Monday, 31 August 2009

Laporta on Robinho, Gudjohnsen and Henrique

Speaking to Spanish television channel TVE, Barcelona president Joan Laporta has commented on the latest transfer rumours and events.

"It was a good option to complete the squad. We have a good relationships with the owners of Manchester City but there's nothing concrete regarding signing Robinho for the 2009-2010 season."

Gudjohnsen and Henrique
"I can confirm that there are very little details left to close the exits of both players, Gudjohnsen to Monaco and Henrique to Racing Santander."

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blaugrana1 said...

pep was this before or after guardiolas comment about robhino not coming.

because, here laporta is not ruling out the possibility of him coming.
Thanks !

Shokir said...

Maybe Laporta will surprise us ! :D That would be the best surprise ever. because Robinho would complete the squad to 100% and gives Henry competition !!!!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed beside he will always hold a grudge against realMadrid in the derby he would slaughter them hahaha!!! Messi on the right and Robinho on the left ! wow !!

TakeBackTheCity said...

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tech4me said...

Agreed... no Robinho. Unless you want another Ronaldinho in the locker room. He's been accused several times of coming to practise smelling of alcohol, etc. Not a good choice... there's a reason Real didn't want him.

Anonymous said...

i would take him on loan, we need another winger, i think hed probably make sure to make a good impression, no brazilian wants to go back to manchester.

tero said...

Robinho is way too expensive and his attitude can be a problem...ibra is a saint compared to that crybaby

MAX10 said...

Please! Buy one more player! Guillermo Ochoa, 23 years old, keeper from América in Mexico. Probably best keeper in the world with Valdes!

Sachincule said...

pep can you please provide me the link to the article about how much the winner and runners up of the champions league 2008-09 would earn, im unable to find it...

pep said...

I might have time to look into that next month, sachin.

pep said...

And blaugrana1, I think it was a couple of hours later.

Boat Forever said...

Looks like Barca can get in players only by pouring a million or 2 less than the "exorbitant" prices demanded by he selling clubs. There are a lot of other options in the market, one could go fora loan, one could go for a free-agent. Now don't say that free-agents won't be Barca-level, if they are they won't be neglected until they become free-agents. There will be numerous free-agents who are better than the inexperienced Jeffren or JDS or Thiago that we are talking about, like for example ManUtd got Owen for free!!! We don't need a starter obviously because since our starting 11 is the best in the world, but what about the bench!? Txiki has been one dumb-ass this summer, attending each and every formal event that Laporta had been to without doing his own job properly. When Pep asks for options he comes up with Mascherano, Cesc Fabregas, Robinho, etc. who are established world super-stars when all we need is a squad player! Even I could mention these names God damn it

Anonymous said...

Didn't Txiki feel that one of Luis Suárez, Arda Turan, Moussa Dembélé, Balázs Dzsudzsák, Ibrahim Afellay, Alessandro Amantino Mancini(available for loan!), Di Maria & Mesut Özil would have provided the required depth for the squad!?! Except Mancini every one of them is one for the future having gained some experience already. I don't understand this. When Txiki could sign Keirrison, Henrique for future some where from Brazil, why not consider these players who already have some experience even in Champions League! Agree you would say signing one of these would hinder the development of Pedro & Jeffren, but we were ready to sign Juan Mata for fuck's sake

subby said...

I just think why we dont buy AGUERO :(( !? He is one of the best youngster we dont need robinho I totally agree with tech4me.. Get AGUERO next transfer window :)). MESSI AGUERO WOWWWWWWWWWW :)))

barca96 said...

i agree with you boat forever
we dont need a starter we just need a squad player
thats why, i think its better to get players on loan like mancini..
there is no need to spend 40million on an inconsistent player like robinho.better spend
>30mill for cesc next year
>40mill for aguero to replace henry, or ribery or tevez
we already have enough defenders especially with fontas and muniesa coming up
we just need to get midfielders and attackers..but since txiki has been sleeping we better get those players next year and get loan players in de mean time

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