but a distant memory. Barcelona are the hunters now and no longer the hunted. And I also believe that Pep's going to squeeze this team like an orange and get every last drop of effort and sweat out of them win or lose. At least in the end if the campaign is not a success it won't be because of lack of effort from the players. Pep will see to that. And as fans all you can ask from your club is executing the plan in place, 100% effort and sacrifying individual glory for team success. And I have full confidence in Pep that he won't accept anything less from his players either.

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