Saturday, 14 June 2008

Villa prefers Barcelona

During a commemoration event, Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain has admitted that Barcelona is interested in Valencia forward and Spanish international David Villa (26) but said that a transfer will be difficult because of the high transfer fee (read more here).

Valencia president Agustín Morera said earlier this week in an interview with Spanish radio station Cadena Ser that the club doesn't have any intention to sell Villa: "He and Silva are untransferable and this is the official position of the club. They are symbols, icons of Valencia. I hope Villa will end his career with us. He is very involved with the club and would like to continue. And I don't want to talk about prices but if Barcelona has paid more than 30 million euro for Alves, I think that it's clear for everone that Villa is worth much more."

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Villa, a known admirer of former Barcelona forward Luis Enrique, would prefer a move to Barcelona, a club that he has always supported beside local club Sporting Gijón. Despite the firm statements from the club, Valencia would have accepted the fact that Villa will leave the club.

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Valencia would be asking 40 million euro° for the striker. With the probable transfer of Ronaldinho, Deco and Eto'o, that fee shouldn't be a problem. Villa is at this moment Barcelona's first option for the centre forward position.

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pep said...

40 million euro =

62 million us dollar
32 million british pound

Anonymous said...

I would like him to be like a false left winger and someone like zlatan or benzema in the center. If we sign hleb as a center midfielder, he and iniesta can giva attacking impulses from the left wing when villa moves to the center/
probably is not going to happen, but one can dream. As a central striker he is too much the same as bojan..

Anonymous said...

There's big chance for him to join Barca and this is not a dream like Jordy said. If Barca sell Deco, R10 and Gudjohnsen they could earn nice amount of money, probably around 35M. This could almost be enough for Villa and if he prefers Barca, they should chase him. And Jordy, Villa is NOT false fucking winger nor Henry. He was born as striker center.

Anonymous said...

if the news of Eto'o + Deco = 55 mil
and R10 = 15-20 mil
why cant we get him for 40?
its a very nice deal

Unknown said...

Considering so hard striker search I think that Barca's board should use a diversion on this matter. Villa is excellent striker, player and person as well but Valencia is not a Class C club that will sell him for peanuts and there are quite a few clubs interested in his services so his price will be skyrocket-ed following his successful campaign in Euro2008. My suggestion is to go for a younger and taller striker who's price will maybe drop after a unsuccessful Euro game (only one by now). He is a lot taller than David Villa and whole 6 years younger with all career in front of him. His spectacular style and speed would perfectly fit Barca. His name is Karim Benzema. It would be stupid to judge this boy based upon one failed game after 2 years of constant football on highest level in French as well as Champions league.

Unknown said...

One to look for is also Mario Gomez. Complete striker in terms of speed, strength, shooting and clinical finishing while his technique needs just a surface brushing. He would bring a height to FCB and provide a great danger om the air. He is a no-nonsense and maybe below Barca's foot-skill level but very effective and his price could also drop due to Germany's Euro performance. Besides, Stuttgard is also more likely to accept big club's offer. On personal level, there aren't any doubts because player himself stated few times that his dream is to play 4... guess who...
Age - 4 years younger than David Villa.

Anonymous said...

I think Villa's a very good player but his estimated value of 40mil Euro is overly inflated. I posted this statistic on another site, but consider: Eto'o's scored three more goals than Villa since '03, (94-91) in La Liga. while that may not seem eye catching consider that Eto'o's accomplished that in 26 FEWER league matches! I'm not making the comparison in an attempt to influence wether Eto'o should stay or leave. But if you go by the numbers Eto'o's value should be just as much if not more than Villa's! And the fact that Eto'o's only a year older than him shouldn't have any bearing.

Even if Villa is Barcelona's first option they shouldn't put all their eggs in one basket and should consider other options as well. And I agree with the comment above, for the same price, I'd rather have Benzema. Less experienced, but younger, stronger, and has a more powerfull leg than Villa's.

Anonymous said...

I think 40m for Villa is rubbish! He is good player but 40m... Id rather see Aguero at Barca for 50m and we wll see the best duo in the world Messi-Aguero! Also Aguero is 20y.o. and have more to give than Villa!Even Eto'o is better than Villa and if Barca want to buy another striker they must sell Henry and Eto'o if Pep plays the same tactic 4-3-3! Dont repeat the same mistake like with Henry! The only solution that come in my mind is to sell Eto'o and Henry(together about 50m) and spend on Aguero! Forza Barca!!!

309 said...

I don't see any reason why barca not buying this player. I saw the match Spain between Sweden, I think F barca must get this player if the team want to become a champs again!

Anonymous said...

Let's not overestimate Villa's effectiveness based on two matches and four goals. If we're doing that, I'm more excited that we have Henry on our side (in case anyone missed that spectacular goal he scored against Holland. Find me another striker who can turn that one, including Villa.)

40 million for him is craziness. If he's that good, Valencia isn't 10th in the table with a fired coach. Villa looks so good because Spain is so good. Yes, he's a hell of a striker, but at 30 million or less. 40 is just madness.

We should sign bigger and stronger at the central striker. I'm liking Ibrahimovic more and more. Size, makes space, and has scored a couple of nice goals for a much weaker side than Spain.

We have enough midgets in the side. Villa would be another one. Hell, we can put Krkic in the central striker spot. Can't imagine he'd do much worse than Villa, especially after we feed him some Wheaties and put him in the weight room.

Can't see Gomez. He needs to work on his touch. Playing in the shirt means having an exquisite first touch to take the pass and take advantage of the fast-disappearing opening. Is Guiza still out there? Don't know why that option disappeared.

Even if we get the asked-for 55 million for Ronaldinho and Deco, plus about 25-30 million for Eto'o, Villa still isn't worth 40 million.

Anonymous said...

I agree and disagree with everything posted so far. 1st... Villa is not worth 40 m. 2nd Benzema is not cheap either. Whoever thinks Lyon will let him go cheap is lying to themselves. 3rd Zlatan isnt for sale so i dont know who went there....

I could go on all day but the fact is that EVERY CLUB will always raise the price tags to a ridiculous amount on any player Barca or Madrid have their eyes on.

So that means that any new signings for this new season wont and have not come cheap, so lets keep that in mind.

Lyon would probably ask 45 m from Barca for Benzema. Ridiculous? YES! but most likely true. We might as well keep Eto'o. at least thats what i think.


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