Tuesday 25 August 2009

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The president of Shakhtar should give tomorrow the green light for the transfer

Guardiola will have the transfer he considered to be essential

Messi-Ibra, the new connection

Cruyff praises Guardiola


MiDO H. said...

lets hope so ! (he will give the green light...)
fingers crossed !!

Wodka bliad said...

Let's hope not!!!

Anonymous said...

Milito - 20m
Caceres - 16.5m
Henrique - 8m+2m
Chygrynskiy - 25m

That is 70m euros on central defenders in the last couple of years, let us really hope that this Ukrainian will be more successful than the first 3...

Anonymous said...

We'll be gettingat least 11m for Caceras. Henrique is not yet a waste, I'm pretty sure he would come back. Milito 20m is more or less flushed down the toilet :(
We waste like 25m on central defenders in the last couple of years. And I hope we'd forget all that with 'Chygra' and hope he leads us to more number of silverware

Anonymous said...

One thing we shouldn't forget:

Chygrynskyi is the favorite player of Shakhtar's president. If he fails with us, I think we can sell him back to Shakhtar for at least 15-17m euros. The president is rich.

Unknown said...

I agree with anony. I hope they have a buy-back clause for if Chygry fails, I do hope Shakhtar prez buy his favourite player back for a good price, not 15-17mil but somewhere around 20mil.... OR is that unreasonable considering it is Barca who forced this deal?

Manolo said...

U cant say that the Milito buy was fail or not good cuz he wasn't injured when we bought him!
That was just bad luck.

Cáceres is a young and got some heavy potential to be one of the best. But in Barça u need to have good passingskills which he doesn't have yet.

Henrique hasn't been to bad imp.
I think he should have loaned to a spansih club. Bad or not, don'tknow.
He played very much in germany and had a regulary staring-pos.

Anonymous said...

Just pretend we spent 25m on Pique, and Milito never happened. :-D

Anonymous said...

i agree, milito is not a flop, we could not have known about him being injured. he was a good player and did not serve us badly while he was fit. i feel sorry for the man.

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