Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Possible interest in Hertha Berlin player Kacar

Serbian newspaper Večernje novosti claims that Barcelona could be interested in Hertha Berlin defensive midfielder and Serbia international Gojko Kačar (22).

The paper reports that a transfer during this summer window is little probable although Barcelona could move for the player in January.

this rumour most probably started because of an
opinion article in el mundo deportivo on sunday praising the player (and quoted by the serbian paper) but not mentioning any concrete interest.

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Andréssibraviqué said...

LOL... I'm so fast :P
I don't know, always wanted a winger so that THE mid-field duo need not be separated. I think the board would go for him only if Pep wants Yaya to play at CM full-fledged and move Iniesta to wing more than just occasionally

Anonymous said...

i dont think so

Anonymous said...

This rumor + the speculation that Jeffren will be staying till winter at least makes me kinda sad. We'll not be moving for any winger I suppose :(

Jeffrén hater hater said...

Why are retarted kidz hating Jeffrén around here? He could become better than all those wingers mentioned if only gaven the chance so stop hating!
His teqnique is good, his shot with both feet is good, he's really a winger, not a fake playmaker on the wing and his pace is just out of this world! This guy makes even Kaká or Odonkor look slow!

hawk_barca_4_life said...

@ Andréssibraviqué

u had reported sme thg abt mesut ozil ..is he signing a new deal and is there ne rumour relating him to barca or ne news abt suarez..????

Andréssibraviqué said...

@Jeffren hater hater
I do not hate Jeffren. I only think he's not yet Barca level & he need to go out on loan to get some quality play-time at top-flight La Liga level.
Agree developing players from Cantera & making them stars is a very good way of developing a squad. But he's not yet at that level, heck even Pedro is not yet ready IMO. Even Bojan who had 2 years experience with our main squad with likes of Henry, Eto'o & Messi seems to be a bit lost these days. How do you expect them to provide good back-up for our forward line!? Do you think they are even half of Henry or Messi or Ibra!? We can't take risk playing them against big opponents like Madrid if some of our front 3 are unavailable, say injured (God forbid) or picked up a card. At the same time they won't get much of play-time with our main squad & IMO they are already past the level of Barca-B. So definitely going out on loan is the best option as I see it.
And I'm sure even the coach thinks the same. That's why even now we don't know if he is indeed staying. The delay in taking a final decision about Jeffren's future does reflect the fact that the board is in search of a winger & if at all they don't find one, he'll be staying.

That was just a rumor & I brought it to your notice. I don't think the board has ever been even interested about the German. But I think he's a great talent.
Don't know any thing about Suarez as well

bosnian_likes_barca said...

I agre, our frontline is poor and it's clear that we need one more fantastic player, because Bojan and Pedro are not class for big games. We should think about that Henry is getting older, and if we buy some player is better to pay big money for world class now, then pay same big money next year.

I prefer Hulk for that positiom, but now it's hard to get him. Good solution would be Robben, but its also hard to get him. Players like Ozil, Babbel,Moutinho, Mancini, Aron Lenon or Suarez are also potentials, so we need to buy one or two of them if it's possible for less than 30 millions.

Andréssibraviqué said...

I hate Babel & Lennon. They know nothing about football. Lennon is just poor & would prefer Jeffren to him, put aside Pedro. Moutinho is not a winger. Mancini is no young gun and didn't seem to have done a lot under Mourinho last season, getting a veteran who is out of form would not help us any way. Only interesting options among the list you gave are Ozil & Suarez. Would prefer the latter who also seems to be under Barca radar...

Anonymous said...

There are not so many good options out there. I think Suarez isn't good enough. I don't think he would do any better than Bojan. Perhaps we could get a player from the argentinian league, like De Federico or Salvio. Could be a cheap option, similar to what Madrid did with Higuain.

Anonymous said...

This guy is NOT Barca material

Unknown said...

I think Suarez would be perfect for the wing! He's used to playing on the left wing and can play as centre and right striker as well. + He's from Ajax, who play in very similar field positioning. Language also would not be a problem..

I think we should start buying some players from smaller teams as well instead of always paying even more to teams like Arsenal,... Look at the Arshavin Story. We could have gotten a talented player who loves Barça for the wing, but did not do it because he was not established enough!

Suarez also loves Barça and I am sure he has the quality to succeed at the highest level. I say get him now or in the winter!

Anonymous said...


They say Ajaz want to buy a new striker & that they lack funds to do that and need to offload some of the players to facilitate new signings.
Looking at that, you can say just a mere interest from the side of Txiki would make the transfer of Luis Suarez to Barca happen. The player wants to come, the club needs money & what more do we need to buy a player easily with out having to endure an ever-lasting saga!? Of course the player needs to be good to play for us which Suarez is :)

Gelson said...

bring back keirrison and use him in a cash plus loan player for ajax's suarez. thas what we should do. bring a right back a winger and a defending midfeilder.

Anonymous said...

Just loan out Jeffren to Ajax instead of sending him to some Spanish club, who later on won't even be good with us during negotiations. Jeffren on loan + cash would be ideal deal to get Luis Suarez. Ajax would be more or less ideal for Jeffren to go on loan and gain some experience because they have kinda same formation as ours :)

tero said...

Well they are "only" back-ups so I prefer our academy players...no need to waste on winger now,a defensive midfielder is a priority IMO

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