Friday 4 September 2009

Iniesta writes treble book

"One year in paradise. My diary of the treble" is the title of the book that Andrés Iniesta has written with journalists Sique Rodriguez and Dani Senabr.

Iniesta did not want to loose the chance to explain all experiences and emotions that he has felt during the past wonderful year.

In the book people will be able to find a revision of eight - because of his number - moments that have marked his season and that Andrés has lived with more energy: the goal at Stamford Bridge, the arrival of Guardiola, his injuries, the 2-6 againt Real Madrid, the cup final, the league win, the final in Rome and the treble celebrations.

The book, that will be available in Catalan and from next week on also in Spanish, will be presented at the Camp Nou later today and is described as "a unique opportunity to be closer to all the emotions Andrés has lived in the last season, the most magical one in F.C. Barcelona's history. A real diary full of curiosities, jokes and exclusive images taken by Andrés."

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engelin said...

Guess I will be the first to ask what everyone will ask soon: Will it be transleted to English?

Hans said... would translate the book ;-)?

Nzuu said...

San Andres has spoken.

Fred_FCB said...

Gah, its about time I learn catalan

tero said...

one chapter per month would be nice

Anonymous said...

Will it be Out in english soon ? or should we start learning catalan as Fred said :D:D

Omar said...

Learning Catalan? Where do we sign up? :)

Anonymous said...

I have no idea :D its hard to Find a place to learn catalan when ur in egypt ...i have alot of search to do !!:(

Luis said...

Does any one know when will it be out for sale where can i buy it? Any website?

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