Tuesday 1 September 2009

Sporting coach Preciado: "Keita hurt us a lot"

Sporting Gijón manager Manuel Preciado shared his thoughts after the league game against Barcelona at a press conference:

"I leave with a bad taste in my mouth. We did things fairly well, especially in the first half. We almost neutralized Barça in every aspect of their game, but they killed us at set pieces. We were not solid enough. At least, that is something we can easily work on, the game itself wasn't a total disaster.

We were courageous and we wanted to attack. We had some clear chances, maybe we deserved to score first. But sometimes you want to, but you can't. They were stronger at set pieces. Keita is tremendously powerful and he hurt us a lot. Barcelona looks to be ready for another succesful season because they have such a spectacular power. Without being in great form, they have already won two trophies, so you can imagine what it will be like when they find the rhythm..."

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mb said...

"We almost neutralized Barça in every aspect "

creus said...

I like this guy. He seems nice.

tero said...

At last our crosses did some harm

mario ch said...

i like this guy

barca96 said...

even he noticed that we are not in a great form..imagine when we are...oh boy...we are gonna destroy teams like last year..after 3-5straight games i think we will find the rythm again.
im just scared teams know know how to defend, park the bus..

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